Ron's Riding Ranch?????

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by angelTricia, Jul 5, 2009.

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    HAHA! This is the first thread that found me stockies! :D Clicked away from it, back to google, ended up finding stockies again via the horse riding thread lol
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    6:00 in the morning till 2:00 in the afternoon OMG poor you boo frickin hoo!!
    When i worked at Riding Schools we where there no latter than 6:00 and lucky if we knocked of by 7pm i have worked at Rons also and it was the most easiest job i have had. I hope the conditions and care for the horses has improved because when i was there it was disgraceful #(
  3. Naomi

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    Admittedly Ron's Riding Ranch was substandard in the past due to some terrible management by a person who I have no interest in naming HOWEVER it is now run by a lovely family who really look after the horses. They ARE insured, the horses ARE hardfed, trimmed, vet checked and wormed regularly and conditions are improving. Give them a chance people, as with any business it takes time and money to get it back up to scratch after one idiot ruins it for the rest of us. And just for the record Ron is still going, although he is no longer affiliated with the business.

    Ride at your own risk, as with any other "high risk" sport oriented business but know they are insured.

    Gringo is still going and he is one of the favourites =)

    If you want to go for a ride give Erin a call on 0412 922 588.
  4. WildandFree

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    i second that it better then ever before
  5. ClubIgnite

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    I went about 7 years ago and most of the horses' condition were quite poorly, i had words with the owner and demanded my money back as the poor horse they gave me was skin and bones and i felt awful even getting on the poor girl! There was 1 round bale between about 50 horses! however im sure that now with a change of owners things will have improved.
  6. info on archie

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    A friend of mine went there, got on a horse, it layed down due to colic, one of the workers walked over, 'oh yeah it's got colic, jump back on and keep whipping it and it will go'. ';' ';' ';' This was a horse with COLIC ffs. :mad:

    ETA: this was with previous owners.
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    OOOO when i went there about 3 or 4 years ago they had this really really old horse that was found as a foal with an arrow thru its neck next to its dead mother that was before it was a proper riding school and when there used to be domesticated horses that had been let go thru the national park there ... the poor thing was going a bit blind but he was the most gorgeous lil horse i cant remember his name though :)
  8. Natalie

    Natalie New Member

    That old horse is Rebel. The property he roams on is all ours. He's been there since the 70's, his father was the last brumby in the Wanneroo area. He does as he pleases, comes in for a hard feed then disappears to the other end. He's looking great and I hope we have him for a few more years. I gotta say that he wasn't shot in the neck, but through the lip. His mother was fatally wounded in the lungs by some upstanding citizens with a bow and arrow when he was 6 months. He's a survivor!

    And yes, the place is great! I had it from 2000 - 2006 and Erin was working for me as a kid back then lol. Unfortunately it fell into the wrong hands for a few years after I left and when Erin got it she had skinny horses, a messy ranch and an even worse reputation to deal with. My horses have lived there since 1997 and I wouldn't have them anywhere else! El naturale for me!
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    Funny this thread should pop back up again!! I was just talking to my friend last night about this place :eek:

    She said a friend asked her to drop a SB off there about 2yrs ago and the horses were gross not far off looking like SC Trojan :(

    The horse didn't stay there and they bought him home...:)

    Dont know what its like now hopefully way better:eek:
  10. Erika Roberts

    Erika Roberts Active Member

    i used to ride at rons like every weekend (7 or 8 years ago =O seems ages)
    I had a lot of fun but i was kinda clueless about horses back then.
    I rode Archie, darky, rosco, barney... The list goes on =)
  11. Omega Conquest

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    I went there once... was horrified by the state of the horses and the extremly rude staff... never went back #( this was about 10 years ago...
  12. Erika Roberts

    Erika Roberts Active Member

    they were in a bit of a state i will admitt
  13. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    I haven't read all of the posts here, but would just like to say My opinion here - RRR is a great place, yes it got run down a few years back but anyone that has been there recently will have to agree it is going fantastically and all the horses are well looked after. :) ;)
  14. cupcake

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    I have been there quite a few times in the last few years before I got my own horses.

    I found it nice, friendly people, healthy looking horses.

    The rides were beautiful and the bushland lovley. Have seen Roos, emus, spiders and lots of local animals on my rides there and the horses just keep walking.

    Very reasonably priced.

    Hope they are running for years to come.
  15. shelley44

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    Still thinking of Misty

    ';'' Havent been on here for months but found this thread on Ron's Riding Ranch. I have given up really, but am still wishing I could find the 14.2hh mare known as Misty who lived at Ron's back in 1997-98. She was three or so at the time and pale blue roan and grey, which i imagine has faded to grey. Surely someone must remember something :( She had a couple of foals, one was attacked by a staffy at only a week old and my friend and I had them next door at her mum's house. Misty was sold from there within the next year apparently as a companion to a showjumper or something. The foal is safe with a friend and i would really like to know what happened to Misty. She would simply be a grey mare of about 17-18 now. Please ask around, especially around the WANNEROO area. Any info greatly appreciated.
  16. Chardonnay

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    Rons Risding Ranch is still in existance, it is on Wanneroo Rd, North of Joondalup drive but before Hester Ave. Have never been there but seen the signs.
  17. skye Fanderlinden

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    nope he isint someone new took over :)
  18. demi kate

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    Rons Riding Ranch

    i used to work out at rons riding ranch..
    i had rode lots of the horses Ruby , Annie (first her i ever rode there) , Renatos (Best horse jumper canterer trotter EVER) , Clive and MANY more

    it used to ve run down but now is picking up and going really good for all the people who want to know
    Gringo sadley passed away with a broken leg
    Reble also sadley passed away

    but now i dont work there any more but just give it one more go and go out there the owners allow u 2 go out and just have a look but u gave 2 ring and book in for a trail ride (u cant just turn up )
    i loved it there i got to ride at the end of each day and even ride in the arena and educate some of the horses like RUBY to get there manners and everything :p
    go and give it a go and have one more ride and if u do go there say Demi Rose told u to bac there and have another go :p Please? :)

    after everyride after the last 10 min it now has "please do not trot past this point just walk"
    :) :D @) love always DROSE :D :p @)
  19. steph_f

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    This thread is old and i was reading over my comments. I still agree with what i wrote for at the time.

    I went again thought in January; it was very hot but the horses were all looking really good! all fattened up and they did take the time to give the 2 beginners a run down before we left :)

    The horses are looking a lot better and i am glad that people are understanding that there are new owners now and that things have changed.

    I saw that horse which wanders around the property. I swear i spent more time chilling with him after my ride then actually having the ride itself! he is a cool horse :)

    Definitely would recommend it to people. i took 2 beginners and then there was me and another friend who rides. We just kept the beginners in the middle and then we were fine!

    But i was very impressed with the turn around**)
  20. steph_f

    steph_f Well-known Member

    YES! This is what impressed me the most!:)*

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