Rodeo or Commodore to tow? help!

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by BitBankAustralia, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. BitBankAustralia

    BitBankAustralia Well-known Member

    OK, looking for a towing car- but mainly city driving. So I saw 2 good prospects today, a 2006 petrol hilux crew cab with cabin and a 2006 commodore wagon converted to gas. Both V6, both rear wheel drive.

    I have a 14.2hh approx 400kg horse and will be buying a lighter style float, so looking at min 1600kg towing capacity.

    Personal opinions from people who tow with either, (or wouldn't tow with and why) very welcome!! My transporting experience is with horse trucks in the UK, so towing not my strong point!!

  2. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    The Commodore will tow one horse perfectly ok, AND will be a more comfortable vehicle for your predominantly city driving.
    And yes, I have done plenty of towing with a Commodore, with one horse, in an old wooden Taylor :)

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  3. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Go the HiLux, if it is 4wd.... definitely go the HiLux.
  4. Ponies4Me

    Ponies4Me Well-known Member

    Hilux BUT petrol V6 will be a Thirsty Beast esp when towing, go look for a diesel :)*

    Think that the newer Hilux have a tow rating of three ton, the older ones were 1800 - 2000kg so maybe double check that to.
  5. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Rodeo- yes... Rollux- no ;)
  6. Pugsworth

    Pugsworth Well-known Member

    I towed with my rodeo no problems even on gas it was good going up redhill up towards gidgeannup.
  7. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Straight 6 engine is better for towing - more low end torque. Thats why I went ford rather than Holden (one reason anyway...). Also ford engines convert to LPG very nicely, look at what cab drivers drive! I have a territory with direct injection LPG conversion , 2.3T towing capacity and it does a great job :) Also, not 100% on holdens, but with the fords the manual has a MUCH lower towing capacity than the automatic (to do with the clutch I think?). Personally I wouldnt bother with anything under 2T towing capacity given that even falcon has this!
  8. Kyara

    Kyara Well-known Member

    Don't get a commodore on Gasm you will forever be filling it up, my partner's 2001 Vx V6 Commodore is always having to be filled up (we have done some mds to it not nothing to why it should go through fuel so quickly)

    Go with a 4wd Diesel
  9. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    I tow with a commodore vz sedan and it is great, does the job without even trying.

    Installed a heavy duty reese hitch and have a towing capacity of 2100kg. Doesn't even use much extra juice when towing **) Petrol not gas though.
  10. PPH

    PPH Guest

    We have two cars, a 99 vt commodore wagon on gas and a 2006 rodeo diesel dual cab and we always tow with the commodore. The wagon is a tow pack[reesehitch and trans cooler] that is a lot more comfortable and i think easier on the horses with the auto.To get 300km the commodore costs 32 dollars in gas or 48 in petrol. The rodeo costs 52dollars for the same distance. They both are within 80 kgs of each other in total weight but the commodore has 4 wheel disc brakes, the rodeo drums on the back. The tyres we put on the rodeo are 70% on road, 30% offroad just like the standard tyres they come with, but the commodore are 100% road, the commodore easily outhandles any four wheel drive [offroad],so if you get into trouble you have more chance of getting out of it. Offroad suspension has a lot of wheel travel for clearing obsticles but allows the weighting of one wheel through bodyroll. The common story that you need a 4 wheel dive is a furphy since nearly all are two wheel drive on the bitumen. Most 4wd are good for towing because they weigh so much and not because of their handling. But the extra weight can be a hazzard at times, once you start loading a single wheel. Thats one of the reasons they are over represented in one vehicle crashes.

  11. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    I have towed with an older rodeo, and it was gutless.

    I have a 2006 commodore, and its fantastic! Rated to tow 2100kilo's...thats a float and two horses. Handles really well and super comfy for everyday driving.

    Not towing, it uses about 9.6 litre to the 100kms. Towing, about 16 litres to the 100kms. As I normally do non-towing, I wanted that sort of economy for every day driving.

    Mines an auto, and I tow in third gear, even with an empty float, as in drive it will change from third to fourth too often and set off an engine warning. The engine senses that the gear box has changed too often and thinks there might be a problem. The holden mechanic said that its okay to tow in third, and I have had no problems driving from north dandalup to kellerberrin and back with it in third the whole way. I sat on about 85 to 90 ks, and it was fine.

    I used to have a 100 series landcruiser, which was lovely to drive, but chewed the petrol for everyday driving. About 20 to 24 litres to the 100. Thats no float....too much for me!

    Go the commodore. Mine's the omega...lovely car!
  12. barragirl

    barragirl Active Member

    Yeah, I have the 2006 Omega and although my 2001 ford was much stronger and better to tow, my Omega is still good and comfy! I usually tow 1 w/blood 650kgs and float 800kgs, but have towed two horse up the hill to parkerville with no problem at all - def enough power. Find the car is quite thirsty, but then again, nothing in comparision to a 4wd. 2.1tonne tow capacity with heavy duty towbar **)
  13. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Please be aware that there are laws on weight ratios when towing.
    You might only be planning on towing one horse with a commodore, but if you ever need to tow 2, you might find it is illegal. Please check up on the relavent laws before choosing a smaller car to tow with rather than a 4wd.
  14. PPH

    PPH Guest

    vt commodore=2100kgs,2006rodeo=2000kgs,falcon[late model]=2300kgs yes you have to keep within the limits the piont i was trying to make that all vehicles have strengths and weaknesses.We only tow occasionly but drive to work every day so economy is very important but theb car is legal with two horses[quater horses =450kgs] in our old open top float[670kgs].We have no problem with 4wds as we own one but just find it safer in our commodore with the better road handling but this would change for a 3 horse float. the late model 4wd utes can tow 3000kgs and weigh about the same as a falcon or commodore have a look at a roadtrain with three trailers that weigh a lot more than the truck for example there is no real ratio other than what the vehicle has been tested to tow by the manufacturer
  15. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    I believe the laws are fairly new and have nothing to do with what the manufacturers ratings are. They are actual laws made by the government/transport authority and have to do with the weight of the vehicle and the weight of the towed load.
    I personsonally would never tow 2 horses in float with a commodore. The weight of 2 horses and the float would come much too close to matching the weight of the car, and bigger horses would make it exceed that weight, which is dangerous and illegal. Especially dangerous if you happen to be towing on a windy day.
  16. PPH

    PPH Guest

    a rodeo dual cab 4wd dual cab ute weighs1790 kgs if its after mid 2006 it is fully legal to tow 3000kgs if before like ours it can tow 2000kgs and they are the same car but the later model has a more powerful motor but the same suspension and chassis.Looking at the weight of those two cars the commodore weighs more so should be safer if you drive it safe. has onyone weighed their horses on scales ,i know i havent but noticed a fellow forumite did and came well under what was guessed. The oh mate has a landcruiser wagon that weighs 2810 kgs[no wonder its heavy on fuel]so should not tow a three horse float as it would be getting near its own weight yet is legal for 3200kgs i think dont hold me to that.pleny of navara owners tow three horse floats yet the car weighs 1800kgs
  17. BitBankAustralia

    BitBankAustralia Well-known Member

    Thanks guys, great feedback from everyone. Mylittlepony, we are very conscious of the weight requirements- so hvae ruled out things like captivas, rav4's etc for this reason- yet I see people towing 2 big horses with these often! ';'

    OK, what about a 2007 falcon wagon, factory fitted gas (not dual fuel)? rated to 2.2ton, with a reece hitch?
  18. PPH

    PPH Guest

    when you look at floats their weight will be on the rego papers have a look and consider what weight of the horse. Dont forget things like steel yards and watertanks or jerries[water is a kg a litre] and any other gear you put in the float will be on top. Not real keen on only gas as we go country and can be hard to get or expensive, i like having a wagon to sleep in over night if it is a auto trans coolers are a good investment at about 200 dollars
  19. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    that is exactly the car that i have (and had the auII on gas before) i have never had a problem towing a two horse float with two horses but really havn't needed to tow more than one very often! its a very economical car to run as well but they drop their value very very quickly.
  20. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    Problem with factory gas is that if you need to travel bush for any reason you may get caught without fuel... We used petrol when we drove to geraldton (after LPG ran out) because not all stations have LPG. And you cant take a jerry can of LPG!

    Love having a wagon (territory) for sleeping in also. And moving house LOL!

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