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  1. JessiTrist

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    Thanks Tintara, do you have any contact details at all,or do they have a website? I tried google to no avail.
  2. nannygoat

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    Coliban, I love your Blu Texan boy, and he is certainly giving you wonderful roan babies.
    What colour is he with his brown head but black roan body? Does he throw the red roan over certain coloured mares and will he throw blacks/blues over other coloured mares?
    I am struggling a bit with the genetic colour combinations but they come up with some amazing differences!
    JC will the spots fade over time on chickie? I have seen that in some appy's with grey breeding?

    There is not the same research with our goats and we often get the oddest colours from the most plain coloured girls - I can't figure it out.
  3. supersezabell

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    I have a question, my boy is bay roan so what would he parents colourings have been? Only as i have only ever seen 1 other bay roan!
  4. Nannygoat:)
    thank you for the compliment on our blue boy.
    So far Blu had 1 blue roan foal out of a blue roan mare(unfortunately it died).
    1 black foal out of a black mare (don't know for sure if the foal is a roan yet)
    1 palomino or dunlino roan? out of a buckskin/dun? mare.
    All the rest of his babies are red roans out of palomino and chestnut mares.
    We don't breed for color, we breed for type and we are very happy with him as a sire. Color is just a bonus for us.
    Cheers, lena
  5. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Well the type is there for sure, but how exciting to be able to add some fab colours.
    Shame about the wee one that didn't make it, sorry.
  6. Another roan baby by Blu was born last night in Bindoon.:)
    According to the owner it is a blue roan colt. He might be going grey thou, he is out of a grey mare by Spin.

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