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    Shannon Mitchell
    Rosevale Park Equestrian Centre
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    Hi , my name is Shannon. I currently run the Equestrian Centre on Bruce Rd.

    I am writing to you to ask for some help with a new problem, that not only the people that ride at our stables, but all horse riders within our community are facing.

    As you are aware the bush that was here ten years ago has slowly been developed out. Maida Vale is suburban than rural , There is not many areas available to ride around this area now. To access bush tracks or areas to ride , horse riders usually have to take a road route to get there.

    This can be a very scary experience , especially on young or inexperienced horses.

    My goal is to get riders and car drivers to work together to solve this problem and make people aware of the dangers you do face when riding out and how we can fix it.

    There is approx 100 horses within this street block alone , there is two women that drive carriges , and 25% of the riders are children under 12.

    Horses are living animals, no matter how well trained they are, they are never 100% reliable. If they take fright they have the same reponse as humans " fight or flight". This can cause serious accidents and damage to riders and drivers.

    To prevent this from happening , we can take the following precautionary action:


    Always wear bright , reflective clothing so drivers can see you..
    Wear helmet and correct gear when riding out
    Follow the road rules and be courteous to drivers
    Thank drivers that are helping you
    If you do have a young or " nutty" horse , take a more experienced horse with you, ride two abreast on the inside
    Be aware of the suburban dangers that your horse may take fright to, barking dogs, other horses, children rushing out ,


    Slow down to a snails pace when passing the horse
    Be aware that a horse can " shy"( take fright) , and may land right in your path
    Do not do anything that could cause the horse to take fright - sounding your horn, shouting out your window, applying airbrakes ,
    Trailers and flapping tarps or unusual shaped or sounding cars( back fires or v8) can be frightening for a horse , if you are driving past with something like this you may need to slow down even more , if it is scaring the horse allow the rider time to dismount before you pass , save them some medical costs.

    I feel this problem can be solved as a community that has a caring attitude . I have lived in this area my whole life and feel this community is capable of it.

    If you'd like to discuss this with me, or would like any more information on the matter my phone number is below . There is also a phamplet available off the pcawa website called RIDE SAFELY , or the mounted police/ police section within your area would be more than happy to answer your questions.


    Shannon Mitchell
    Rosevale Park Equestrian Centre
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    Fantastic idea Shannon, I think this is relevant for all areas. I live in Oakford, very horsie dominated area, yet there are still people who have no horse sense!!

    This sort of a petition probably need to go to local councils as well as State Government.

    Good luck!!

    "Lack of talking ability lost me the role, quit calling me Ed!"
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    I think its a great idea also for areas like herne hill as well where i ride! Its bad enough when towing. I was towing a while ago on a road in herne hill and a car over took me and then agressivly tooted at me and gave me the finger for driving on the road!!!!!!!!!!! [:-veryangry-:] I couldnt believe it i was just like how does he know that wont freak out my horse. Thank god my mare is fine to float but people just DONT think when around horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they drive me nuts because its always these idiots that cause the accidents!!!!!! because they just DONT think!!!! [:-veryangry-:][:-veryangry-:][:-veryangry-:]

    I feel better now that ive got that off my mind! [:-cwm39-:]

    Proudly owned by Arabella Park Arabians
  5. DD

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    .....only problem is that your "excesive" requirements for car drivers may cause some resentment and a backlash against horses!

    Sharing the road doesn't mean that drivers have to radicly alter their behaviour and slow to walking pace... a horse that requires that should not be in a public place... responsibility works both ways!

    ..and a careful check of spelling and gramar in your letter may help in it's acceptance.....

    I'm only superficial on the outside......
  6. bjl

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    OI, DD,
    Before you criticize some one elses spelling, be a clever boy and check your own....... it's radically!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mirawee

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    If there is something "scary" about a vehicle, ie flapping tarps, etc, I have found that the car going super slowly past my horse is worse than if they go that bit faster. If they go faster it means that my horse doesn't have to cope with the scary object for very long! Just something to think about.

    I have also been on trails and come across a motor cycle heading the other way. The person was very considerate and turned his bike off while we passed. When we where 10m or so past him he turned his bike back on (which was understandable) and both horses shied. Now these horses are quite experience and would have cope with going past the bike if it was still going but it then became "dangerous" because the other person was being, what he though was, considerate.

    By all means write a petition, but the things that I would be more concerned about are drivers who harrass horses (horns blaring, following horses and revving hard, etc) not general motorists, driving at the speed limit. If your horse is not sensible enough to cope with cars going past (and yes if green horse/young rider, make sure there is an experienced horse/rider for reassurance) then I agree with DD and they shouldn't be on the road! Most drivers will go wide around horses and then the speed they are going isn't really an issue.
  8. Remaani

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    [blue]I personally have stayed at Shannons place on weekend nights (before a horse show) & was totally disgusted by soo many idiotic young drivers (yes young), our 1st stay at Rosevale Park, we hadnt even turned into the drivway without a car almost ramming right up our floats backside! Even having the audacity to beep their horn!
    Even in the early hours of the morning you can hear the cars hoon up & down that road & in the vincinity...... ive stayed at alot of places in & around Perth & have to admit, that, that area is a joke, along Bruce Road is several horse owners & its not going to be too much longer & some hoon lands his car into a horses paddock, or worse, a house, injurying/killing someone.
    Hopefully, for the sake of horse owners on & around Bruce Road... the petition gets results.
    Way to go Shannon! [​IMG][/blue]
  9. lhuband

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    maida vale

    Hi shannon great idea!

    I wanted to have a look at ure link (web) but it doesnt work could you please send it to me..
    Do you have any agistent available at the moment?

  10. cobbie

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    Mm this post is really really old...2006. Best to check the date before you post in future :D

    CABALLO New Member

    Shannon no longers lives in maida vale either...

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