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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by celestialdancer, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. wattle6180

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    I'm with your parents with my kids too megan. Someone that can drive must be at home when they ride. The 4WD has to be home if they want to ride out (as we have heaps of bush riding close by).

    I ride alone and I do encourage the girls (14 & 15) to ride out by themselves or together without me so they can gain confidence (sorry Mum's but kids WILL try more without parental supervision, I know I did!). I have to take my phone (OH rules) and I have to make a mudmap in case horse packs it in before I'm ready.

    I always make sure both girls carry their phones as once they only had one phone and the mare startled, which resulted in a fall.....straight onto the mobile phone lol (people really should keep their dogs in their yards!).
  2. Skittled

    Skittled Well-known Member

    I've been doing quite a bit of riding alone recently. I always ride with a stack hat and phone in my pocket. I think the trick is to not stack it :)
  3. Obsession of Equine

    Obsession of Equine Active Member

    I ride alone all the time, and I love the peace that it brings.

    Although many years ago riding on my own, my big 17hh TB fell on me badly and i couldn't feel my legs for what seemed like forever, I called out but no one heard me, luckily after a few minutes my legs were ok again so I jumped back on, I must have pinched a nerve in my spine. My darling horse waited by my side. Beautiful.

    But today at least we have mobile phones, if I'm going out for a gallop I now always take my phone with me, its always off though because I don't want to be disturbed, its only there for emergencies.
  4. casperjesse

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    I usually ride alone. My boy is very quiet and I trust him a lot, I carry my phone when I go in the bush just in case. I try to have someone with me for the first few times with a new horse as recently i had an accident on a new pony who was unpredictable. He reacted badly took off and bucked, I landed on the fence got a star picket in the thigh. Thankfully There was someone home and I was able to get them to take me to hospital. Scared me not knowing if there was help at hand so now any new horse is tested properly before I will ride alone. [​IMG] What a star picket can do. This was just after they operated to stitch it all up.
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  5. Obsession of Equine

    Obsession of Equine Active Member

    Ooh nasty :(
  6. b r i a n n a

    b r i a n n a New Member

    you were so lucky to have someone to 'rescue' you
    good luck with your recovery :)
  7. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

    Yes I was very lucky someone was there to save me. It is fully healed now that happened on the 1st of nov. Took 6 weeks before I was allowed to ride again and even then I had to take it easy. Ouch!! for sure:(
  8. fishiz3434

    fishiz3434 Active Member

    i love going out by myself, and my horse isn't even that sensible, it's so much more peacefull, never worryd about falling or anything cos it's in Wanneroo and people are always riding around and would know to look for a rider if a horse came galloping in to their property.
  9. I ride in the arena on my own most mornings because O/H is still in bed etc Mind you arena is right near the road so if something happened and the neighbour's drove past they'd see me for sure. With my young warmblood, we have a rule at home that no jumping on days when O/H is at work; For times when I got out fitness work on my own, I wear my body protector AND my medical armband. I live in a small subdivision and all the neighbours know me (and they know my big young warmblood) however the Medical Armband is actually the quickest way of communicating information in an emergency.

    The other rule we have at home when riding a young or volatile horse (flatwork days) is to text/phone when commencing the session and agree upon a time whereby if no contact is made to say everything is okay then the O/H rings the neighbour. I always make that time a bit longer than the intended schooling time (say 45mins) to allow for dawdling!
  10. chante306

    chante306 Well-known Member

    i ride alone all the time (im 16)
    unless im at a show or have a lesson
    i adgist so if someones there someones there
    if theyre not, theyre not

    i always have my phone with me
    but its usually in the shed
    unless im riding out on the trails

    i get dropped off and picked up
    so usually someone knows where i am

    my horse is a little mental
    but ive never felt unsafe or fallen
    so touch wood lol
  11. tariquepark

    tariquepark Well-known Member

    I don't ride out alone and my horse is a bomb proof bugger i guess its just safety in numbers there are so many idiots that like to zoom past and try and scare the horse.But now im at a brilliant agistment centre and i can ride with the girls or in an arena so i feel safe.
  12. StationChik

    StationChik New Member

    i wish i had someone to ride with.it gets lonely after awhile with no one to hoon with#(
  13. Tez 80

    Tez 80 New Member

    I ride out alone all the time because there's horses around but no-one else seems to ride round here!.I trust my horse 100% and always feel safe with him.it would be nice to have someone close to ride with.I have to float over to a mates place if i want company.anyone in maida vale/kalamunda/forrestfield feel free to msg if you want to ride with someone with a nice sensible horse!
  14. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    I ride on my own mostly but now take my phone with me out on trail rides...just in case, i fell and fractured my spine 2 years ago, i had no phone (as per usual) it was just lucky that mum had happened to come for a ride with me that day...
    so i say take phone with you as a precaution
  15. fitgirl

    fitgirl Active Member

    I too nearly always ride out alone....several reasons.
    1. I prefer and enjoy it more.
    2. No one I know rides as much as I do
    3. None of my riding buddies can ride for as long as I can, they start complaining that they are getting a sore bum or sore legs, hehe get a good stock saddle I tell em!
    4. None of my riding buddies horses are fit enough to keep up with my boys - when I trail ride I like to work on my horses fitness, so plenty of trotting/canter etc (not hooning, hate that)
    5. I can go when ever and where ever I want and for as long as I want.

    Where I live and keep the horses there are plenty of houses/cars driving past etc so that if I happened to come off I'm sure someone would see or find me within a couple of minutes.

    I love trail riding, just me and my horse and nature. when there is someone else yabbering away the whole time it kinda spoils it... lol
    It is nice sometimes to ride with others but unfortunately a most of the people that want to ride out with me are pretty much "using" me & my horse (Silver) because he is just sooo safe out on a ride and nothing phases him that he is a great lead horse to help build other nervy horses confidence... of course I dont mind sometimes but it gets a bit tedious... :D
    One girl that keeps her horses at the same property ONLY rides her horse if I am available for a trail ride...that gets a bit annoying.. so quite often i ride when I know she isnt there..
  16. teddy2shoes

    teddy2shoes Well-known Member

    I have only just started allowing Teddy out on her own under strict conditions....must be back by a certain time and must tell me exactly where she is going. To tell the truth she doesn't like it as she gets lonely! She's 13. I trust both horses too.

    T2S's mum
  17. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    This thread is still going :D
    I don't ever ride Rahni alone.
    The one time I did, he was fantastic,
    Then the next time, I had a fall, and couldn't ride for eight months due to injuries from the fall, yeah fun, NOT.
    Dad is always outside, either watering, or just watching quietly. Rahni prefers it if he can see someone there too. Gives us both confidence :)
  18. kathera

    kathera Active Member

    I have a cheap nastyphone with a pre paid credit on it that lives at agist place on charger it's there for vet calls bush rides or whenever you feel you should have contacts. Save in to memory important contacts and there for use. Lost on bush ride and wouldn't really care
  19. key2cash

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    I ride on my own alot as I have no choice most of the time. I always take my phone with me and I dont jump on my own.

    One time I was riding in the forest back home just having a quiet walk and trot to stay uninjured for a college I was about to attend when I feel off about 10ks from home. Anyway I horse trips, I fall off and at the same time an air force hercules was flying low over and so decided to circle over me while horse is buggering off home. I was fine but luckily I had my phone to warn everyone at home not to be surprised to see horse riderless at gate.

    Lucky the walk was 10ks as I had lost the urge to murder said horse by the time I got back!
  20. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    now i have a horse that goes out on his own, im out riding alone again. i have given my neighbours a map of where i go. i let eht housemate know when i am leaving, and how long ill be, i only have isgnal in a couple of places along the trails i go on, so i msg him when i get to them. if he doesnt hear from me to say im back in the 2 hr time frame i give, he would either come looking himself if he is home, or ring my neighbours to go look for me.

    in all my life of riding, ive only come off out on the trail 3 times, and only one of those times did i lose the horse and have to walk home. (stupid damn welsh mountain pony).

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