Riding when pregnant

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Cavalier, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Cavalier

    Cavalier Well-known Member

    Ok, first of all, i'm NOT pregnant and don't plan to be anytime soon [:-laughing-:] right, now i've got that cleared up LOL.

    Just curious who has or who would ride when pregnant...I always thought I wouldn't but now i'm not so sure. I would only ride safe horses that I can trust, even though there is the obvious risk.

    Does anyone know if flatwork, dressage and trail rides can cause damage or miscarriage even if you don't fall?

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  2. finitey

    finitey Well-known Member

    LOL Cavalier

    I had the whole congrat's card half written out when I read that topic.

    Cheers Michelle

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  3. Cavalier

    Cavalier Well-known Member

    I repeat - THERE IS NO BUN IN THE OVEN [:-laughing-:]

    Hmmmm...maybe I should change the name of the topic, I know i'll give a few members a heart attack!

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  4. beau

    beau Well-known Member

    We know one young girl and she has 16 days to go and she is still riding trackwork - she did this with the first as well only stopping when she went into labour. I honestly thought there would be an insurance issue here but obviously not.
  5. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    I rode track work and broke in T/breds with my first till I was 5 and 1/2 mths and rhen stopped as boss decided it was unsafe, No one knew I was pregnant at all and was till in the same clothes minus the top buttn on my jeans.
    Rode with the second one till I had a threatened miscarriage so hubby and doc went no more riding.
    I suppose it really depends on you and how your feeling take each day as it comes and see how it goes when you do decide to have kids that is.

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  6. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    [blue]Theres a great story of this in Hoofbeats mag, several issues back, maybe call the Hoofbeats office & Sandy will point you in the right direction.

    With Seth i rode till a week before & that was mainly walk & canter (trot was way to difficult), i was back in the saddle 2 days later, a natural 7 hour labour.
    Deagan, i rode until i had 1 month too go, mainly as the horse at the time wasnt safe enough, but after another natural labour of 3 hours, i was back into saddle 3 days later, i totally missed the short times out riding.
    Unless you notice "spotting" or have cramps, i suggest its safer to see your doc & if he/she says "no riding" then i'd be listening.
    I guess miscarriage is more risky (i had two miscarriages before my 2 boys, not horse related) but its up to how the person feels & wether they totally trust their horse.[/blue]

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  7. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Aaagghhh-I couldn't even sit on the lounge 3 days later let alone get on and ride!! I did ride for the first six weeks-cause I didn't know and got tossed off twice which was really unusal-had this mare for about seven years and she was really friendly and quiet as a mouse(had only come off her once!!).She went really weird-not friendly then I found out I had the bun in the oven! That funny mare would'nt come near me the whole time but as soon as I had Soph she was back to her normal sweet self!!

  8. Mac

    Mac Active Member

    I didnt ride during my pregnancies i new after a couple of days that horrid womens intuition. I made the choice that it would be to risky with all the what ifs coming flooding through. But do now of people that have ridden with no adverse effects.

    Cheers Mac
  9. ThisIsMe

    ThisIsMe New Member

    Geez Cav, and here I was about to say you and Andy have been VERY busy [:-laughing-:]

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  10. Eicyng

    Eicyng Well-known Member

    I rode with my 1st & 2nd babies till about 4-5 months with no drama.
    I was riding with my 3rd on a newly broken horse & had no idea I was pregnant until I was 4 months.... I even fell off & broke my tailbone, Very painful but baby was fine.
    It all depends on how you feel & as long as there are no complications everything should be fine, I did choose "safer" horses when I rode & didnt do anything to risky like jumping.

    ps, I too thought you had been a busy girl!

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  11. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    He, he, yep, I jumped to the wrong conclusion when I saw this heading too!

    I'm not sure if I would or not ... particularly as it would be my first pregnancy, I think I would err on the careful side. But who knows ... not likely to find out anytime soon!!!

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  12. Impaire

    Impaire New Member

    I suppose it depends on your circumstances. I personally would not ride mine whilst pregnant as I would possibly come off. I did have a horse rear and fall on me when i was 3 months pregnant with my daughter. That made my mind up for me quickly. Stopped riding after that. Lol.

  13. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Its really depends on the person and the horse. I did ride whilst pregnant until it go too umcomfortable and actively prep horses for showing. I had someone else run the horse out for me though he he I took a bit of a back seat after i got kicked in the head whilst waiting to marshall with a freinds horse. Hit home how dangerous things could be. Needless to say it didn't stop me lunging my horse even the night before i went into labour.


  14. alchemist

    alchemist New Member

    I rode until 6 months with the first, I had to much trouble with my back after that to keep going.
    The second one I rode right the way through, I was still showing under saddle at 71/2 months.
    1st labour was 3 hours, second labour 11/2....mainly because I was physically fit.
    Because I never got big (at almost full term people would think I was about 4 months pregnant), I had no trouble with riding at all, my balance wasn't affected, and I had no trouble mounting.

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  15. twistie1980

    twistie1980 New Member

    Well i am pregnant now and riding.

    With my first horse of 10 years he was the safestest mount ever, but as soon as there was a bun in the oven he hated me???

    But now my new horse is fine - i do occasionally get nervous as i am getting bigger, but as soon as i feel totally unsafe i will stop riding (i think my horse will love that).
  16. loosie

    loosie New Member

    My doctor advised that any exercise, including riding is perfectly safe during a normal pregnancy so long as your body is fit for it. So if you're a regular rider, it's safe to keep riding. Just don't take up endurance or showjumping if you're only a trailrider!<G>

    This, of course is aside from the issue of the safety of riding & horses anyway, which you need to weigh up. Though even if you have a riding accident, it is not likely to hurt the foetus if you're in your first 4 months or so, because there's enough padding around the baby.

    I rode with my first, on my quiet mare, walking & cantering(If I had a good belly bra I might have trotted<G>) until I was about 7 months & stopped for her sake - she was little & I was getting too awkward!

    I didn't ride after about the 6th week with my second because I had(have) a young, recently started horse and I had also become unfit... & I was so sick during this pregnancy & had a toddler & no time.....
  17. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    I rode up until i was 7 months with mine. The only reason i stopped was because i had to keep going to the toilet! And the fact that i could get on but not off, sorta put a spanner in the works! I went with what my ob and doctor said and they said it was ok. they advised me not to do any jumping but were happy for me to just plod around. of course my mum, in-laws & hubby weren't so keen.....................but, you get that.............
  18. Karly

    Karly New Member

    Having been a registered nurse for the last few years, and also having known of many women who continue to ride track work while pregnant, I can say that generally riding while pregnant wont harm your unborn child, unless of course you take a fall. If you're physically and mentally comfortable riding while pregnant go for it. As long as you know the risks involved, and be a little more cautious then you might normally, because after all it's not just yourself you have to think about.
  19. Elysha

    Elysha Well-known Member

    Isn't it funny some horses just don't like pregnant women, my arab gelding wouldn't come near me and still wont if I'm pregnant. With my second thats how I found out I was pregnant, he would smell my butt then nick off across the paddock and not come near me unless I had feed and even that was a challenge..LOL[:-laughing-:]

    I rode with my first till I was about 8 months. I only stopped when my boy would groan and dip his back when I got on him. My parents thought his reaction was funny not me though.

    Must admitt that I didn't ride with my second, couldn't catch my horse and doc said no so guess it depends on your individual situation.
  20. winhan

    winhan New Member

    I also do not have any children nor planning on having some any time soon,
    my mum rode till she was 8mnth preg (after that she couldnt throw her leg over)lol and my grandmother did the same, with no complications
    and i think i will be riding till i can not anymore,
    i think it depends on the person, and how you are feeling

    good topic!

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