Riding on the roads.

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by celestialdancer, May 16, 2012.

  1. pso

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    Blitz- horses have the same rights as other road users...and should follow the same rules....ie - ride with the traffic, not against (aussie thing? I dont understand that one??) ...dont ride on the footpath...signal when you are turning etc

    If you are in control- holding up a phone at feral behaving drivers often slows them down **)
  2. Diana

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    Really? Why does it slow them down? Cos they think you're gonna call the police? :eek:

    I was riding Dave around the block at my instructor's place in Wagga Wagga (was after a lesson) and this rowdy car zoomed past, would've been nice if they slowed down because Dave and I nearly ended up in a ditch when he shied :}
  3. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Take a photo- to report to police...Maybe it just works out here...the ferals around here are in a class of their own*#):D
  4. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Ahhhh ok :D I like that idea!!
  5. Claireb

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    We only have roads here but its quiet and most divers respectable, saying that I was out walking my youngster for the first time yesterday and I asked two 4x4's to slow and I swear the sped up, lucky my boy is used to traffic.

    If all else fails black trousers, blue shirt and a high vis saying please be POLITE, you can buy them from the uk=D
  6. Pharazon

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    I have just heard today that 4 people were riding their horses on the verge in Baldivis yesterday(I think) and a drunk truck driver veered off the road and hit them, horses and people were flung everywhere. One horse has died and the other critical. One rider is critical at Royal Perth not sure about the others.
    Don't know much more than that as I heard it from a friend of the girl that is in a critical condition so didn't want to press for more detail.
    People need to be educated about the dangers with horses and that they put riders at risk when they do stupid things and skylark around near them. Some drivers just don't have a brain I'm afraid.
  7. KPH

    KPH Active Member

    I was told the driver was not drunk, he just could not see the riders who were trying to flag him down :( 2 horses sadly passed away but thankfully no human lives were lost. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these riders and their horses and I hope the riders and surviving horses make a full recovery. Such a tragic accident
  8. OnaBenda

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    A second horse also died, there was 4 horses involved, and the 2 women are in hospital. It was on Haines Road, Baldivis. This is a very raw subject right now, so refrain from speculation. I don't believe the driver was drunk and it was a truck. Just a horrible tragedy, RIP ponies, and all good wishes to the poor traumatised girls and driver.
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  9. Deb2

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    Its a difficult dilemma for horse owners, but I feel that I have a responsibility to add road work to my horses training regime.

    Ofcourse, picking a suitable road is sensible and paramount to having an ideal outcome.

    Where I currently keep my horse, there is ample opportunity to include reasonably safe road work, but not so at my last agistment.

    I have been mostly lucky that road users have slowed down when requested by me. I had a large semi approach us the other day, and the driver was slowing down before I even asked him. I moved as far away from the road as possible, right over by a fence (with a horse on the other side).

    My horse started to get very worried, and the driver slowed to an absolute crawl while going past us....I waved a thanks, as I always do, but just at that moment the horse on the other side of the fence got too close to the electric fence and we heard the crack of the fence.

    My horse spun around, and the poor truck driver nearly wet his pants I am sure. By this stage he was nearly stopped, but I just got my horse facing the right was again, gave the driver another big thanks, and got on with the job.

    My horse will get better, this was her first big truck, and it is something that she will not get better with unless she has exposure to it. She is only five, imagine having a fifteen year old reacting like that.

    Start with leading, then progress with riding. Make the lengths of time on the road short, then gradually lengthen them.

    And pray......**)
  10. Banjo01

    Banjo01 New Member

    That is really sad about the accident #( I hope those who survived (horses and riders) will pull through. ~shakes head~ that is truly disappointing.
  11. OnaBenda

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    I'm fortunate that I don't have to ride along roads, I just cross the odd one if I want to ride out to particular places. One of them is Nicholson Road, which is not a lot of fun, but my horse seems fine with vehicles whizzing past - not so if he sees a leaf out of place along the way however :) Strange creatures
  12. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    i hear that! mav will generally be ok around cars/trucks/bikes but heaven forbid the dead tree stump should look at him sideways!! haha

    must say where i am now (gnangara rd) i would never put mav along it, i even think having push bikes on that road is a massive danger to everyone.. the dirt bike riders in the pines are generally pretty good - i noticed the last time i rode in the pines though that i had alot more respect from the riders of the bikes as i was wearing a fluro jacket and i think that helped :)
  13. Shakia

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    I don't like riding on roads. Shakia is ok with traffic but I get a bit panicky. I don't mind just crossing a road but don't like riding along the road for too long, I always worry that she'll shy at something and jump in front of a car.

    I used to have to ride about a kilometer down a road that people would speed down, trucks and motorbikes too. We were always ducking into a driveway if something particularly scary was coming.
  14. Banjo01

    Banjo01 New Member

    Where I used to ride the bikes were also quite respectful.. made me smile :) It is good when motorists can respect that horses are also classed as a vehicle :))

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