Riding horses with one blind eye

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Rainmaker, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Well-known Member

    Has anyone ever had a horse that has lost sight in one eye and been able to continue riding them? If so, what kind of things have you had to do to help the horse adjust and cope...

    From talking to various different people I have heard quite positive things. Although any additional information from people who have experienced similar would be much appreciated. **)
  2. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    A top notch 2 year old is racing at the moment and he is blind in one eye. His name is Two Eye Cee. Had a paddock accident as a yearling and missed the sales. Is being campaigned by his breeder I think.

    Friends of mine have a completely blind mare. She went blind from an occular infection she got after birth....she has done very well and has even had a foal....obviously she is kept in a paddock she knows well and with companions she has no trouble with. Her filly foal was born healthy, and seemed to know mum had a problem...never went too far away and nickered alot.

    No sensory impairment is ideal....but I think animals do OK in environments where they get some consessions and a bit of extra help.

    I'd buy that blind mare in a heart beat!!......by Roc Olena!
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  3. Firedance

    Firedance Well-known Member

    There was a dear little pony with only one eye competing at the Second Chance fun day. The rider and pony were terrific :D
  4. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Well-known Member

    Thank you for the reply guys, sounds promising. It isn't essential that this horse is ridden but it would be better if he could be kept going.

    Please keep the stories coming... good or not so good :))
  5. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    i know a little pony with 25% vision in one eye he jumps, he hacks he does the hunters with no dramas at all.

    know a blind in one eye standy who does all the same as the pony just have to not pop up and scare him on his blind side
  6. miniequine

    miniequine Well-known Member

    Friends had a pony with a sore eye that never cleared up, the eye eventually was removed. it was her daughters pony and was ridden and jumped and used at gymkhanas and was as good as gold, said pony used to shy a lot but once the eye was removed he got over his shying so it seems he had only partial sight in that eye for years. Just like that other thread she used to make sure he knew she was there when handled on that side so he was a useful pony for years.
  7. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    I leased a TB with one eye many years ago, he coped just fine just had to make sure you came up to him on his good eye so he didn't get a fright. He even managed to gallop off back to the stables one day with hubby aboard, not bad for a blind horse and was the funniest thing as hubby is non horsey and has an amazing seat:p


  8. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    My beautiful horse was almost totally blind and you would never have known it.

    He used to use the fenceline to work out where he wa sin teh paddock. He still jumped as he could feel my legs contracting to hold his tummy when we got close. He cleared everything by a mile.

    Only reason I worled out he was blind was he was in a stable and the sunlight was reflecting off the cataracts in his eyes.

    I did put him to sleep not long after because he was in agistment and the worry of him running into a fence in a new paddock, concners about dogs chasing him etc.

    I know I did the right thing for him. Some blind horses have companions who keep them away from fencelines.

    You jsut have to know the risks you run and weight them up. I could not cope with the thought of him hitting a fence adn it was a real risk. I found out the night beofre he was PTS that boys were chasing the pony next door. I assume they also chased him. It makes sense of the behaviours he was showing.
    You also need to be aware of the legal ramifications of having a horse you know is partially sighted. If he were to injure someone then you might be up for an expensive legal bill.
  9. callmesue

    callmesue New Member

    A friend of a friend had a horse lost one eye late last year and that horse is doing endurance now. They cope a lot better than us mere humans do. They are so gutsy and strong.:))
  10. Naomi

    Naomi Well-known Member

    Dakota going blind is a very real possibility now so I'm going to watch this thread. I've ridden an old brumby who was blind in one eye. He was great. I rode over terrain I've never ridden another horse through and he was so careful, I felt very safe.

    I also used to round up 50 horses through the bush on a partially blind appy, affectionately known as Appy =). He was fantastic. I always said if I had to take on a dinosaur on any horse, I'd want to be on Appy.
  11. equislave

    equislave Well-known Member

    My old retiree is blind in one eye. He has done dressage, eventing, showjumping and endurance and no one knew he was totally blind in that eye until after he retired and he was having vetinary treatment. I suspected because he would often shy from that side, I thought maybe he wasn't seeing things because he never shied from the other side. He hoons about his paddock dodging trees etc. I don't think it makes a lot of difference to him
  12. I_love_equines

    I_love_equines Well-known Member

    Yes, that pony is terrific! My sis just LOVES riding him :D

    He was at pony club until the end of last year with the girl who owns him (decided he was getting a bit old at 33), but up until then he was jumping (probably still could) and you'd never know.

    I think it probably depends a lot on the horse affected though. Not sure how old Migs was when he lost his eye, but he surprises us every day with how well he copes :)
  13. norrishbex

    norrishbex Well-known Member

    A friend of mine put her horse down when he lost an eye. She didn't want to, and I am sure if he had a diferent nature, she wouldn't have had him put down. He was quite flighty by nature, and she has young boys, and didn't want them getting hurt if they kicked the football or something similar into his paddock.
  14. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

    I have personally known 3 horses. 2 horses 1 pony with 1 eye. The two horses were very different in nature and both coped brilliantly. You just need to be a little bit more aware of things on there blind side some times.
    The pony was amazing you wouldn't have known if his forlock wasn't covering it LOL Did every thing. Was a brilliant kids pony:)*
  15. blowin in the wind

    blowin in the wind New Member

    Ive known of quite a few horses that have either gone blind in one or both eyes or lost eyes due to accidents or tumours, the majority coped fine, and even became a better horse as a result, were alot more in tune. But there was one we had that didnt cope very well, especially when being ridden on narrow bush tracks, she can still be ridden, but looses it every now and then for seemingly no given reason and and will start banging you into the trees and started rearing etc, so we only ride her sparingly now and shes mainly just a broody. A lady that agists her horses on our property over the summer months said the same thing, she had a quiet horse but it didnt cope with the eye being taken out and couldnt really be ridden again...
    But on the whole, most cope fine, but some dont, and you just have to cross that bridge if and when it comes.:)
  16. Naomi

    Naomi Well-known Member

    Well that's something to look forward to BITW! I love getting smushed into trees! LOL. Your braver than me to still get on that horse. I'm sure she's lovely but it sounds like she can be very dangerous! Poor thing must be terrified when that happens. Does she cope better in her paddock with other horses to follow around? Do you stable her at night?
  17. Tintara

    Tintara Well-known Member

    My cremello mare Coconut was blind in her nearside eye - she poked a hole in it when she was only about 4 years old and it ended up collapsing despite a lot of medical treatment. We carried on doing breed classes, hacking and so on with no problems whatsoever and most performance judges never even realised she was blind until they were standing beside her in the line up. When I was running her out in breed classes I used to just touch her occasionally if I thought she wasn't aware of where I was but I probably didn't really need to as she would have been able to hear and sense me. When I stood beside her she knew exactly how high she had to lift her head to clear mine and the only times she ever clunked or knocked into me was when she genuinely wasn't aware of me being where I was. She would also turn on her blind side if I asked her to because she knew I would never ask her to turn into 'danger'.

    She had two foals and with the first one she was a bit paranoid about keeping him on her good side for the first little while but after that she didn't seem to worry so much. He was a little sod though and used to bugger off on her so she'd race around looking for him and when she spotted him she'd make a beeline for him but whilst she was on her way the little monkey would career off in the opposite direction on her blind side so by the time she got to where he'd been he was no longer there ............... :D
  18. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member


    i have ok you can say it a blind horse... in one eye not fully but anyway people say omg he is blind .... but omg he isnt really he stilll jumps 105 does dressage games hacking eventing! NEVER missed a spot in jumping yet

    this is a pic of him so you can see the blindness


    and this is what we do


    stick with it it happens lots of horses are blind and it makes them better and stronger i think :))

    we also had a mare who got a tuma in a eye had it removed an she was still sweet as a spring chicken
  19. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    RDA..have a blind pony..and he is AWSOME !

  20. Rainmaker

    Rainmaker Well-known Member

    Thank you all very much for your replies, so far not one bad one (oops sorry BITW missed your one not so good story!). In fact, your stories are very inspiring!....and a little bit funny Zoo lol

    Aren't horses amazing creatures :))
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