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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by pso, Aug 30, 2009.

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    thank you mav, :)*
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    To go back to the OP - I notice the discussion went directly to 'curvaceous babes' being underhorsed.....

    ....Does anyone think that there should be a minmum weight ratio????

    ....Can being overhorsed can be as much as a welfare issue as underhorsed?

    ....We've all seem people totally overhorsed at shows where they are a danger to themselves, their mount, and everyone around them....
  3. emloveschocco100

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    My horse is a chunky probably 450-500kg horse,
    and be and the saddle would be way under 60kg,
    is that okay for him?
  4. Wendy

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    The riders who are heavy probably know this but still want to do their best anyway.

    The fact that they are out there and doing something is better than sitting home and worrying about being too big to ride.

    Not everyone is heading for the next Olympics (only 4 selected every 4 years and they probably won't be from WA anyway) so riders should just enjoy what they are doing to the best of their ability at this time in their life.
    Some may be inspired to work on those extra kilos to get a better performance but it's also important to accept limitations and not be discouraged.

    I always think of Kerry Packer playing polo, he was a massive man.
    There's some pretty big horses out there doing ballet as well.
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    Knowing my next horse is only likely to make galloway, and I'm 174cm, has certainly inspired me to drop the kilos! Personally, I hate seeing myself in photographs with my current horse- she's such a nice looking horse, she doesn't deserve a lumpy rider!
    Poppy is only likely to mature galloway (Mum is 15.1hh, Dad 13hh), so I'm working hard to look right on him...lite-n-easy is a godsend!:))
  8. blitzen

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    jeebus. that video is weird. WHERE is that woman's switch that tells her NOT to do sh*t that will humiliate her? for example, i would NEVER wear a bikini on a busy beach (tho would in my own pool!@ for sure!) because i do not want to have ppl laugh at me. like, i KNOW i can't ride a 12.2hh pony... someone must have told her she'll be FINE for the pony, or something. SURELY she can see/know she's too big for it... and she doesn't look like she knows anything about horses or has ridden before, so doesn't even have any muscle memory or core fitness or anything.

  9. JessiTrist

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    My horse is 16.2hh Clydesdale cross, but after reading this I think I will ask someone lighter to ride her. She is not started yet, being only 3 years old, so i will do my best to lose 30+ kgs so I can ride her without being judged when she is broken in.
  10. Babe

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    But not only that WHY is she forcing herself to do it??? Is she tryng to prove a point. Funny also how they are trying to get her to mount for the offside too....a lot of people find this way hared then the near side.

    I WANT that pony!! How good is he!
  11. TBPA

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    Short answer no.
    if you are effective and smart you can be a very powerful rider at a light wieght the problem is where people can't ride.
    You only have to look at jockeys who are under 50kg and riders like Edwina Alexander (I doubt she would make 50kg) to know that being lighter is an advantage.
  12. ASH lover

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    So you are saying basically weight is not so much of a welfare issue as the ability of the rider to have the core strength and training to a) make them selves 'heard', and, b) to not interfere with the horses natural movement.
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    silly Jess#( Chicky will carry you no problems**) She is built and bred for much heavier work than you will probably ever give her:D You get on her and ride her and have fun:) Better still, come riding with me...Chicky will look even bigger and you will look smaller...lol;)
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  14. Babe

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    I have seen some heavier riders ride better then lightweight riders.....other factors come into play.....how they SIT in the saddle...do they sit ON their butt and are top heavy? Or do they sit with their weight in their legs??
    I htink more comes into this discussion then just plain ole weight
  15. smash

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    well i am saying YEP,
    IF you have the ability, then size dont matter.
    but dont forget, training/riding ability does not come from looking at the horse, so you wont find too many large framed people at the top of their game.
    just because you are a skinny mini, also does not mean you can ride.

    regardless of size, it is and always will be, the riders ability to enhance the horses ability
  16. nannygoat

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    Good on you for making a decision like this.

    BUT JessiTrist do it for the right reasons - not for fear of being judged BUT for your own health and that of your lovely young horse.

    30kg is a tremendous amount of weight to lose and the benefits are huge and longterm.

    Good Luck!
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    **)**) .

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