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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Halligan, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Hi wobbles, I sure do. PM me if you'd like to discuss further :)
  2. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member


    Hi everyone, I've just sent out an email to those who've registered their interest in a riser fitness class, if you'd like to join in, pm or email me your details and I'll forward it onto you as well :d
  3. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    Bon and Ted - I'm not sure that I have ever seen an overweight rider competing at any high level dressage, jumping or eventing. I don't think they'd be very effective riders and I think they fall a lot harder than lighter riders.

    As a short person who struggles with weight issues I find it sooo difficult to stay lean but I do know riding helps as does walking, swimming and vertical pole work. I should stretch more - I am finding I get strains in my hips from lack of warm up/cool down and lack of flexibility there.
  4. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    i'm a short person to needanswers and am working through a weight issue. i ride 2 horses most days and try to go to the gym twice a week - one of those sessions is with a personal trainer.
  5. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member


    Proof of the pudding - In spite of not jumping for about a year I think. Halligan rides out the little mistakes easily - Proof that all those rider exercises really work !! This is this horses first time ever jumping and Halligan stays safe and secure - Beats the hell out of falling off and means you can have fun too !!!!
  6. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Thanks Brew! :) and yep haven't jumped in about a year and have only
    ridden a handful of times in that year as well, the exercises DEFINATELY work and help you stay strong, balanced and on top of your horse instead of in the dirt haha :)
  7. NiccyLovesK

    NiccyLovesK Well-known Member

    I tried that at the uni gym last night - turns out there WAS a reason my personal trainer said not to go on it until I have at least gotten a bit more used to everything else. #(

    I have given up riding for now, but I do have long-term planned and told my personal trainer, so I do a lot of strength excersises (last horse woke me up big time to lack of strength in arms I used to have) and and treadmill and floor excersises. Working for me, teamed with Zumba in 2 weeks I have lost 3 KG
  8. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Hey that's really great! :) keep it up!
  9. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

  10. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Thanks for posting that, not a bad read! I don't think she's extreme at all, well not compare to some of the people I've met along the fitness path :p I think she has a very relevant point for endurance riders, they SHOULD be as fit as their horses if they're competing. Those who aren't are only putting unnessecary wear and tear on their horses and no one wants that, after all, we spend countless hours, dollars and cents to keep them
    in great shape why undo it all?
  11. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    Haha Halligan I love how chilled you look in that photo.
    I think a lot of people confuse overweight and unfit though? I know alot of people 4 sizes bigger than me which are about 4 times fitter :/

    I'm too lazy to excersise.. Yet to find something to motivate me for longer than a month. Do you have any ideas? Haha
  12. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    and plenty of thin people who are completely unfit :}
  13. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

  14. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Absolutely - and guilt is a great motivator!
    Yep - I'm now up to running twice a week for about 4-5 km, plus swimming 1km twice a week, plus a yoga class, plus riding 3 times a week (one of those rides is 20 - 30km in 2 - 3 hours)... and I STILL ain't skinny! Never going to be either - my body reckons 72kg is good enough, so it will have to do.
    BUT - I AM fit enough to do justice to my horses, and I have lost 10kg.
    Had to laugh at my daughter last night though - we were talking about how being fit and healthy was more important than being thin... and she said to me "Mummy you're not fat - you're just stretched from having babies"...!
  15. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Haha gotta love how kids put things :) and yes some thin people are very unhealthy and some bigger build people are really fit, you can never judge a book by it's cover alone, you'd be able to see it in their riding, posture, breathing, recovery etc
    unfit and/or overweight people know if they fall into that category, it's up to them to do it fortheir horse and their family, because health is everything, I you're not healthy you start being limited to what you can do, or things become defficult/uncomfortable to do too
  16. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Hi Halligan
    It would seem that our group of aspiring Grande Prix riders are finding the going a little tough !!
    Last night nearly needed CPR and the expressions were a picture !! We have a small group of 5 or 6 atm who have thrown there hands up and said " CALL HALLIE !!!!. All are in need of your help aka rider fitness. The group are all serious riders working from green horse up to advanced level.None of them are into keep fit but need help with there rider fitness.
    Would it be possible to organise you for say one session a week up near Midland ?? If you need more numbers we could ask around and maybe dredge up a few more ( Have lot's of space)
    Please let us know
  17. vindaloo

    vindaloo New Member

    Pick me!

    Hello Brew and Halligan:),

    I am a rider who likes to work on my fitness - run, pilates and of course ride....I'd love to be included in that group if it gets up and going - if I may?

    Kind regards,
  18. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Welcome !!!
    Will Pm later
  19. Omega Conquest

    Omega Conquest Well-known Member

    I also would like to join in depending on the time :)
  20. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    No prob - will advise

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