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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Murray, Apr 9, 2003.

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    Don't you just hate it when you are out on a relaxing ride and your horse decides it's time to spook. Here is an article that reinforces what you probably already know but it is worth a read.

    Link: http://westernhorseman.com/article_four.shtml

  2. The Old Grey Mare

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    scared horses, it sounds easy to re-train them to be great trail horses, not afraid of anything, but if they are older horses, sometimes the flight instinct is too strong to do anything about. my mare is great as i have had her since before she was born, so we walk up to everything & have a look, which is annoying sometimes as she wants to check out every rubbish bin & every tractor/4 wheel motorbike to see if there is any food.
    but as i have taught her not to be afraid of new things, she is quick to grasp the concept of if mum says its OK, it's OK.
    i imagine that a confident trail horse is a horse that has been handled/ridden by a confident person. some people are great riders, but are not confident when out of the arena, or have not taken their horses outside of the arena. i am very lucky to have a brave horse, one that does not respond to the flight instinct strongly, she trusts me & hopefully understands that i would not knowingly put her in danger. horses, like people, react differently. my mare grows to a 17 hh horse when out in the bush if she sees a kangaroo. but i have been out in the bush & overtaken by motorbikes, no worries, she sees them all the time, they usually have food in them, if you chase one & can catch it, make it stop, then they reward you with feed, right?

    real danger is walking into a paddock with 4 horses and only having 3 carrots. LOL.[​IMG]

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