RESULTS from Gosnells Halter Show

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Gerbra, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Emma16

    Emma16 Well-known Member

    get the image link bec not the direct link
  2. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Yay i am finally home..And the show is over for another yr....*#)

    Would like to thank EVERYONE for coming today..All your horses looked Great.**)

    Thankyou to my Judges & stewards for their hard work today.:)*

    Thankyou to the STB's for catering..Its not the easiest job to do.:)

    Thanks to All the sponsors for this yrs show....**)

    Congrats to everyone and the placings....

    Hopefully everyone had a good day...

    If you would like to see any changes feel free to Pm me.:)
  3. Mocha

    Mocha Well-known Member

    Congrats to everyone!

    How did Marj Radford go? Does anyonehave any pics of her mare? I was ment to go see her :)
    Also, who got supreme sporthorse?
  4. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Thanks Imperial for that pic**)

    A friend of mine abaraka took chloe today.Was abaraka's first inhand breed show.Their placings were...

    3rd Mare 14hh-15hh
    2nd Pinto Mare
    Reserve Pinto filly/mare

    Well done ab..You are welcome to show her anytime...:)*

    Todays Major Award Winners..

    SOS PONY....Open Pony
    TOP 3....Foundation Mini,Welsh A,Riding Pony

    RUNNER-UP...Part Welsh
    TOP 3.....WB,Friesian WB,Paint/Pinto

    GRAND CHAMPION.....Open Pony
  5. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    Congrats everyone! I was over oogling baby horse this arvo and a lady who went today stopped by, she said she had a good time and won a trophy - So congrats to Heidi for putting on such an awesome show :)*
    Who was the foundy mini in Top 3?
  6. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Lol, i know the feeling.
    Was a great day except for Jet's behaviour, naughty! He was putting a dance on for the mares, lol. Not happy. #(

    Great day otherwise, lol. :)*

    1st Pinto Colt 3yrs & Under (only 1)
    1st Best Marked Pinto

    1st Arab Deriv Colt 3yrs & Under (only 1)
    Champion Colt/Stallion (2)
    3rd Best Head
    3rd Best Trot (good numbers in both the "Best" classes)

    Well done Pinto Society (thumbs up Heids!! **)) & thanks to the SPPHWA too.
    Cheers Joc for the lift & helping hand.... cheers to Sharla for showing Jet.

    Lots of lovely neddies there today, well done all.

    Petite Pastures, Legs has settled in well, you'd think she's been here before.... :D :p (straight into her tea, she's a good girl, Ray asked if she can stay, lol)

  7. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    I have some pics of Marj's mare - she went Supreme WB - loading pics now :)
  8. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Rainbow Parks Mare ...Cant remember her name right now...Chianti(sp)?
  9. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    To start... I have some 'Stockies' pics...

    Here is Samm's 3...
  10. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    Jet[​IMG] Sil[​IMG]
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  11. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    Bailey [​IMG] Oakster [​IMG]
  12. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member


    Liver is Arab Lover..:)
  13. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    Names escape me for these ones... sorry!
  14. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    snowwhite [​IMG] Party [​IMG]
    Pepsea [​IMG]
  15. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member


    Mini..Delrea back a page or
  16. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    just a few more names that Im not 100% sure of, sorry!
  17. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Oh that was your boy Steve was showing, i didnt even know!!
    Well done on your results, VERY well deserved. :))

    Jaw dropping? If you had told me, i would of let you take him home.... :D
  18. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    Spunky Dougie!!!
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  19. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member



    TB..jodie(i think)
  20. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    Kylie - Jet is looking AWESOME!! he looks like a big stallion now, not all legs lol - and the bridle looks fantastic too :)*

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