Replacing Helmets?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by beccy, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    In a clinic I recently attended, there was some talk about how often you should replace your helmet.
    The biggest concern the well known & respected clinician had was - having one fall does internal dammage to the helmet. Then makes it quite weak that another fall could split it like a watermelon. After a fall, your helmet is no longer capable to do its job.
    his advise was to replace your helmet after each fall.

    ohh gees, my helmet must be soo weak by now!!!

    I feel sorry for mums with kids learning to ride who have to replace their helmet once every couple of weeks.

    What do you think?

  2. sash1407

    sash1407 Well-known Member

    Hi Bec,

    at adult riding club we are told the same thing. I had a fall last year and replaced my helmet. It is a good idea to cut the straps off so that no-one can retrieve it from the bin and use it. Its only really after a fall where the impact is on the helmet and it is quite severe - some of the "soft" landings are not so detrimental to the helmet - I was told.

    One of my girlfriends at the club is sooo safety conscious that every year she gets herself a new helmet regardless!!

  3. Zandaqa

    Zandaqa Guest

    Well I'm one of those guilty people who instruct people - especially children to renew thier helmets after a fall where the helmet has clearly ht the ground.Regardless of how hard or how little it actualy touched the ground.And with parents with young riders,,my own kids included,,,I strongly advise in replacing the helmet every two/three years even if there has been no fall.I know to many that this may seem excessive and sounds like alot of expense (lol,,it is!!) BUT,,,we only get ONE head,,,and thats only protected as good as what we put on it.
  4. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    I remember reading a magazine article about an event rider (Matt Ryan i think... maybe Heath Ryan.... ok, brain fart again (Doh!!) ti was someone well known in the eventing scene and was a bloke)... anyhow... he said that he replaces his helmet after every fall or every 12 months, whichever comes first. He reasons it as to ask yourself how much your head is worth to you and in that respect $200 a year isnt that much in the scheme of things.

    Speaking of which is probably time that i replaced my helmet.

    ~When all else fails and there is no one else around, hug yourself~
  5. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    I was also always told that you should replace your helmet after every fall or every year, whatever comes first. (Just hope its not the fall)
    If this is the case, how much wear and tear does dropping your helmet inflict? I know that my normal helmet that I school/train in has been dropped or flung around the car on the odd occasion.

    Also, every fall is different and the impacts can vary. If I had a really bad fall, where I knew that if it wasnt for my helmet who knows what could have happened, I would replace my helmet. But if it was just something minor that I didnt fell impacted my helmet much, then I doubt I would, naughty me.
    If I could afford to replace my helmet every year I would do that too. (IF) Imagine the collection I would have!

    *Keep Smiling*
  6. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Also does anyone know if there has ever been any tests done on how the weather can effect the wear of the hat? For example here in Australia will ride out in the sun when its like 40 degrees then also when it's windy and raining. Surely these would effect how long the helmet would last?? On my old Dublin Eventer helmet it discoloured to a real yellowy colour and it wasn't just dirt!

  7. angelTricia

    angelTricia Well-known Member

    I guess with the helmet thing you can kinda look at it the same way as people who ride motor bikes if you have a fall your helmet will be weak but bike riders have this saying when buying a helmet " How much do you think your head is worth" coz a cheap bike helmet wont protect your head like a more expensive one and I guess the same thing could be said about riding helmets. Though I think that I should get around to buying myself a new one as I have had mine since I was 15 and had a few falls with it. Naughty me!

    " A good horse and rider are only so in mutual trust."
  8. Kari

    Kari New Member

    I am very guilty!!! I think ive had my current helmet since i was 13 ie 7 years. Ooops! Although I have only had one fall since then (i have very good stickability!)

  9. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    I drop mine more often than I fall off!

    Do you think it would make a difference depending on brand? For example the Dublin helmets are so huge, I would have thought they could withstand anything, including a hoof to the back of the head. However the new bicycle looking 'light' things look as if they could fall apart on impact.
  10. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Heat does affect the performance of your helmet.

    My rule of thumb is, if in doubt - replace it.

    $100 is pretty cheap insurance in this sport!

    ~ Do as much as it takes, do as little as it takes. ~
  11. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    Im not sure if brand makes a difference. I think the titanium strip ones (that look like scunk on your head) would withstand a lot more.

    I've also had my helmet for probebly 7 years... although i dont think ive had a fall on my head on it, im sure its been dropped onto concrete & bounced around the car more than enough times.

    ANy recommendations on a good helmet?

  12. Veronika

    Veronika Active Member

    One clinic I attended, they checked that each helmet was less than 5 years old (there's should be a sticker of date of manufacture inside the helmet). I've had mine for 4 years now and am looking into a new one soon. I do like the new eventing style ones because they have such nice big vents. Unfortunately, the ones that I really like are only european does that work with the AUS standard 3838? If you ride in a show, they will look for that number, and if it isn't there, then what.
    The current helmet that I have is not bad, it's an Aussie Rider and was in it's time, the lightest helmet out there - although that has changed.
    I don't think that just because these new helmet look flimsy, they offer less protection than the old watermelon types. I have neck problems, so the less weight I have on my head the better, otherwise it's migraine time.
    Just remember that there are better designers/engineers and materials available than there was before. If it's good enough to wear in high grade events, it's got to be safe.
  13. sash1407

    sash1407 Well-known Member

    Hi Kris,

    I know Samasam will probably agree that Comfrey is a great old remedy for leg injuries - she introduced me to it.

    It's available from health food stores.

    Hope this helps.

  14. Kari

    Kari New Member

    I noticed someone at the All Stars yesterday was asked to remove their top hat and put on a helmet.

    Shame...because just a moment before we were commenting on how professional the combination looked. The picture was destroyed with the addition of a helmet.

    I think for people over 18 it should be their choice. Lets all decide on our own if we want to take the risk or not. It really bugs me when we are forced into having decisions made for us. That is not the way a free country is meant to work

  15. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member

    Not having the rules we currently we have about helmets will certainly take away one choice - you won't have to decide which show to go to, because there won't be any (or very few)!!!!! I seriously doubt a hat makes you look more or less professional anyway! Personally I think it makes you look like you have no idea in this kind of situation - obviously they hadn't read the rules!

    It also amazed me at the Royal last year, with the rules that said you had to wear a safety helmet in the warmup, but not in the ring. Now can someone please explain to me how it is any less dangerous in the ring than the warm up???

  16. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    The only reason that i can think of for having to wear a helmet in the warmup area but not in the ring is that in the ring everyone is riding in the same direction and there is a controlled limit to the numbers in the class. When you are riding in more than just a circle you are doing it by yourself.
    In the warmup area everyone is riding everywhere and there is no-one in there controlling the traffic. There is a higher chance of near misses which may unseat riders compared to in the ring.
    Just IMHO.

    ~When all else fails and there is no one else around, hug yourself~
  17. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    Veronika, are you talking about the Casco helmets? Because they are both European rated and Aus standard rated.
  18. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member

    Bethy - good point. But i think the dressage people (below a certain level) had to wear safety helmets!!
  19. sash1407

    sash1407 Well-known Member

    Ok will try posting this again as a gremlin seems to have gobbled up the info post I sent last time....

    Helmets accepted at out Inter-Club Challenge (-all of our members are affiliated with the EFA so helmets must conform to standards-) are:

  20. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    hey Sash, the gremlins got you again!

    The EFA approved helmets are the current Australian/NZ, European and US standards. That is :

    AS/NZ 3838:2003
    EN 1384
    ASTN F1163

    Why not lash out and buy one of each!!

    (yes, I just joined!)

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