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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Roo24, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Roo24

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    Hi all,
    Just after some recommends, or "steer clears" lol, for trainers/starters. I'm in the hills, Gidgie way, so whilst it'd be nice to visit during his training this isn't a requirement. Long term view is dressage but right now just after the right kind place for starting.
    There's a place out Toodyay way but not heard much about them. There's also Primrose near me which looks good for a dressage horse.
    Really just after some places to check out/stay away from at this point. Look forward to PM's.
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  2. Secret85

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    IMO, you can't go past Fred Watkins - I think he's in Clackline, but I'm sure his website will tell you exactly where they are. The other person who I would go to is Sascha Yates in Bindoon.
    Good luck for your journey! :)
  3. primrosecourt

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    Hello Roo 24

    You are most welcome to come over to Primrose Court anytime and have a chat and see my facilitates etc.

    Our stud is very quiet. I dont take in heaps of horses at any one time. The horses all settle very well and get my undivided attention too !

    I offer genuine normal European based training from backing all the way through.
    Its effective yet kind and fair. Starting a horse off this way makes everything much easier when the time comes to start going out and competing in your chosen Olympic discipline (in your case Dressage)
    I also have many many happy clients and references too to show you.

    Another person I would highly recommend who is very similar in his training to me is Ian Stewart also at The Lakes nr me.
    Again very quiet and kind but very effective and will help set your horse up ready for competition.
    Rick Dabner in Wanneroo is also equally as good...:)

    Hope this helps...
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  4. Remaani

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    I have been looking for a starter for ages now & finally found who i am after for my filly.
    I spoke to many that used the trainers i had in mind, but also spoke to people that brought from places that start horses under saddle - i wasn't worried just about their teaching methods but how the person was to deal with. Learnt some interesting things & striked several names off the list! :eek:
    In the end, i am sending my filly down south to Chatahn Estate to be started. :)
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