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Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Beauvelour, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Dusty Road

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    The trick I find to a perfectly mopped floor is to vacuum first, then have two buckets of water, one with hot water with detergent in it (I use bleach on my floors, due to living in the Pilbara, having two inside dogs and white floor tiles). Then the second bucket has fresh cool water (this bucket gets changed more) SO each section of the floor is mopped twice, once with bleach, then once without. Works a treat.

    Having said that I am trying to justify the need to get a robot vacuum and a robot mop so I don't have to do the floors ever again!
  2. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    Thanks for your suggestions, yep I use really hot water, I have tried the no detergent and all the different mops (except for enjo) and I always vacuum before I mop (since being an apprentice hairdresser, there is nothing worse than mopping a floor and wet clumping hair that hasn't been picked up.) The steam mop works well with making the tiles look clean and cleaning the foot prints but that's it.

    Faxie can u buy enjo online? For now I have a mixture to try on the floor with the good ol spongey ill let u know how I go- found it on pinterest, (I am soooo addicted)
  3. fuddles

    fuddles Well-known Member

    a friend uses a car wash product on her tiles, swears by it.

    Wax on Wax off, sorry just had a vision of the karate kid mopping floors
  4. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    Not sure these days.. give their office a call and i think they still put you in touch with a rep but i think now the products are posted out. Its always good idea to see it demo'd whether you host a demo or get the rep to just show you how to use it. I built up my collection by hosting demo's 10-15 years ago as you get freebies**)..

    Like anything that gets a bad name it can be because the person using it isnt using it 'correctly'...
  5. Beauvelour

    Beauvelour Well-known Member

    Thanks faxie, will have to do some research and see if we have any reps down here, I know we used to.

    For those that are interested I just mopped with one of those cheap spongey mops but used 1/4 cup of Vinegar, 1/4 cup bi carb, 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid in about 7.5 Litres of HOT water and it seeems to have cleaned the floor nicely, no streaks etc.....lets see how long it lasts with my 11 month old crawling around :)
  6. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    Onya! You will prob find using what you just did and not using those floor chemicals that it will improve no matter what type of mop you use :) That's why I like Enjo, when my son started crawling I knew at least he wasn't getting chemical residue on him. Especially important to me when cleaning the shower and bath as well.
  7. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    Hehe I just got a message on social media saying that Enjo is now available online and immediately thought of this thread lol! :p
  8. Pipsqueak

    Pipsqueak Active Member

    Sounds like I have very similar grey matte tiles. I use the enjo floor mop ( yellow head) I just carry the spray bottle which has water and a touch of vinegar and spray as i go, Works really well
  9. kdaniel

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    Hey Beauvelour,
    Daniel here.
    Seems like you are having a quiet bad experience with your steam mops.Never mind...!!!
    Few months back my wife was suffering from the same confusion as you have discussed here.We checked various steam mop reviews and bought a Bissell all in one steam mop. And yes..Certainly its a real winner..
    Its quick & smart steam technology brings a fabulous steam function to work on dirt and sticky grime within just 30 seconds. Hold the steam for 15-20 seconds and that’s it.
    It saves our precious time by cleaning the floor in one pass.No squeezy sponges and cleans the floor evenly removing the odour too.
    It is able to get rid of stains that have dried on floors as well as grout with a powerful steam blow.It dries up very quickly so there are no wet spots left on the floor for any long periods of time.

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