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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Crafty, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Thanks Ladies :)

    I've been working flat out again so haven't done much to it since the last lot of pics.

    I have re installed the frame work for the nose cone which is now straight square and level :D haven't had time to get piccies but will soon promise :)

    Matt is back to finishing seaming my new sides hopefully on Sunday while I am off hiring a float hahaha to take my ponies to spell!

    I cut the roof frame off again too so that it can be leveled up and sorted out.

    Still trying to work out what to top coat the roof with. The gel coat is now four layers but after sanding has gone pretty dull not sure if to wax or spray it for a nice finish the spraying would fill in the little brush marks I couldn't get out another week of working 3 jobs fulltime and a half then I have a week off and shall get more up to date pics for you all :)
  2. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Love seeing your updates...shame about the setback! It will look great when its all finished, just keep the finished piccie in your mind!**)
  3. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Ahhh what a big day :)

    Building stalled with the second welder as he started to work flat out since most people out here evacuate at christmas time.

    Nothing much had been done in the last 2 weeks as I was working full time again but then one of my old bosses called me on sat arvo telling me to get my backside home he had arranged a friend to come and have a look at the float to see if he could help me.

    So I tore home and met a lovely gent called Andy. Andy is superman!!!! I had to cut the front end off again for a third time but guess what the whole bloody float is now square level and mickey mouse measured up!!!!!

    after sat night measuring and working things out I was up for a 4am start yesterday to move the big girl up to Andy's workshop and get crakin on her

    I have thrown away the mig its been giving me grief not much chop for one hand Andy has taught me how to use an arc welder awesome machine I tell you goes through paint and much easier without wire and gas!

    Here are the pics I have lost about 10mm off my roof height but the drop was needed so that we could fix the hoops and and things that had lost their shape from being on and off so many times.


    Will be leaving the big girl for now I am off for christmas to do some relaxing and catch up with my Dad in Albany. Date of completion again changed I took the ponies to spell in a hire float but need the big girl finished to pick them up poor Ben the hire float was too short for him and would prefer not to have to put him in it for the trip home :) 4,5th of Feb being the new goal then it can help me move house aswel

    Have a great christmas everyone I will post pics as soon as I return Andy will be working on it over the holidays he is rather wrapped to have another project :)
  4. HarleyQH

    HarleyQH Well-known Member

    Wow Crafty,
    I just got my hubby in here to read this thread and all your great advice and what not to do's :) We have 2 floats on the go, a 2 horse like this one we have done it with anti scramble sides but still in the infant stages. The other is a 3 horse angle and is really coming along.
    The down side hubby saw photo realised you are a chick and said I can get my arse up the shed and give it a go :) lol
    Love the velcro and eyelet idea, I have a god machine that will do that so maybe I'll contribute that way. Not so keen on sheds and welders.
    Just out of curiosity how long have you spent on this project?
    Have an awesome well deserved Chrissy, Albany is cooler than our sun scortched land :) May see you down there :)
  5. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Ahhhh sorry to drop you in it then HarleyQH LOL LOL :)

    your ponies are shexy!!!!!!

    more work on float tomorrow I didnt end up going away instead I crushed L4 and L5 in my spine and spent christmas week in Kal hospital oh luuuuurrrrvelyyyyy!

    Andy tells me we are installing the last sheet tomorrow round the nose cone :) YAY! so after work I'm off to his yard to get it crackin stupid spine painkillers gota GITERDUN!!!!!
  6. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Ok so we didnt install the nose sheet because it bloody rained!!!!! and I hurt myself again and bought the spotty pony lol and dealt with the house finance!

    I just bought it home again to get on with more grinding and have worked out the floor boards can go and be replaced with marine ply whoooop there goes another 200 kgs!!!!!

    should get out and get on with it its so humid after the rain though!!! will take more pics once the look of it changes again
  7. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Float is going to be sent to a workshop to be finished now.

    After doing my back Christmas I just cant finish it and I am completely over the ups and downs of a job that is too big for me. I'm not a welder.

    I very nearly took it to the tip on sat morning. So now the hunt to find a workshop to pay to finish it for me.
  8. HarleyQH

    HarleyQH Well-known Member

    Hope you are feeling better :)
    Might just be worth getting it to a workshop to finish given you are 'over it'. We drove to Wagin yesterday to get steel to do the inside of our big triple. We also used Marine Ply on the floor of this float, heaps lighter. We are putting more supporting steel underneath as its not as strong as wood., we are putting rubber over it as well.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product I;m sure you will be happy with it.
  9. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Thanks Harley :)

    I dropped the big girl up yesterday with the parting remark from the owner of the business to make sure I bring rum when I pick it up next weekend to celebrate the "Pimp My Float" makeover LOL

    I'm spending an extra 2 grand on her but hey I wont have to finish it myself looking forward to picking it up and getting some nice pics for you guys then she gets new tyres and wiring and off to esperance on the 4th to pick the ponies up from spell :)
  10. HarleyQH

    HarleyQH Well-known Member

    Woohoo can't wait for the finished pics :)
  11. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    I have had an update from Ikka Steel where the Grazor is being finished. Pics are from thursday this week. They have finished all the welding and are happily riveting the remaining sheet work. The roof is giving them some grief esp since its so hot but I am confident they will get it sorted :)



    In this pic you can see the extended bum bars obviously I will be padding them up and the removable chest bars that Darrell designed when we first started this job.

    Keith from Ikka assures me I will be picking it up some time this week he is going to spray it once the roof is on and the sheets finished :)
  12. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    I can see it all in my crystal ball Crafty.

    In three months you will be queen of your own manor, taking your new spotty bubba for outings in his pimped white chariot, and January 2011 just a distant stressful memory.

    You going to break a bottle of bundy across the stern when you launch it?
  13. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    Oh What a good idea :D

    Not only do you need it to pick up ya ponies, ya need it to move.
  14. taeliesyn

    taeliesyn Well-known Member

    Break a bottle of champers over the bow, don't waste good Bundy! ;)
  15. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Oi don't be wasting the champers either!!! Maybe go for a bottle of non-alco grape juise pmsl!!
  16. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    Bow. Stern. I obviously don't know nautical terms. Save it for the western suburbs.

    But I do know my rum and my champers, if this sardine can on wheels is gonna be a 'queen of the desert', she needs to be treated right from the very start, and bluddy make sure it's Bundy OP nectar or nuthin!!!!
  17. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Lol Blackbat yes I purchased a bottle of OP 4 mths ago specifically for the christening :) Queen of the Gravel mate

    I know Te good news is that Lisa is happy to lend me her float for both picking Ben and Jazz up and moving house the following week thank god !

    Te and I are off for the trip to Esperance to pick up my ponies this weekend and enjoy a well earned break beside the ocean for which I have saved more rum! We will sit back on camp chairs and watch the cutting comp whilst imagining how nice it will be when we can float spotty bum and merry to espy next time in the gravel grazor . Queens of the desert baby it WILL happen :)

    Love my stockies friends you guys are awesome can't wait to bring spotty and meet the rest of you
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  18. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Tan and I arrived back in town from Esperance today dropped Ben and Jazz off at the block and then flew in to pick up the Gravel Grazor

    Keith at Ikka had told me on the phone earlier that he thought I would be pleasantly suprised with the "Pimp my Float" exercise and I have to say I am

    Tan wants the float and is devastated that the door handle is too high for her to reach HAHA safety feature so the kids cant open it.

    On to the photos eh


    Keith was disappointed that my ute wasnt clean enough to tow the Grazor home but hey wont take long and she will be filthy and matching the ute lol

    All that is left to do is to finish the padding and fit it, replace the tyres, wire the big girl for lights and dress her in some stickers to match the Gravel Rash :)

    I'm wrapped finally we are at the usable stage!!!!!!
  19. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Well done Crafty.. it looks awesome! Isn't it sooo satisfying when it starts to all come togther and nearly be at the finish stage.

    I went back to the start of the thread and looked at the before pictures.. what a great job you have done**)
  20. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member


    On the road again! Yeeeaaahhh! It looks so pretty. Betcha never thought it's good looks would put your ute to shame? Are you gonna get big gravel coloured orange flames painted down the sides?

    Doesn't look a whole lot like a Colonial anymore. Just the funny little airvents left :)

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