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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Crafty, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Ok So 2 weeks ago I purchased a 74 colonial which to start with we where only going to replace the tailgate fill in the drawer bar and put a new jockey wheel on.

    Since then the more bits we attacked the more rust we found so decided to give the big girl a full rebuild now rather then later.

    So far its mostly been about pulling it apart finding the rust cutting it out and have just started to actually put bits back together. Roof and frame came off the other day frame is now in pieces ready to go to the fabricator to have a new roof frame rolled IF the new steel I ordered last friday ever gets here LOL

    Today I took to the nose cone with an angle grinder because the framework there also needs to be replaced I must say its fun playing with these big boys toys even if I do sook if I happen to grab a spark *#)

    So I have scrubbed the roof and I am patiently waiting for some special fiberglass resin with a white tint in it to reseal this and make it look all purty again.

    But the big thing on my mind atm is what kind of metal is the sides of this float? I know its contoured somehow but is it called something special? I have been looking all day online to find it can anyone who is metal savy point me in the right direction of a name?

    Have thought of replacing the sides with 2mm flat sheet but would of course need to strengthen the side frames some more to do that

    anyway here are the pics of how the ripping apart is going so far

  2. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member


    Repaired tailgate frame I have new marine ply for this and sign written tin for the outside the rubber has been salvaged to use again

    The drawer bar now but am thinking about using checker plate instead we did this before we decided on the full rebuild sigh always the way

    The roof looks better now will get more piccies tomorrow :)
  3. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    At this rate with a bit of luck It will be back together within the next two weeks I pray! Ive been sick hence why I'm posting this and not out there working on it atm

    When the new steel gets here I have to learn how to weld better because I'm not very confident with it thankfully good mates are very kind to me Darrell has welded the big stuff so far but I have a fair idea the roof frame and the nose cone going back on are going to be my job lol but hey its all fun :)

    The start of removing the roof the other day :)
  4. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    WOW BUSY! i'll lend u my horse truck for a few months and u can do some work on that :p
  5. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Goin great guns there!!
  6. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Look at you go you handy woman!!!

    With the sides, I'd just replace with some galv sheet metal.
  7. Cowgirl_9

    Cowgirl_9 Active Member

    Lookin good Crafty :)*

    I rebuilt an old Kalpakoff a few years back, started off was just going to be a patch job but like you everywhere I turned was rust so I ended up stripping it completely and giving it a full rebuild.. Was a big job!

    You'll find you wont be able to buy the moulded side panels, you would have to get someone with a hydraulic bender to do it for you.. I just added some extra framework in the sides of mine and used flat glav sheet instead..

    I also added a fullhight access door and made the front window bigger, and made a brand new tailgate to mine.. Lots of work but all worth it in the end

    Good luck and have fun**)
  8. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Roger on the Galv :) ordered all new sheets today should be here wed next week.

    Finally picked up the rhs today which has been at the store since tuesday grrrrrr! and have dropped the nose cone frame and roof frames off at an engineers to have them rolled to shape :)

    So its call a halt for the weekend. Darrell is of to the bns at spencers brook and I have my sons birthday and coolgardie day this weekend.

    Work will resume on monday bright and early the gelcoat is finally here for the roof YAY!!!! so I should be posting some shiny roof pics late monday night with any luck.

    Further to that will continue to remove the side panels and prep the supports and angle for the new sheets there. Mega exciting

    This is my front end drop from yesty :) gota love bein a girl handed a grinder LOL

    Finally feeling better thank god on mon tues this week this job was almost too much I was so sick I really didn't believe I would ever get it finished
  9. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    God Woman, you never stop!**):D
    Umm... i'll get one and you can do that next he he
  10. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    LOVE the regular photo's your taking! Thats certainly a big job but I'm really looking forward to the finished photo's :D.

    Well done!
  11. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Watch ti Crafty you'll end up with a second job ;). My OH and I refurbished our float and since then we have had a steady trickle of renos coming our way (well - his way - I just do all the other work while he's in the shed LOL). He has another booked in for school hols. Lots of people find it hard to get someone to take on the smaller jobs like new floors, rust cut and repair, brake replacement etc etc.
    It's all good tho' - cash in hand **)
  12. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Lol Anna :) thanks Arnie and No Tan I never stop lol neither do you!!!!!

    I don't want to do another after this one I just want My float done hahahaha.

    Darrell is talking that we can go into a float building business but I just don't think the market is up here for that.

    Today I nearly drove off the bitumen when the steel lady called to tell me how much for my order. So as a result will be patching the sides where the rust is at the top of the sheets until a later date. I do need to try and buy a new horse in the next 6 mths or so. Its now time to reign in the budget a bit and stop letting the boys put wild ideas into my head lol.
  13. GoWelshCobs

    GoWelshCobs Well-known Member

    i have a new colonial (well 9yrs old) i can grab the maker number off the float tonight he still is making them in perth :)

    he will be able to tell you what it is called etc :) pm me if you would like his number
  14. Halligan

    Halligan Well-known Member

    Colonial Horse Floats

    18 Yampi Way, Willetton, WA 6155

    p: (08) 94576938

  15. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Awesome thanks girls would be nice to be able to have its original name put back on it somewhere once I'm done :D

    So Monday I painted the roof with a layer of Gelcoat basically using the gelcoat to give it a new finish but also to fill in some of the old rivet holes and there are many I suppose thats what happens when the roof is so old lol. problem is the gelcoat on wed is still sticky so will be going back to the paint shop tomorrow and asking them if they where supposed to sell a hardener with it even though they told us it was mixed ready to go :( aside from that at this rate the roof will be dry in another day or two and then I can apply another layer and start sanding it back. I forgot to get a pic of that again today but will endeavour to remember tomorrow.

    Tuesday was spent removing the rest of the floor at the front of the float those bolts where also seized and had to be removed by oxy I swear Darrell is in love with his oxy haha I'm not game enough to use it has flames stay away.
    also on Tuesday we removed the mud guards to make way for new ones next week some time that will fit over the new 31 inch mud tyres.

    My Ute "Gravel Rash" herself sports some lovely big 31" muddies and has a 2 inch lift underneath so the float is also going to run the same rims and tyres so that when I travel for big trail rides (Queensland in sights) I have spares that are interchangeable between float and ute the float rides at the correct height to the ute and If I really want to get keen float is capable of some light off road work to get us closer to those "Awwww" riding spots :D

    Yesterday after working out that original steel supplier was completely ripping me off I purchased 2mm sheet steel to replace the sides at half the price the first company had quoted which was half again the price which they actually charged me grrrr! Just because I am female does not make me stupid!!!!!!

    So after the initial thinking I would have to patch the sides from lack of funds today we cut the sides out YAY!!!! and what do you know found more rust hahaha. So back with the grinder to remove the bolts holding the floor boards closest to the angle we are going to replace that too :) The rest of this arvo I spent on the grinder with a wire brush attached cleaning up the supports on both sides ready for welding hopefully tomorrow arvo or friday. Clean up is taking along time making sure the steel is completely rust and paint free so I can prime with rust kill and paint with more white rust kill before welding.

    I swear this float is going to last another 30 years at this rate!

    Here is today's outcome

    Now looking at the chest bar which is solid and one piece I decided today that I want removable and adjustable chest bars hahaha so poor Darell is helping me work out how we go about that pretty much got it sorted....

    Still enjoying it esp now that I'm no longer sick I am managing atm to get about 5 hours a day into this job in between running my lil cleaning business the kids and of course feeding the horses. Havnt managed to ride in the two week build I am hoping that this weekend now I'm better I can take pony out for a nice relaxing stroll in the bush.
  16. aliasmel

    aliasmel New Member

    Good luck...I too am doing one atm and know how frustrating and time consuming it is.

    At times you feel like sending it to the tip and be done with it.
    I have been doing mine since may but everything else that needs doing requires my dad to grind/weld and spray paint so have to wait for every time he comes downs

    Cant wait to see more photos...keep at it!
  17. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    :) Yesterday was spent grinding grinding grinding I have finally made friends with the cutting disc and can now weild this awesome sword without demolishing everything in its path hahahaha.

    Mostly cutting more rust out and cleaning up whats left. ready for rust guard all the way round under and over lol its got to go everywhere!!!!

    Today will be lifting the remaining floor boards since we are there anyway and also cleaning up the metal underneath painting that and then its time to go back together YAY!!!!

    Remembered to get a pic of the roof the gelcoat STILL hasnt dried not happy jan.


    And Darrell took this one last night after I had finished with a wire brush on the grinder most the arvo stripping back 30 years worth of paint.


    He reckons I look kinda cute in a filthy kinda way :p
  18. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Right its been a while weddings trips to Perth life getting in the way of my wonderful horse float! How dare life!!!

    So we ended up having to scrape all the gel-coat off as the supplier told us it was pre mixed ready to use and it turned out it needed to have hardener added BUGGER! I finally got mum to do some work and I made her scrape that roof while I got on with wire brushing the remainder of the frame that we haven't replaced. Not much of that I tell you :)

    the roof now has all four coats of dried gel-coat and is ready to be sanded prolly happen over the weekend with a carton of rum yum gota love rum!

    Today after getting back from Perth and recovering yesterday we put in the new nose cone frame well I rephrase that Dibbs welded in the new frame I got to get on with you guessed it more wire brushing grrrr this time on the center divider.

    While in Perth visited Clark rubber and stocked up on foam and marine vinyl for the new interior still working out how I want the padding to go but getting a better idea now.

    Plan of attack for tomorrow: finish putting in last roof brace and length from front to back, hopefully get some sheets around the nose this galv it stinks! but hey it wont rust so worth the headache.

    and this shot shows where the new window is going have doubled the depth to give ponies nicer long trips. The original window was already up hard against the roof which is great I have tall ponies they don't want to bend down to see :)

    My good friend Suzie has ordered me a lovely new piece of super special no smash uv something or other plastic which is better than perspex and it will be here tomorrow YAY

    so looking a bit more like a float now eh :)
  19. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    You are doing a fabo job, just keep going cos I want to see the finish product! Well done!!!:D
  20. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member


    Hurry up and finish it! I'm eager to see the final product :D.

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