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  1. Rikki+Sasha

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    Bloody hell eb your one tough cookie soon enough Abbey should learn not to give you any more sh** and just be nice lol
  2. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    That'll be the day! lol
    And YES!! she goes higher than the pic thats us going up to a small one......just ask dashyboy (mel) lol she copied my friends horse who does huge rears!

    *pls excuse how i look in that pic!!!*
  3. LCX

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    Have you considered to get your horse remouthed ? Rearing is a serious problem and you will need to get stuck on it. Go to a professional. It may seem like a little thing but rearing is a huge concern, it's very very dangerous. Don't try to fix this at home, get help from an experienced breaker.
  4. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    As i have said before, I am doing better with Abby and if it does get worse i will get a proffesional to help me. But for now I am getting better with her and we are both happy!
  5. uno

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    i am so sorry that you are having this problem with your horse BUT, i have to agree with trojan get rid of her. i have had personal experience of a horse rearing and falling on TOP of me. i suffered fractured skull and a broken jaw ,i still have hearing probelms twenty years on from the accident, i also spent 4 weeks in hospital. once a horse learns to rear ,it will always rear. i speak as a mother of 3 kids that all ride and have a unwritten rule " if it rears, its its dog meat" .they are dangerous and unsafe. you may love your horse but your mother loves you & cant replace you ,she can replace the horse. have some common sense for goodness sake. there are plenty of horses out there with out this issue. sorry if i upset anyone reading this reply. but i am passionate about rider safety:( :( :( :( :(
  6. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    hey uno i know where your coming from in this....but I am not getting rid of my horse! I mean this in the nicest possble way but i love my horse and she is getting better!!:)
    She does rear occasionally but they are only small and not very often! If she gets worse or too dangerous I have promised myself that I will do whats best for the people around her! At the moment my plan is to keep her or lease her out (if i find the right home) as a breeding Mare/companion because she is a great horse on ground ect but just has a couple of issues with riding (which are due to previous pain and we are working on them and getting much much better!)
    thankyou for your reply and I know where your coming from but as I said i am feeling better about everything with abby**)
  7. uno

    uno Guest

    please be safe, and take care dont ride out on your own and let your mum know when you are riding her ,put a back protecter on and make sure your hat is on good and tight!!! :) :) :)
  8. Arnie

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    I disagree that once a rearer always a rearer.
    I would never sell a horse on that rears, I'd atleast send the horse to a professional and have their honest advice on what to do. There are reasons why they rear and they can be sorted out with hard work.

    My first horse was a rearer and with training she never reared again, although I don't own her now its been about 10 years since we got ontop of the problem and she's never done it since.
    Don't get me wrong. Rearing is VERY dangerous and its my number one pet hate with horses but when delt with properly it can be fixed.
  9. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    Thanks guys
    I am always careful and let people know where im going ect I also have wnf to help me when im out trail riding (always go with her!)
    Thanks guys i will keep you updated on how we go!:)*

    WITCHERY Well-known Member

    I have had a horse (close enough to a school master) who just started rearing for no reason. This encludding him landing on top of me serveral occassions. Once was right at our front gate on the road.

    Oh I do think there was a reason I also thought it was a response to fright.

    The funny thing was I was never scared of him and I never got hurt on him not once. He was seem to have some structure to his rearing or maybe I did. He did eventally stop and was a really good dressage horse.

    However after leasing him out to an experianced adult rider (well so they said) I told them he had this problem but I had not seen it in years (horse was 18). Oh and they rode him at my place on serveral occasions before taking him on. The man took him out onto the road and he reared and did a lot of damage to the mans back.

    That horse ended up staying with me until the day he pass on. I was the only one who rode him he never reared again after that. I think he choose it that way.

    I have not read all the post but I thought I would let you know of mine and arine I totally agree once a rear always rear is hardly never the case !
  11. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    I have got one of those thoroughbred too but he is 100 times worse, well use to be he still puts in a few of everything but i found persistance, knowledge and understanding of why your horse is doing it for. I simply look at this as naughty and inconsiderate. you shouldnt have to give up any type of riding including riding with a group to me it sounds like you need to work on the ground with this horse and sort out a few issues you may not realise you do have. the key thing is when she riers DONT pull on her head leave it the reins loose and when she hits the ground turn her head and like KC QUATER HORSE said disengage her hind quartes and ask her to move off and be agressive about it, if you can fit a whack with the whip do it but dont get carried away with it. my last 2 horses have had the reiring problem due to my inexperience on the ground back then and also my hooning around getting the horse all whizzed up. you will be suprised how much difference ground work can do for your riding and relationship with your horse. make the WRONG thing HARD and the RIGHT thing EASY
  12. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    I dont agree with getting rid of her but i do see why people agree with it simply due to past experience or simply being protective. if you feel that you are confident and capable of handling any situation with this horse then give it a go but you will need to practice practice and practice. Dont give up these horse that do this is more the fact they dont like being left behind or miss out. you can get her out of this habit quite easily. if she starts doing it keep her moving even if you have to go in a working circle then ask her to stop dont ask of anymore than what you think she can handle before she will do it again then move her off again and work her repeat this and make your stops more lengthy. even do this in your group riding but let your group know what you have to do when the situation arrises
  13. Skito

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  14. Arnie

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    Skito - Are you agreeing with me?
  15. KC Quarter Horses

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    Yes she is LOL :) was some other poster that said once a rearer always a rearer .....she was elaborating on your post backing it up LOL :)
  16. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks KC :D, I didn't want to read it wrong lol.

    Skito - I'm glad there's another example of it being able to be trained out of horses :).

    Although in the wrong hands any vice would come back very quickly as the horse would never forget (inexperienced hands) but it the right hands they horse would never do it again.
  17. Ebza

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    hey guys thankyou for that!
    I am gonna see how we i said we are getting better, had a little scare that i havent said yet but it was basically trying to cross busy road onto bridle trail and horse decides that the tree (that we walk past every weekend) is gonna eat her! She went through the whole side stepping, eyeing, shying ect routine and then decided to go up into a nice big rear in the middle of the rd with cars coming either way!:confused: #( she got a nice big wack and hasnt gone into anymore big rears since then (it was a couple of weeks ago) but i havent been out on my own since then either....I gotta admit it gave my confidence a bit of a wack, usually with her rears it i just try to get her through it and its no big deal, but i actually thought she was gonna fall over herself and on such a hard surface and cars coming either way! I have been out on that same trail with my friend and i am getting more confident with it now....(our next ride i am planning on attempting going in front) :s Sorry about the long post but that last incident was just out of no where, she had been going so good lately (for Abby anyway! lol) Thanks again everyone who has replied!;)
  18. WildandFree

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    ok guys

    i know this horse thro eb and i see her and handle her what we found out is and shes been thro 14 homes and not all good ones shes been the horse when things go pear shape sell her on

    so eb been going tho how many years of learnt habits

    its not her fault shes doing the best she can

    i get her to ride rossy so she can at least have a easy horse so to speak

    but ebony is great little rider firm kind and understanding which is what abby need as how may issues problem did she come to eb with heaps

    did eb give up on her m any times she wanted to but shes stands by her to FIX the issues caused by us humans

  19. FDPH

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    This was so long I read only your post, your horse is stuck in the feet you need to disengage the hindquarters, not only is it stuck but the horse has no forward, there is fear here to and hitting her on the head is born of your frustrations but will not work only create more fear,
  20. jonty

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