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  1. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    hey guys...
    Well thought I would see what everyone has to say.....
    Lately My horse got into a bit of a habit of rearing when i ask her to stop or if I have too much contact on reins!:confused: It mainly happens if other horses are doing something or if im not letting her be infront of the ride or if i want to go one way and she wants to go the other....
    Sometimes its all good we go a whole trail ride without any fuss, but once she has done one lil rear she keeps going and gets higher each time she goes up!#(
    I am fine with the small rears - which is what our higher ones start off as.
    But I am loosing confidence with the higher ones!
    We had an accident when this habit started- She reared because I asked her to stand while my friends went over jumps so i could video them....I tried to turn her into a circle to get her down and she fell backwards and just missed me! She didnt rear for about a week after that but then started all over again! I dont want to try turning again because of this, I have tried kicking her on - only makes her go higher and I have tried hitting her on the head while shes up - only time this ever made a difference is when I got her really hard and made a nice big sound, she fell straight down and as soon as I asked her to move forward she went straight back up again!
    Oh btw too much contact alot of the time means having them in a straight line with her mouth(not pulling-I ride with long reins)
    Sorry im not very good at explaining!
    Any advice on this topic would be great!
    Thanks in advance:)*
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  2. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo Well-known Member

    I would get a good trainer out to help you fix the problem while its still relatively new. They'll be able to get her out of it before it becomes a huge problem. Dont try to fix it yourself.
  3. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    ok then thanks for the quick reply!:)*
    It is mainly when we ride with other horses.....
    Any ideas on a trainer for this (pm me)
  4. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    have you got her teath done? got her back checked? sounds like she is hurting.
  5. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    yes teeth were done a few weeks ago(she got 2 weeks off after that because i was injured) and just started riding again on the weekend. The problem has been going on since the easter weekend (that was the weekend she fell over herself) and she has had her back checked a few days after she had her teeth done. So no reason why she would be sore... I didnt notice anything this weekend either she was pretty b****y but she is in season(thanks to other horse bringing her in)*#)
  6. tsararab

    tsararab Active Member

    hi i would first of all acess every thing including her back and muscles along her neck and her poll these can all contribute bad behaviour, does she do this only in company or does she do it when you are leading her or just holding on to the lead:confused: when your friends are jumping or is it just when you are riding her,when you have acessed everything down the the line, maybe saddle her up but dont mount her and ask your friends to do what they normally do, and if she starts to rear then once her front feet touch the ground you run her back as fast as you can but you have to do it the moment her feet hit ground, because a rearer is and can be a very dangerous horse not saying your horse is but you want to nip in the bud know before it gets worse, this is only one way :( but i would defiantly have a trainer there when she does this so they can see first hand good luck with her i hope it goes well for you and your horse it is tough one to get through but only if you sort it now:))
  7. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    I will double check everything next time im down... but i dont think she is in pain.....
    She doesnt tend to rear when i am leading her, but then i have never lead her out in the open or with other horses doing anything.
    she rears more when we are with other people, but then she does try to argue when i am riding on my own, which most of the time ends in rearing. i have never let her get away with it and she has always gotten a few smacks when she has done it...but she just doesnt learn!#(
    Will definiatly give your ideas a try tsararab....
    if anyone can pm me a name/number of trainer that could help that would be great! the only thing is she doesnt tend to do it in an arena more out on trails, so having a trainer to watch could be difficult.
    Thanks for everything!**)
  8. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    There are ppl advertising on stockies for retraining etc, give them a call. :)
  9. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Sounds like she won't accept the bit to me. My TB also doesn't accept the bit well, he is a lot better now when I am riding him thanks to Glennis but should I put the demon passoa on and well does he go up until I can get him forward. He doesn't care about the breaching so I know its not that, its only when he feels the pressure on his mouth. You need to work on getting her to accept the bit and contact.
  10. That is sounding very scary! I'd suggest getting one of the trainers advertising on here (I'd like to suggest Diablo Equine Services, Jayne Lavender or Geoff Sandell) to come and help you. Rearing is a very dangerous habit and you need to get a pro to get on top of it immediately before somebody gets seriously hurt.
  11. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    thanks for all the help...
    I will talk to mum about getting a trainer out, coz she is gonna have to pay for it!
    (the fun of being broke and too young for a job!:p )
  12. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    rearing is a lack of forward & she is probably starting it as an evasion. If she starts to rear bring her nose to your knee ....or that direction. Using a direct rein take your hand past your knee, so her head bends in that direction. Then disengage her hindquarters & then drive her forward. do this everytime she even thinks of it. If you get on top of it really quickly & are consistant with it, she will quickly understand its not the done thing :)
  13. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    Thanks KC!
    I will give that a try when im next on her....
    It is just a pain because she is a very sensitive horse - only takes voice/seat to get her to do anything really!
    Thanks again everyone!**)
  14. Doc Martin

    Doc Martin New Member

    Check again

    Get her teeth checked again. Sounds very suspicious... maybe get someone else to have a look. sometimes it just takes another look by someone different to spot a small problem.
  15. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    I say get rid of her. I doubt it is a teeth thing. It sounds like her spontaneous response to frustration at being held back. She'll probably always have that tendency when things get tough - like others may throw in a (relatively) harmless buck - even after retraining. Falling on top of you is not worth the risk IMHO.
  16. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Get rid of her WHERE ??? selling a horse on with an issue is irresponsible, so if she was that bad you would retrain her or dog her.
    IMO she is just starting this as an evasion to with her & you will get her past it BEFORE it becomes entrenched.
    Getting RID of her is not an option IMO
  17. ilovemyhorse

    ilovemyhorse New Member

    if she only rears when you try to pull her back she may have teeth problems
    that's what happend with ym horse everytime i pulled on the reins he would chuck his head back and be sillly and it was just his teeth
  18. Ebza

    Ebza Active Member

    To me getting rid of her is NOT an option!
    Thankyou for your opinion tho Trojane....:)*
    She is my first horse and when I bought her she didnt have this problem....or i didnt realise it coz i never left the group.
    I love this horse to bits and I am managing okay......:confused:
    Abby (my horse) I think is mainly doing it out of fustration or because I wont let her keep up with others.
    (I think a bit of both depending on whether or not we are riding with people)
    As I said some of the things she is throwing at me have givin my confidence a wack but still I love her!;)
    That is something I love about this horse - I am the type of person who gets bored easily and she keeps it entertaining! (still dont like the rears tho!):p **)
  19. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Good on you Ebza ....I have no doubts you will get her past this becaue you are committed to your horse. Work through it, as you can, with some help & you & she will be so much better for it. :)
  20. Iron Horse Hill

    Iron Horse Hill Active Member

    Hi Ebza
    Hang in there! I had a mare that was an absolute nutter. She was my second/third horse and I got her really cheap, (and after a while I realized why). She used to do the same as what you describe yours as doing.
    My mare avoided any contact with the bit, but when she did make contact she would grasp it firmly between her teeth(so to speek) and bolt, or she would try putting her chin on her chest ???? and then she would rear. A small warning rear first and then a doozy for the finish. She would always rear when in company and was 'last' and when you asked her to do something she didn't want to do.
    I had her checked over numerous times and tried numerous bits and contraptions people had suggested, (I was new to it all back then). *#)
    After two years of putting up with the crap, I ended up putting a hackamore on her and tada!....different horse. :)*
    I am not suggesting you do this, but I am suggesting it could be something simple. BUT please get a pro trainer to sort it out for you. I have seen a few people get "squashed by rearing horses and it aint pretty!!:)
    Good luck and don't let your neddy get away with it for another day!

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