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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Bushmanwatts, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Bushmanwatts

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    Question how do you stop a horse rearing once inside the float. He loads with a little bit of trouble when on his own. but once inside he starts rearing up untill the car is fully moving.

    He only fidgits when there is another horse with him and he loads easier when there is another horse with him.

    I have been told hay net for him with hay in it of course would this true and has anyone had a horse that rears up in the float and what did they do about it? Did it ever stop?
  2. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    First up, whack a poll guard on him! Is the float extended - ie how high is the roof? I would tie him short (to twine in case he feels trapped and panics - I would not personally solid tie a horse in the float), give him a hay net, and get moving asap to settle him. My feeling is that it is something that will improve with time and experience.

    How old is this horse and how much floating has he had? Has he had a floating accident or bad experience in the past? Is it an OTTB?
  3. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    cross tie him in the float to binder twin (so he can't move his head to much), this worked for my little 11 3/4hh colt. the last time i floated him i didn't cross tie him and he didn't even attempt to rear.
  4. Bushmanwatts

    Bushmanwatts Well-known Member

    He is 10yr and he isn't a OTTB he is has floated lots of times over his years since he was a baby as I had him from birth. This is all a recent thing since his 1 paddock buddy was taken away( he knew from the day he was born so he had a 10 year bond) and the other one had to PTS.. a week ago
  5. magic_impact

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  6. PetaBizz

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    I second the rope over his wither... dangerous habit, hopefully your able to sort it out pretty quickly. Does he do it in a crush?
  7. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    Oh that is sad Bushmanwatts, sorry to hear :( In that case, I would just give the poor bloke some time, he is probably at peak stress levels and just not coping even with everyday stressors. Has he got a paddock buddy at all now?
  8. sunline

    sunline Well-known Member

    I think someone suggested this on a previous thread, but what you could do, is loop the lead rope, under the chestbar, before you tie it up.

    so effectively it is tied up high, but still holds their head down low
  9. Bushmanwatts

    Bushmanwatts Well-known Member

    Cool Thanks for advice i will try that next time i am brave and game to try and float him... since i had to put my other horse down and he has done this I have lost nerve

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