Rearing, Bucking, and Can't catch her!!!

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Jaaney, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Nellstar

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    I'd get her teeth checked, especially if it's going up in transition, as people tend to tighten up and grab the reins.

    There is a catching game you can play with your horse. It has never failed for me and most of my contact with horses is at liberty. As long as you can smile when you play the game, they soon get the idea. If you want I can PM you how to play.
  2. GoGo

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    sounds like a cranky mare just used to getting her own way. try regimate.
  3. leah

    leah Well-known Member

    Well heres an update about Jaaney. The mare had probably never played polox before LOL.
    I have had the mare for re-mouthing and ground training ect for 7 days and she is going fantastically. The catching was a respect issue, and is now resolved. the rearing was due to being pretty much a OTTB with no mouth, and no understandng of contact.

    It was sadly the case of yet another teenager buying an unsuitable horse. BUT thankfully Jaaney had the common sence to seek advice when she was out of her depth. and luckly the parents prepared to give the horse one last chance before condeming her to this constant cycle of OTTB's being sold on.

    This horse was "rescued" and then sold to jaaney. but hopefuuly a good ending for Jaaney and the horse.

    It has been a combination of retraining Jaaney and retraining her horse.

    I only just found this post. Jaaney took all the advise on here and put it into action, so thank you all for the positive advice.

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