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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Tam, May 6, 2003.

  1. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Hi guys, my horse has been doing this weird leg thing lately and I am trying to work out why. He does amazing trot work and his canter is getting alot better but occasionally he will throw his back legs out and up- its not a buck or a pig root but it is really weird. I drive him forward with my legs and sometimes that works but more often than not he actually almost stops to do this weird leg thing so pushing him on pushes him into trot if you get what I mean. The flies have been really bad where we are and I know he has very low tolerance for them so i wonder if its that but I am not sure. He is not sore, his saddle fits and he has been doing his best work ever apart from this. I don't really understand it because normally if he was being silly he would just buck alot, not do this weird thing. he did it in canter right today 4 or 5 times and then did it when we tried to do some trot work after that which is very weird and why I was thinking it was flies. It doesn't feel like he is trying to dump me cos if he feels like that he just has a bucking fit.. (which rarely happens anymore) Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Maybe he could just be a little happy? As he does it does he seem a lil distressed or something to you? If so maybe there is something wrong, like a pinched nerve or something un-confortable some where...

  3. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    without seeing him, it is hard to say. has he done this since you've had him or jsut recently? does he do it regularly? mounted or unmounted? can you get someone to lead him out and see if he does it?
    i dont want to cause a panic, because i can not see him, and i dont want to jump to conclusions, but from what you say, it might be lock stiffel. id recommend getting a vet out to double check. or if he is stabled or kept in a small yard, mabey he just needs a little more time to warm up and stretch out.

  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Maybe if you put him on the lunge with and without a saddle and see if he does it at either of the gaits...

  5. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member

    As Bec said... without seeing him it is a bit hard to work out. My first suggestion would be Arnies (great minds think alike hey!) and to see if he does it on the lunge.

    The YDB has had a lot of trouble trying to canter to the right. (stop laughing at me Bec!!!!) He leaps about and disunites, does flying changes, one tempis with his back legs, leaps about, bascially anything to get out of cantering right. But he is young (only 4) and really unbalanced just not strong enough to carry himself on this rein.

    To fix this problem I have lunged him in both side reins and the pessoa to help him figure it out with out me on he back messing everything up.

    Once he can canter on the lunge I moved on to riding him.

    Not sure if this is the problem that your horse is having? If it is I will let you know how I started to fix it on him... (no point going on and on if it's not the same problem hey!)

  6. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Okay, some more info coming right up!!! He does not do it in hand or on the lunge. He doesn't do it in trot excpet after we have cantered. His canter left yesterday was perfect, canter right is where the problem seemed to be. That is his bad side but his strength and balance have gotten so much better which is why I am puzzled about the onset of this weird behaviour. It has only started happening since we moved to the new place where the flies are worse but i am not 100% convinced that that is the reason. Normally when he is just excited etc he will buck, not do this weird thing. He gets a long and varied warm up before we begin any canter work and I normally ride in the afternoon so he has been out in the paddock all day.
  7. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Maybe after a canter he's a lil excited and kicks out during it too...If so time will cure it and he'll get bored of kicking out...

  8. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member

    Ok... sounds like a couple of things are happening..

    Firstly he sounds like he isn't strong enough to the right and by leaping about or kicking he either gets out of the canter by coming back to trot or changes leads which makes it easier for him.

    Your on top riding thinking "what the?" puzzling away trying not to interfere so it starts to become a habit for him.

    Try riding a few strides canter and then coming back to trot before he starts his leaps... Do this heaps of times... and then do it some more! Then start to do a bit more canter, gradually lengthening the time of canter. This will hopefully stop the "habit' of the leaping and kicking.

    Be really careful to maintain "position right" in canter. Make sure you are sitting a long way to the right... even if it feels silly... as he will try to get you to sit left because this is his stronger side...(with me still?) Even try a little bit of traver right on the circle in trot, before you go into the canter.... any thing to keep you (and him) in position right.

    Make sure you do all your canter work on a circle...... until he starts to get a bit stronger.. then go large for half the arena, increasing it as he gets stronger still.

    I hope this helps... let me know if I'm not clear enough and need to re explain something.

    I also put the YDB on the lunge before i ride him... mainly to remind him that he can canter right without his leaping and changing!!

  9. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Its funny you should say that as i did tend to sit to the left in canter right- unknowingly trying to compensate for his lack of balance- till I had a lesson and that was pointed out so i make a real conscious effort now to sit right. All canter work is on a circle but that (the transitions) is a good idea as he starts off okay sometimes then goes silly. Certainly don't want it to become a habit
  10. Mouse

    Mouse Well-known Member

    I would have to agree with Bec, I have a horse who has a locked stifle and it is only noticable at the canter to the right. He will usually take about six strides and then change in the back end and then will change back again as it is uncomfortable. Basically it is a weakness in the muscle and you are able to build this up in mild cases by slow canter worker preferably in a straight line, they don't recommend working in a circle.

  11. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Hows your horse acting now? Can you put anyone else on him and so you can take a good look?...

  12. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Hey arnie, tahnks for asking, have a look at the topic "Problem Horse" under the problem horses section as all the new info is there and its way too much to try and post again!!!!

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