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Discussion in 'News Items' started by The Ranger, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. QHfan

    QHfan Well-known Member

    Hey Ranger, welcome to the forum- i am looking forward to all your advice and some funny stories hopefully.....:) A neighbour(2 doors down) of mine was also a ranger in Darling Downs area and was always good for info on addressing a situation without getting yourself in the poo with the authorities... You guys do a fantastic job and i dont envy it at all!!!!:)
  2. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I was going to post on the Puppy Pictures thread but thought it would be better here :)

    Given that some Shires don't contact the owner of the dog if it is picked up even when it does have tags on (or at least they never have in my experience), what exactly is the point in having the tag on the dog since it is so easy to remove and can easily get caught? I don't even have collars on my guys at home anymore as I have heard of too many dogs being strangled by their collars either on a branch, fence or by another dog :( Yes they do wear collars when out, but not always tags as they aren't allowed to have them on their collars when training or competing due to the risk of them getting caught on the equipment and dogs getting injured :)

    Microchipping is at least (meant to be) permanent, and I really hope that WA goes down the path of other States and makes it compulsory, maybe then Shires would actually get the equipment that they should have.
  3. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    Couldn't have put it better myself!

    I have had my pup microchipped as Mirawee says, a collar may not always be around the dogs neck. I hope that shires and anyone else get on board to better able ID dogs.
  4. The Ranger

    The Ranger Active Member

    True Mirawee, I have heard and seen dogs that have hung themselves on their collars. A dog does not have to wear its rego tag whilst at home but if it was to get out it would become unrecognisable. This is why I recommend microchipping and any decent Ranger would look at the circumstances that lead to the dog escaping and return the dog with no infringements issued.

    I have offered advice and help in fixing residents fences to contain dogs so that they do not re-offend again. Most of a Rangers job should be education rather than enforcement.

    A Rangers job is pretty full on as we dont just control dogs as you may know?? Therefore your dog may not be returned straight away although if the tag is on the Ranger must let you know that he has detained your dog ASAP. As per the Dog Act 1976 the dog has to be kept for 72hrs before it is euthanased or re-homed by your Shire. The notice of detainment should be given within this timeframe.

    Hope that this information helps
  5. Mufasa

    Mufasa Active Member

    I totally agree with you ranger on compulsery desexing it would save me rehoming so many dogs.
    The only thing is I show dogs and we have to keep them entire.
    The CAWA has got really good rules and regulations in which I think the councils should be using as well.
    It might stop strays, unwanted puppies and all of these backyard breeders.
    As far as microchipping goes what a great idea but I have seen alot of microchips move. (I have seen one move to a dogs elbow).
    I have one of my dogs tattooed and I think that is a good idea.
    But I always have collars on my dogs with i.d tags.
  6. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    What is a good idea is if vets scan the dog each time it goes in for a vaccination :) That way you can see if it has moved and still works. Also since it is fairly well known that they can move you would hope that the whole dog is scanned not just the back :)

    I know Rangers have more on their plate than picking up dogs and contacting their owners. So from what you are saying, the Rangers have 72 hours before they need to contact the owner :confused:
  7. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    I was told that the pound up here in the Kalamunda shire don't have microchip scanners. So even if your dog is chipped they have no way of finding it.

    My dog/cat and old horse are all chipped I feel even if they loose their collar they still have some form of ID. Haven't done poppy yet.
  8. equinenthusiast

    equinenthusiast New Member

    I breed and show bullies and we tatoo our puppies at 6 weeks of age. All shires are aware of our tatoo programme and if a tatooed dog is found our club is contacted. We have records of tatoo ownership and can locate the owner. If no owner can be located at least we can rescue the dog from possible euthanase and rehome appropriately....
  9. Goldpally

    Goldpally Active Member

    Marianne we just got a Bengal kitten and he was chipped ( and fixed ) last week. According to local vet the Shire has just purchased a scanner :)
  10. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Can you get smaller tags if you ask? The normal size tag is as big as my Pomeranian's face!
  11. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    LOL Sil, no mate get a BIGGER dog lol.....not laughing I promise haahahah, Ok just a bit, laughing I am.
  12. The Ranger

    The Ranger Active Member

    All local government dog tags are made by the same company, therefore are all the same size. SORRY but us Rangers dont have much input...
  13. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    The Ranger, but different councils have different style tags. Is that the only choice?
  14. sil

    sil Gold Member

    pfffffft Shar :p

    Can you use the license tag number and engrave it on something smaller?
  15. Happy Gambler

    Happy Gambler Well-known Member

    Our dogs think each others tags are delicious, we gave up replacing the tags years ago. One also eats the others collar, no matter what it is made of, so they are collarless now too LOL. They are still registered though and are microchipped :D
  16. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Goats in Suburbia

    Excuse me Ranger@)

    I'm located in the Kalamundashire and I want a goat. Do you know what the rules are on keeping a goat, eg how much land do you have to have?:D
  17. The Ranger

    The Ranger Active Member

    Hi Marianne, firsty you will have to have a look at your health local laws contained within your Shire website which is Shire of Kalamunda this link will take you to the section that you need. The information you need is all there. Hope it helps.

    Thanks Ranger
  18. Moondust

    Moondust Well-known Member

    Hello the ranger and welcome!

    I have a question that i have always wondered as to riding horses in suburbia? Is it allowed or not? I have once thought that horses were classified as a 'vehicle' (and have even been told off for not riding on the correct side of the road like a vehicle). My horse is in the swan valley now but before (old horse) was in wanneroo, and we would go for a ride to the beach from wanneroo rd, go through the maccas drive through and get lunch, along pathways and under road bridges etc. Was this a no no? Whats the whole thing about horses being classified as a 'vehicle'?
  19. The Ranger

    The Ranger Active Member

    Hi, yet again this comes down to your Health Local laws. Alot has changed since the days where we classified horses as vehicles - who knows with petrol prices we may yet again resort to horses??? Most animals are not permitted to within 15 metres of a dwelling especially a food area. Within my town we still have horse troughs and tie up rails. Id love to ride my horse down town and utilise these.

    Hope this info helps
  20. Moondust

    Moondust Well-known Member

    Thanks for that. Well we still managed to ride through the drive through maccas, where my horse thought it was fascinating all the things going on insode the window and stuck his head in! But now have the swan valley roads and trails for a much safer ride.

    After reading the other threads about dogs i went for a ride with a friend just before along the roads and a resident had their gate slightly open where a huge bull mastiff squeezed out and chased us (in a semi calm manner) and got within 2 metres of my horse. We just calmly rode on to not start it up but boy it was scary. Followed us for a decent half a kilometre where then got distracted by horses in another propertys paddocks and ran after them. It wasnt barking but we watched it until it went away back home. If it started anything on any horse, especially ours i had a plan that i would jump off and throw my horses reins to my friend to get our horses away and i would fight the dog. There is no way i could do nothing if it tried to attack. Owners should take more care.

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