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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Jez, Jul 19, 2007.

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    Serheed was euthenased due to complications arising from an injured hoof.
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  3. Webby

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    name the 1997 winner of the Australian Cup? Also which champion bled during this race?? Octagonal and Doriemus was the one who bled
  4. Kasabealtaky

    Kasabealtaky Active Member

    correct webby :)
  5. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Pulled up just fine ....head is even better if I could work out how three certain 'gentlemen' involved in the racing industry got my phone number....ahem....


    Were still missing the Grandson of CS Hayes who saddled up his first runner very recently, and the name of the horse CS lost who he regarded as his greatest champion...

    Were still missing how Belle Bizarre got her name.

    PSO dont even talk to me about AK's projenys performance being dotty...Ive just booked a mare to him LMAO!.

    couple of new ones....

    1) Which racing identity has a hat named after him?

    2) "Who" is Octagonals "wife"?

    3) Which legendary trainer of many many years and many winners including golden slipper winners is known as the Quiet Man.

    4) Who was the first 'overseas raider' to win a melbourne cup (not a trans tasman horse)

    5) Which mare ran in a group one while pregnant - knocked up but still the lady was a champ

    6) Who was cotton fingers?

    7) How did Red Pollard REALLY go blind in one eye?

    8) Which Perth jockey was known as "The Bullet" ?

    10) What was something royals claim to fame?

    OOOOOOOOHHHHHH AND RETRACTION AND APOLOGY - JEZZY was um, wrong....Mick Dittman was known as the punisher by a friend of mine who rode against him and copped a crack across his leg from Dittman, hence why hes always referred to Dittman as the Punisher. Dittmans CORRECT nickname was the not wrong often but I will admit this one ..
  6. pso

    pso Gold Member

    My god!
    Jez/yoda misinformed, I dont believe it! (in my syntax punisher=enforcer, just ask your local mafia member!!)

    8) bullet= for his extreme speed and proficiency at cleaning stables! (not!- quicker to let the horse do it!)
  7. Ace

    Ace Well-known Member

    ****waves hand madly in the air****
    The answer to the grandson of Colin Hayes is Tom Dabernig!!!!!

    3 would have to be either George Hanlon or Jack Denham

    4 Vintage Crop

    7 by a stray rock kicked up by another horse during a training ride


  8. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Well done PSO & ACE - roflmao @ quicker to let the horse clean the stable!! that cracked me up!..dont worry ive had a word to the misinformer and told him he has to apologise to all of YOU for making ME look stoopid.

    Yes - Tom Daberning and good luck to him too (talk about a pedigree!)

    1 - ?

    2 - ?

    3 - Correct - either will do but I was thinking more Jack Denham

    4 - Correct - Vintage Crop

    5 - ?

    6 - ?

    7 - Correct - rock kicked up by another horse, not a boxing injury as per movie.

    8 - Correct - Staples who will tell you its because he used to shoot them out the barriers like a bullet but I prefer PSO's answer.

    9 - OOOOOOPS who forgot to count..there was NO number 9 so here it is....

    Which HIGH PROFILE trainer when confronted by council rangers regarding the number of flies around his stables asked......"How many am I allowed to have?"

    10 - ?
  9. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    hahaha I was told on Saturday that he actully wasn't the punisher!

    geez jez! YOUR FIRRRRED!

    rofl sorry i just left on msn. got kicked off computer! hehe

    are you going to races on sat?

    Hope the scientist runs well tomorrow
  10. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Thanks Lauren - as usual a mix of anticipation and excitement and worry and its only a TRIAL lol...When will I ever learn?

    Just hoping he goes ok in the wet - tracks quite dead - I havent seen him run in the rain yet...
  11. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    lol Can imagine you on race days *#)

    is he a stayer or sprinter?
  12. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Well on bloodlines he should be a 1600 - 1800m horse however, Fish keeps insisting he can stick which I assume would mean to 2400 cos I really cannot see him going any further than that - hes not bred to be a true stayer, and hes definately not a sprinter....he pulled up fine from the 2000 he ran in on pinj cup day - heart rate everything A1 - so I know he can do that but I havent had a chance to see him at 1800 which I wouldve liked - that will happen this time :).
  13. Kasabealtaky

    Kasabealtaky Active Member

    good luck then jez. i gotta hurry up and get my license back so i can get back to the track.
  14. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    haha now when you talk "race" stuff i actully know what you are talking bout:p hehe goodluck even though it is only trials goodluck!:p do you know when last trial is on?
  15. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Thanks guys :) - Trials start at 10am and they normally have them pretty well over by damn good trials to go and watch tommorow, some of the big names are trialling such as Mansion House and Scenic worth hanging round to watch those.

    Kasa how did you lose your licence hmmmm?
  16. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Congrats on the scientist- you must be a very proud mum!!:)*

    5) sunline?
    6) george moore?
  17. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Awww thanks PSO - I was suprised over 1000m on a choppy dead track...he might just have a little somethin ;)

    This is the horse I put through the breezeups and at the last moment went.....IM NOT SELLING HIM!.....glad I didnt. Has backed up just fine, hes a greedy cheeky little goblin. I do loves him in a most pants on way!

    5) No not sunline, think a decade or so before

    YUP George Moore was cottonfingers (I googled that one to be double sure myself..I hate being wrong!)
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    Jez.....I've moved this thread into new section - horse racing!

    Mod 1:)
  19. horseygal44

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    I love Pharlap!! (I don't believe Makybe Diva's better than him btw - Apparently he won his races effortlessly...?? Someone please confirm/deny this?? :D )
  20. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Like a lot of horse Phar Lap has a story, a legend, rumour and truth, some of it only the horse himself will ever know and some of it will remain with Tommy for ever. So we will never know.

    He didnt win any of his first starts, ran shockingly in fact. Some of them take a while to work out what its all about, some of them twig pretty quickly as to where the finish line is.

    Training methods, track surfaces, feeds were all different then. I personally think its impossible and unfair to compare champions of any era - why dont we just LET THEM BE CHAMPIONS.

    We will never know if Phar Lap couldve beaten Makybe Diva. We will never know if Makybe Diva had another win in her - Tony Santic wisely opted to wave goodbye on the highest note. Phar Lap went and conquered "the world" but in reality he conquered a field of horses sent down to run in Aqua Caliente who were not regarded as the best in the northern states of the US or any of the canadian horses. That takes away nothing from Phar Lap tho.

    Phar Lap had some tearaway wins and some close calls and was beaten in a melbourne cup. Makybe Diva had some tearaway wins and some close calls but lived in an age where computers downloaded her heart rate from the monitors and her performances could be analysed and her diet scientifically analysed so its very hard to compare the two.

    I think theyre both as deserving of the title of TRUE CHAMPION.

    Love em both.

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