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    If anyone is looking up details on their ex racehorse, some useful sites to know...

    Standardbred Racing/breeding info:
    Harness Racing Australia - Australian Harness Racing
    Can search for a horse via brands, full racing name or part of name. Also explains the symbols on the STB brand. Provides Dam, Sire, DOB, Brand details, Breeder, Racing statistics. No login/registration required.

    TB Racing info
    ASB Studbook public search:
    Australian Stud Book - Wildcard Search
    Dont need a login for this one but can only search by registered name (or part of). Provides dam, sire, DOB, sex, colour, microchip information, with no login/registration.

    ASB Studbook Registered Users - the site can also be used to search by brands but you do need to pay for a login. This will also give you way more information about the horses you are looking up in tems of pedigree. Bother someone on the Racing board of Stockyards to search for information if you only have brands to go by.

    Perth Racing CRIS system:
    Customer Racing Information Service
    Race results, trainer details. Search only be registered name.

    Australian Racehorse Trainers Directory
    West Australian Racehorse Trainers
    Provides contact details for registered trainers, including phone numbers.

    I have found some interesting things about potential horses to buy by speaking to their ex-trainers.
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    Thats a good idea, MI.
    Well done! :)*

    Here is one I use regularly, its only useful if you know the horses racing name, but tells you a little bit about the horse and where and when it raced, racing colours, embargos, owner details, prizemoney etc etc. Horse Search Its quite similar to the CRIS search that Magic Impact posted above, but gives you the owner details if youre nosy like me.

    I have an ASB subscription, does that make me a committee member on the Stockies Board of Racing? LOL :p
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