Race deaths ends Jumps racing in Victoria after 2010

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  1. Skittled

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    CONTROVERSIAL jumps racing in Victoria will end after the 2010 racing season, Racing Victoria Limited says.

    The board of RVL says a program of high weight races will be scheduled for the 2011 season to help jumps jockeys, trainers and horses go through the transition.

    The historic decision comes after a series of deaths marred the 2009 jumps season.

    RVL chairman Michael Duffy said it was an "extremely tough" decision for the board.

    "The board could not allow jumps racing to wither on the vine or, worse still, become the victim of an immediate knee jerk ban at some future point in time," Mr Duffy said.

    "Despite the implementation of all the safety recommendations of the Jones report conducted in 2008 the incidence of falls and fatalities has continued to increase.

    "The recommendation of six previous reviews had been implemented without any sustained reduction in incidents."

    RVL adopted all the essential safety recommendations made by Judge David Jones in his 200-page Jumps Racing Review, which was delivered in December last year.

    Despite the changes, eight horses died in jumps races this season, after 12 were killed last year.

    RVL conducted an urgent review in July and decided to continue jumps racing with changed conditions, pending the outcome of its final review which was handed down today.

    Country Racing Victoria chief Scott Whiteman said the decision was "unbelievable".

    "We are absolutely gutted by the decision and we can't believe it," Mr Whiteman told AAP.

    RSPCA Victorian president Hugh Wirth says the animal rights group has battled against jumps racing since 1980.

    "It's taken a long time, but this couldn't be better news," he told AAP.

    "Despite large numbers of reviews which have always backed jumps racing, the writing has been on the wall for some time now."

    He said nothing had changed in jumps racing despite the Jones review.

    "The results have never altered. (There has been) the same level of injury, the same level of death, regardless of what's been done."

    Dr Wirth said the RSPCA would prefer jumps racing to end immediately instead of being allowed to continue next year, but it agreed those involved should be given a year's notice.

    "The difficulty for us is it's another year of jumps racing and there will be horses injured and horses killed," he said.

    The decision means the three-day Grand Annual Steeplechase carnival in Warrnambool next May will be its last after 138 years, but RVL has promised $1 million to help promote the 2011 carnival which will be conducted as a flat racing event.

    From: Race deadths ends Jumps racing in Victoria after 2010 | PerthNow

    What are your views on this?
  2. Skittled

    Skittled Well-known Member

    I'm personally dissapointed with the decision. I think they have been unfairly targeted. Let's look at the gallops, far more horses die or sent to the knackers as a direct result of racing. I may have gotten cold and hard with age, but whether a horse dies on the track, or is sent to the knackers after the race cause it's busted a tendon/ligament it doesn't matter, that horse still dies for human entertainment.

    "Despite the changes, eight horses died in jumps races this season, after 12 were killed last year." How does that work? That means the changes did good!
  3. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    Well it seems to me that despitr measures taken to improve safety,none have been efftective (according to these statements)....so ban the sport.
    Gallops yes by itself is risky enough, & yes enough horses are euth'd/go to knackers because of it,we don't need ANOTHER contributor to those statistics.
    Don't like it,never have.
  4. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    everyone should be careful what they wish for. Jumps racing been banned. Eventing, flat racing etc will follow.
  5. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    agree shio, it will set a presedent in "horse sports" in general.
  6. horse girl Jess

    horse girl Jess Well-known Member

    Flat racing banned? I doubt that, the industry brings in far too much money every year.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Im with Horsegirl Jess. Statistic's don't lie and 12 deaths in a year is 12 deaths to many IMO.
  8. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Didnt say flat racing would be the first go. Just put it in a list to be something targeted by the activist.

    I agree there was to many deaths but it wasnt until the jumps were changed from pressure from the activist in teh first place to make them smaller and brush through that the stats started to climb.

    UK and NZ dont have no where near as many deaths becuase there jumps are pretty much solid and the horses literally have to jump them not gallop through them.

    This is a huge win for activist and they wont stop there. I feel for all the people who have lost their jobs or are going to lose their job.

    We dont have jumps racing in WA. however from now for the next 2 years the effect of this being closed in one state will be felt. Some horses are purposely bred for jumps racing. So you have a stud breeding hurdlers. All those mares, foals, weanlings. Some might be lucky to get a home the rest will be destroyed plain and simple. They werent bred for flat racing. The ones that go from flat racing to jumps get a second chance. The surplus over there will be higher for acouple of years until the last of the hurdles are either rehomed or dead. So it will give the activist another thing to complain about the amount in the dogger's yards. Well they just put them there as far as Im concerned.

    Build the jumps like the UK or NZ and the stats would fall back to acceptable levels.
  9. wawa85

    wawa85 Guest

    :} hmm I'm sitting on the fence with this one. I don't agree with jumps racing and don't particularly like flats racing however all horse sports have the potential for danger and the potential for serious injury or even death is always there no matter how good a rider or horse is. And as Shio has said there will be an influx of horses onto the market that are unsuited to the average person that will unfortunately either go to unsuitable homes or to the doggers. Part of my issue with the breeding of racehorses is that some breeders note some not all breed for quantity over quality and hence flood the market with unsuitable and in some cases unusable horses.

    will be reading this thread with interest

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