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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Lauren, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Thanks lollipop,
    Spice is now back in foal to Lynx Little Commando for a early October foal in 2011. Hopefully this one will be a filly as her last 2 have been colts. (ya hear that Spice, I want a filly) lol

    That's one thing i make sure of with my horses, that they have good feet and good bone to match. No foot, no horse in my opinion. And yes, I hate to say, I love my greys too. harder to get and keep clean but much spiffier when they are. Love the fact she has retained her dark points and mane and tail.
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    Hmm interesting debate about the dressage thing....i will say one thing, MY TB can do nice tests and can score very well when i have myself together but for him a good test is lots of 7s, but...my QH smokey instantly scores better? even in the most basic movements..he is awkward and green but then on paper the judge gives him 7's & even an 8 on his 3rd dressage test ever when he still can bearly hold contact?????
    now im not saying that all QH are like this and mine is still in very early stages but there are def enough variations in the breed to do certain diciplines well. this horse takes to dressage very well his movement is much more "lifted? then my TB who takes alot of effort to work him so hel lift his legs higher and pretty like lol, even teaching him to leg yeild the first time he did it his legs lifted and crossed much more elegantly then morgan has ever leg yeided.

    so its probably not fair to judge them entirely on breed, but i do see alot of your points, im an event rider so naturally to choose a horse i would choose a TB over a QH but smokey was given to me and im working with him. but whjat i am saying and answering OP is they are great alrounders, she did state she wanted to do low level eventing..and lets face it for an all rounder one of the most important factors is temperement, and as a rule ive ive seen alot more calm/easygoing QH then TB's for example there are of course exceptions to every rule (my TB is exceptionly calm) when im calm lol

    Thanks for the pic of One scotch delight :) wish i could find a bigger pic that i could see his conformation, but i tell u what i googled pics of him and lots of his progeny came up, i know where my boy gets his head from lol :)
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    :confused: I could say my mare is trained in dressage also - doesn't make her a good dressage horse ;) how many are out competing in dressage? no I'm not saying any of these horses are not good dressage horses, I wouldn't know, but that's not what they are bred for - how many sires out competing and proven in dressage or jumping? out of interest.
    I meant Davracs horse is one of the only QH's that I have seen that has a nice enough way of going to hold his own in english disciplines. He's not too heavy on top, doesn't appear downhill etc. I can have my opinion on that - just as I can form an opinion on a youngster that isn't even under saddle on if I think it would be suitable for something. It's JMO.
    It's not to say that there aren't plenty of amazing QH's around - there really are, and they do superbly in their chosen disciplines. All I am saying is, I wouldn't look at them to do solely dressage or jumping - because they are predominantly more suitable for other purposes. Just like you QH lot wouldn't look at a big uphill flash moving WB to do reining, cutting, or drafting - no you would choose a horse more suited to that discipline

    Yep and a first cross or the like would be the same really - but potentially have an easier time of it due to the more appropriate build.

    I only say all of this because I have an ASH - who I love dearly and I hope to compete Elem/Med on one day. She is built more suited to english than many QH's, and there are still issues with training her for this. eg. she does not have the ground covering movement, hock action, active HQ, head set etc etc.

    I agree lollipop - Coliban's horses are first class! If I was ever to cross to the other side and do western they would have me on their doorstep - their horses are yummy!! Showed my non horsey mum some pics and she was in awe - shame she is so allergic to horses - would be nice to have a Coliban horse to ride next to :p:)))
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  4. Hi Bon &Ted:)
    and thank you for your lovely comment. Davrac's stallion's name is Coliban ThreeBars Of Gold and he certainly can move and extend:)*
    I hope Davrac will put some pics of him soon.
    We are stoked that more and more English riders are considering our horses.:). Opinions coming from riders out of the Western Industry (like yourself) are very valued and appreciated.

    Same here GTD,:D
    I also like the look of Solid Priority. He has substance and balance to him.**)
    As to Solid Metal (your red man), I think he will end up with more leg and being on more refined & athletic type, like his dam.
    Thanks for your kind words Lollipop and EVP!
    We have lovely QHs owned by SY members, don't we?!:p
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    I have absolutely no intention of going up through the levels of dressage.. To put it politely.. I really dislike dressage :p I do flatwork as I know it's important for jumping, but really if a horse is able to do a prelim test (all that's asked in eventing) than I'm more than happy :)

    I would prefer temperament over potential because to be honest a horse who has potential to do really well in dressage will only be wasted with me because it's not what I want to do.
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    Why thankyou everyone for your comments regarding our young stallion BugEye ( Coliban ThreeBars Of Gold). To silence a few I will divuldge a little about us :).

    Unfortunately he was broken in as a 3yo not as a 2yo as we had planned. We break all our own horses in, but due to some serious injuries to us humans,we were not able to start him until 3yo and for the first time out-sourced a breaker. As we are very particular as to how our horses go, it took a while to settle on a breaker.

    I seriously broke my leg (tibia and fibia and cracked the head of the fibia at the knee joint) on a motor bike accident which required three 8 hr operations to fix including a bone graft to rebuild the knee joint. This resulted in being laid up for 6 months and not seriously riding again for 12-18months. Then I sustained a pubic synthesis (broken pelvis) not long after getting back in the saddle on a bull-ride which laid me up. During this time my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter Makayla and as we have no family within 400kms from us things were very difficult. To top this off my wife then broke her leg, a tibial plateau fracture, which required operating and also a bone graft to rebuild her knee. She is still to ease herself back in the saddle.

    Regarding who I would get to ride BugEye in dressage/hacking. My wife without a doubt. In her late teens she was ear-marked to represent Australia at the Olympics in 2000 in dressage under the guideance of one of Oz's top instructors. Unfortunately she was working for a reputed Arabian stud and was taining one of their stallions when a nasty accident occurred and she broke her leg (opposite to recent break).

    For those of you who have not seen his video as a 2yo here is the link

    YouTube - Coliban Threebars of Gold.WMV

    For temperament he would by far outweigh most stallions on the open market in any breed. His first foal crop has hit the ground an all I can say is WOW. Leg, movement, conformation and eye appeal.

    Customers Paint colt by BugEye

    Red Colt owned by us and for sale

    Pally Filly owned by us and for sale

  7. BugEye

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    Here are pictures of Daddy





  8. BugEye

    BugEye Active Member

    and more



    2nd ride back from breakers



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  9. Bon & Ted

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    Now THAT is a QH!!!

    Thank you for sharing Davrac, he is just superb :)*
  10. BugEye

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    Thank you Bon & Ted,

    the pictures of drafting were 7 weeks broken too. And the mustering was 6 weeks broken and first time on a cow :) Honestly, how many do you know that get out and compete at that age. And the draft was an open with $42k prize money up not a little old thing either.

    Would like to clarify that first accident wife broke her leg when training Arabian stallion she shattered her leg in 28 places when the stallion fell on her whilst riding. Not your average break.

    As you can see by our pics of our golden boy he is suitable to be campaigned in various disciplines and be competitive in all of them.

    We have a friendly rivalary with our good friends Kate and Leanne Owens and will be taking them on head on in the dressage and hacking arena's. Oh and we will be competing in the open rings too not just the QH's. That should sort the men from the boys and see how he stacks up. Oh and then when ground work is solid we will compete in Barrel racing (after all we are a major sponsor of the ABHA) and team penning, campdrafting etc. pretty varied fields me thinks.
  11. lollipop

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    GTD what is Solid Metal out of?
  12. KC Quarter Horses

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    Hey GTD, I wasnt picking on Davracs stallion at all, far from it. I just commented that there are many Qh's doing well in english disaplines owned by SY members ....stallion, mares and geldings, yet in B & T's opinion Davracs is the only QH owned by SY members that would hold its own in english disapline..... I disagree. Not saying that he wont hold is own when he has some training under his belt, but there are plenty of others that do also.

    As not everyone who is doing well in English disaplines have posted photos, so I think its a biased opinion. Nklpark has a stallion whos photo was not put up that exceeds in the disapline. I have mares and a stallion that have beat WB's in both dressage and jumping because of their calm willing natures, great movement, scope and big hearts.

    Celesitialdancer has a Qh Rahni that I have known for many years, who I knew with his previous owner. That is one kick arse QH that was built for English .... I have no doubt he would beat many other breeds when put to the test. I am sure he would sooner dressage than even look at cow.

    That takes nothing away from Davracs horse and his potential abilities but there are plenty of damn fine Qh's owned by SY members that are of superior standard and it is insulting to all of them to say that only 1 would hold his own..... BS Obviously B & T has not seen or noticed some of the awesome QH's out there doing there thing.
  13. BugEye

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    Please fill me in here KC... Superior standard???? to what, our stallion??????

    Have been informed by many a non-QH fan that HE IS THE BEST EXAMPLE OF A QH they have seen. This is by well reputed people. Not blowing my own trumpet at all, but if the shoe fits!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. jlnew

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    i read that as kc was putting your horse IN the superior standard range.
  15. lollipop

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    I'll try again GTD or Coliban what is Solid Metal out of?';'
    I am sure that KC was not running your horse down Davrac anyone can see he is a nice horse including KC. :}
  16. Bon & Ted

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    :rolleyes: One of the only QH's that I have seen that I would think would do alright. I also said, I am sure there are plenty more - but I haven't seen them. Plus it's not like I am an expert on the matter, so what does my opinion even matter anyhow - just know what sort of horses I LIKE PERSONALLY. And Bug Eye is one of them - nothing to get your knickers in a knot about. Bloody QH threads *#):}

    No I haven't - I'll admit that, maybe if there were more out and about in English disciplines I would notice.

    Jeez Davrac - you and your wife need to stock up on calcium tablets hey!!! :D *#)

    Really though, I'm looking forward to seeing the updates on your fellas progress **)
  17. BugEye

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    Bon & Ted,

    nothing wrong with our bones LOL,

    just the life we live. Can't hurt yourself staying inside playing PlayStation. is all about percentages. Do things enough times and you will become that small %.

    Thank you for your kind comments. There are quite a few nice QH's going about, we are just fortunate to own 1 (maybe 2 :p )




    There are those that need to push their point, and those who's horses speak for themselves.
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  18. Lauren

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    Geeez I'm thinking the QH world is as woofy as the showing world haha.
  19. BugEye

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    it is the same as doing your grocery shopping, you have your good apples and you have your bad apples. @) **)
    Just go to sort through until you found the right one
  20. pso

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    and then you have the realisation that you need oranges after all....:)

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