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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Lauren, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I remember seeing Scotch and I can tell you he was HUGE.
    Not hugely tall but hugely huge! And pretty as a picture too.
  2. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    Lovely Horse InkibahD!
    Very strong looking fellow, and sounds like a nice temperament!

    Here's another of mine, Huey, Bred by Paralna Performance Horses, He has One Scotch Delight on his Dam's side.
    He is a colt and will be kept entire at this stage, and he will be shown and competed in the future. He will obviously grey out.:)

  3. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    Definately! **)
    Huey will be shown at halter in the near future, and it is well worth while.

    My point was simply that Halter points are not an indicator of how the the horse will perform under saddle, some qhorses are only bred to Halter and dont make for a good riding horse.
  4. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    No they are not that useful at all.......the grey horse clearly shows just that. One Scotch Delight was used for breeding both halter and ridden horses.....or both. Seems the grey horse has made a very "adequate" ridden mount!

    That people keep a horse entire is their own business......and whatever reasons they choose to do it is also their own business.
    The sire is "a great grandson who's sister was a daughter of the brother to"......might be a pedigree that appeals to some, but it certainly doesn't appeal to the decerning.
  5. InkibahD:)*
    Nice gelding you own mate!
    One Scotch Delight hasn't been shown under saddle in this country and has only 10 Halter points. Not only he sired great Halter horses but a lot of good riding horses as well!
    One Scotch Delight also sired a Super Horse title holder in the USA (Huge award!):D prior to being imported to Australia.**)
    Not bad for an unproven ridden and mainly used for halter lines horse me think! Lol!:p
    cheers, lena
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  6. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Thanks guys yeah hes an absolute gem! the perfect alrounder type as he seems to be able to do anythng you put him to...just no things well lol im an eventer so not sure how long ill keep him (he was mums but hes to lazy for barrelracing and a tad on the big size) but its a learning curve i tell you not used to having to pusk/kick/smack so much lol I have discovered that hes much more fwd if i just carry a whip, dont necisarily have to use it....hes also alot greener then he looks, to watch him he looks so together, but as Siren can attest when you get on him its alot of work but hes improving heaps, took him to a les bunning lesson and apparently he has quite a nice jumping style, les even said he had better style then my TB..was a tad offended actually but then les covered his tracks by saying wat my TB lacks in style he makes up for in how high he jumps. Les seems to think smokey will make it to pre novice height so im pretty happy with that assessment.

    Coliban: nah his name is smokey.....or Inkibah Karrick is what ive been competing him under
    nah vicki is not my mum, my mums jeany and thats her riding him in the grand entry pic :)

    Thanks EVP yeah hes pretty adequate :) everyone that meets him falls in love....hes such a dude

    he can run two just takes alot of "encouragement" although as he gets fitter and more training hes starting to show some enthusiasm towards the jumps..ie slightly speeds up going toward them so theres hope yet.

    About One scotch Delight??? so he was a halter horse? no ridden stuff? i dunno i just was told that he was a good type..just curios anyone know how big he was? where can i find a pic of him?
    mum seems to have lost smokeys foal papers (well they are in a box SOMEWHERE)and hes not registered yet lol just never got around to it...
    oh and smokeys from over east bought as a 2 or 3 YO i belive by mum mums partner
    hes 7 now i think....my mum has a terrible memory
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  7. InkibahD:)*
    One Scotch Delight is still alive. He has been infertile for many years but he is still alive:)
    I haven't seen him in the flesh, so can't really say how tall would he be.
    The horses by him that I've seen were all very typey and pretty. They were good movers as well.

  8. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    No InkibahD, it is not correct.
    One scotch delight also had a ROM in Performance, so he was proven under Saddle.**)
  9. aussie

    aussie Guest

    Sorry Lena not according to the AQHA Records he died in June 09

    and Braveheart there is no record of ROM in Performance on the Aqha web site only Halter points no ROM'S at all .

    He was a very nice looking Horse :)
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  10. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Ok im not up with the lingo what exactly is ROM? yeah i did look him up and seen that they said he dies in 09 last foal i fould was 2004? so smokey must have been one of his last few progeny? well the ones that are recorded anyway? not that smokeys on there either...
    hmm off to google i go

  11. Aussie:)
    when a QH reaches 25yo it automatically goes into DEAD status.
    Hence OSD hasn't been breeding for a while, there was no need to change his status.
    So One Scotch Delight and Zippo By Choice (both owned by the same person) are alive in real life but listed as dead on the AQHA stud book.
    OSD might've been shown under saddle in US but in Australia he doesn't have any ridden points.
    cheers, lena
  12. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    WC son of One Scotch Delight is Majestic Scotch winner in both W/P and W/R
  13. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    His ROM (Register of Merit) for performance was in the U.S, so contrary to what Lena said he is proven under saddle, I dont think his whereabouts at the time matters much!**)

    InkibahD, you wont find his all achievements in AQHA records as he was Imported, a ROM is an award for which a horse has had to obtain a certain amount of points to aquire. He has a Performance ROM.:)
  14. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Maybe the boat trip over jiggled up his genes and he couldn't "ride" anymore.....lolol I have heard of lots of cow horses who are terrifed of them, lots of gun dogs who are afraid of water too.

    A blanket statement that halter horses don't ride, and if the stallion or mare isn't ridden that the foals won't either is laughable.

    Just as keeping horses entire when the sire himself might have been gelded.....lolol

    Seriously, the open sale market is the only true judge of progeny success....if a breeder repeatedly turns out foals that fetch a paltry sum then one must ask why bother.
    It becomes like a Woolies conveyor checkout where carbon copy genes sets get churned out.
    The polar opposite is when foals are born and are sold for decent money, have a national profile, are sold through elite auctions, or are from a stud that has repeat clients.

    The biggest sin in breeding is mass production of pedigrees who's black type is 4 pages back!
  15. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Braveheart huey is not registered and his sire has no AQHA points at all you are totally contradicting yourself lol

    Dayna and Mr T congrats on your new purchase very cute :)

    Regards - Sue
  16. EVP

    EVP Gold Member




    Even horses can be bred like mediocre gene production lines!
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  17. lollipop

    lollipop Active Member

    Loveley QH everyone, Braveheart would love to see a more professional shot of your G/G colt that particular photo makes him look sickle hocked.

    Had a quick peak at some websites, Coliban your stallions are not shown but their progeny are showing so well and are loveley robust types. Very nice.:) Your mares contain some some absoluteley beautiful genetics and people are very happy with what they have purchased from you.**)

    Zoo your horses are really loveley and your sire is by one of Colibans stallions that is now in the US. The Peptos Stylish Oaks are very usefull cutting horses to;) You have some gorgeous mares and your stock are well performed.**)

    KC just love the fact your stallion is out of a 49er mare, have always been a fan of the 49er's:)
  18. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Thanks Lollipop, they are not very well known over this side of the coast but very popular in the east, especially from anyone who has had anything to do with them

    Here is my 49er mare


    I really love this girl .... but then I love them all LOL Dont have many but adore the ones I have :)
  19. i dont get it :eek: :p *#)
  20. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Yeah, not sure what packing apples has to do with Quarter Horses..... bit off topic I reckon LOL

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