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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Lauren, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    hehehe Dont tempt me ;)

    Seriously they are gorgeous horses.
  2. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    If you are talking Working Hunter...their are events here in WA at some local shows...a couple of clubs even have Hunter days. They have classes at the Royal as well:)*
  3. Jaana

    Jaana Well-known Member

    Great choice breed wise mate!
    They are lovely horses to work with. I had the pleasure of photographing Lena's stallion Tru Blu Texan a few years ago and he was just lovely to handle on the ground and photograph even though his mind was the gorgeous girls around him.

    Tally is 1/2 QH and I have found that it has given him a quickness in his thinking (sometimes too damm cheeky).
  4. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    gosh Lauren! If you do want one, you certainly have some lovely ones from Stockies contacts to pick from :) Makes me want one!
  5. Very true Jaana!
    QH is not only a great choice breed wise, but there are few choices within the breed as well! There are few types of purebred QHs and they are distinctively different to satisfy a variety of personal preferences. Some people like them short and stocky and some tall and leggy. Some like to ride them and some like to lead them.**) Some like them fast and some like them slow!
    The bottom line is that a QH does it all!
  6. Troppo

    Troppo Well-known Member

    haha Lena you should be a poet for the AQHA :p
  7. Jordy D

    Jordy D Active Member

    I love them, thats all ive ever had when i started riding. They are quiet and will look after their riders. My new horse who ive only had for 10 weeks is awesome, im a nervous rider and he will just plod around for me at home and be competitive that weekend at a show. This photo is from the weekend in my Senior Youth Trail class, we won it :)
  8. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    Great choice. :)* You have met Zophia and seen how quiet and easy she is. As Lena mentioned, QH's come in a variety of 'types', so there is a type to suit everyone and every discipline - you just need to decide what you want to do and choose accordingly.
    A couple of pics of our girls

    Zophia as a yearling
    4th day of starting - cracking 4 stockwhips at once.

    Penny - still on her mum at the moment
  9. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    You bought another Dayna?
    Hahaha! I get the feeling QH's multiply once you have one :p

    I loveeee Zophia such an amazing nature :)
  10. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    Yep - couldn't help myself. :)*

    Love her sire and dam (and previous progeny out of this mare), so we jumped at the opportunity to purchase her when she was offered to us.
  11. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member


    Another one of Cleo, who I just love.:)
    (She is for sale btw;))

    She is pretty impressive in the flesh, even un washed/groomed she just oozes class IMO. Ive ridden both her gorgeous parents, straight out of the paddock after not being ridden in months and not a peep out of either of them, they didnt put a foot wrong. How many Stallions do you know of you can do that with?**)
    Even popped Commanche over a little jump or two in the arena and he was as good as gold:D He is beautiful to ride, and such a gentleman.
    Another piccy of him.


    If your looking for a foal then look at the rideability of Mum and Dad as well, its all good and well to look at colour/pedigree etc, but seeing Mum or Dad under saddle doing it themselves is important too. I rode Mum,Dad,and Grandma in the same day and they were all so laid back I was amazed. Beautiful horses to ride all of them.

    Paralna's Lynx little Commando is another good example of a versatile Stallion with a lovely temperament,and conformationally he is hard to fault, Ive ridden him as well and he is just lovely, he moves so well and has a gorgeous nature, Kylie has just had a New colt by him out of a very well bred mare, definately worth a look too!

    Good luck with it! But Be careful theyre addictive!

    Congrats on another one for you Dayna!

    Talkingshell your QH is looking lovely, you need to post pics more often :)
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  12. is it your latest aquisition Dayna?:p Congratulations!:)* What's her breeding?
    She has such a pretty face!
    I love dark and smutty palominos. Our old pally mare twice a year goes nearly black for a week, then the coat clears up.';'
    Her babies on the contrary have the cleanest gold irridescent coats imaginable, so go figure';'

    You are not wrong here, Lauren!*#)
    What I like about QHs is they are easy keepers, you can feed 2 QHs on a feed ration of 1 TB, and they will be well covered.**)
    They are just easy in so many other ways, coz they are intelligent, people orientated, trainable, want to learn and to please.
    Lauren, congratulations on such an exciting start on learning about QHs.
  13. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    QH are addictive thats for sure and you can be assured of becoming a huge convert!

    The best part about them is that the breed has inherent qualities and traits that make them the breed they are....like dog breeds. Labs are very different to Staffies aren't they.

    I haven't ridden any of my broodmares, nor any of the stallions that I have chosen for them.......lolool Doesn't mean my foals are not ride worthy once born....!

    If you can afford quality then buy quality.....that is always preferrable than just buying any old "pup from a litter".

    Be guided by the success of progeny......some stallions never see the inside of a show pen and some mares the same.

    I believe that 'quality' over 'availability' always has merit in buying & breeding horses.
  14. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    I am another fan of the dark smutty look. We are hoping Penny goes chocolate palomino. Not good if you want to show in the pali ring - but I love the look of it.

    Will PM her breeding.
  15. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    EVP, you dont ride so thats understandable.:)
    Your mares have been ridden and performed by someone else though right?
    And most of the Stallions are performed too aren't they?

    I had a quick look, and I believe that is correct? (incidently, the Q number you have listed for EV little phillip is assigned to a different horse in the stud book, you might want to fix that up:) )

    So, you dont have to have ridden them yourself obviously, from what I see your babies are "the using kind" as are their parents, even if you dont ride them yourself.**)

    I agree too Lauren, regarding progeny success, just dont be too taken in by halter results as they are not really an indicator of how the horse will perform under saddle!:)*
  16. Braveheart

    Braveheart New Member

    Another one for you Lauren.:)*
    This is Ninny (named after my Mum)
    Check out the 'perm' she has going on in her mane and tail!:p
    She has grown and filled out since coming from queensland where the feed was a bit scarce. She is a Lectric Playboy grand daughter.
    She will do a bit of everything, then we will look at breeding from her later on.:)

  17. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    What I was told were the hunter classes in the USA, where they have to go around nicely turned out and jump rustic jumps in a steady manner etc.

    I dont think it is the Hunter classes like they have here as the 3 people who told me that she is worth a packet as a hunter pony were showjumpers.Two were americans and the other has competed there allot in showjumping. So I think quite different.

    I thinks its because Savvy lopes around, ears forward and then pings the jump in a steady rythmic manner. Mind you she can stop and turn on a dime also.....awesome barrel racer but probably a little small for it in a truely competitive way but awesome as a super competitive PC mount.

    Interestingly if I ever wanted to sell her my level 2 dressage instructor has always asked for first option. Not that I will sell her though, she is such a fun horse :)
  18. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Weanling & yearling halter classes are extremely popular for horses that will ride later, so one cannot assume that a horse shown in a halter comp is, or should be, a halter only horse.
    The individual conformation appearance of a sire or dam added to some good healthy breed knowledge and horse sense should point prospective buyer in the right direction in terms of rideability.
    I chose a particular type of breeding program that relies heavily on the pre-performed status of my mares.....my non-riding history was one of those motivating factors. Not all breeding programs need to rely on the ridden aspect of their herd. As a breeder I would be more concerned with the huge number of "mediocre multiples" that are fausted onto the market yearly, than the number of superior bred foals who happen to be born from unridden parents. If we are talking about the lesser of evils that is.
  19. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    Ok so ill put my boy up, hes becoming quite versitile, and DEAD quiet...even for a QH i suspect..sometimes i wish hed Wake up a little lol
    This is smokey just before his first event...oh and hes by One scotch delight and is at least 16hh maybe 16.1 need to get him easures and no hes not a TB cross
    First Dressage test
    square halt :)
    getting the hang of SJ
    technique not quite ther but hes getting over them

    this is him when he was 4, first time at a rodeo not overly concerned
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  20. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    oh and this is my mums other horse duncan hes QH to but smaller only 15.2 hes by Roc Again

    I would say they are a brilliant alrounder as u can get them in all shapes and sizes and colours...lol do you know how many people dont belive me wen i say smokey is a QH..,the responce is but QH dont come in grey lol well thats odd coz between my mum and her other half they have had 3 of em

    bugger sorry about the pic mod didnt realise
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