Quarter horse state championships

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    Next on the WAQHA Show Calendar is State Championships. 3 day show at the State Equestrian Centre. USA judge - Chris Jones.

    4th, 5th, 6th April - State Equestrian Centre

    All the usual classes, plus....Friday & Saturday Evening Program! Youth & Amateur Features! Youth Judging Class! Dressage & Hack Classes

    Show is pack is at our website. Or leave your email below and we'll forward you a show pack.

    ENTRIES STRICTLY CLOSE 1ST MARCH. Late entries will be accepted up until the 15th March, no later and any late entries will incur a 25% of total
    entries as a late fee.

    A major sponsor for the show would be great, so if you know of anyone or business who would be interested, please make contact with the committee as soon as possible.


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