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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by mysticmoondancer04, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. mysticmoondancer04

    mysticmoondancer04 Well-known Member

    I am just interested in finding out anything I can on this Quarter Horse gelding.
    I noticed yesterday his brands on his off side shoulder read USX or something along that line and under that it has the number 9
    Can anyone tell me where I can start looking up information on him?
    He is a pally QH gelding and is approx 10yrs old

    Here is a couple piccies


  2. mysticmoondancer04

    mysticmoondancer04 Well-known Member

    Bumping..... **)
  3. jacko88

    jacko88 Well-known Member

    Am guessing he's unregistered otherwise you would have breeding info etc?

    If not perhaps contact brands registrar and try find out who that brand belongs to, if you could find that person fair chance they might've bred him or know where he came from to start with.
  4. mysticmoondancer04

    mysticmoondancer04 Well-known Member

    Its not important that I find his info, just out of interest.
    He is a life long retiree on our property as he has an injury. I know he came form over east so he wont be in the WA data base.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. shaz71

    shaz71 Well-known Member

    all brand shave to be registered with the ag dept, check the was one for eastern states eqivilant and try them.

    the wa ag dept may know of it, worth a shot.

    gotta remember though some brands get borrowed for a carton or such, in the old days . *#)

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