QH stallion to breed challenge& drafting prospects?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by FDPH, Dec 15, 2008.

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    breezin do you do websites????? Would like you to start a thread on familiar traits that would be very interesting.

    Peejay, welcome i definateley can't help you much, but I to have heard from quite a few people the TL's can be a little hot a friend of mine, Wayne who came back from the states briefly was deluged with stuffed up TL to rebreak(!!!) and he told me they were real horsemans horses, they can be pretty broncy I gather, but you know it's all hearsay stuff! Wayne actually started TL and Theo told me he was one of the most natural horses he has seen started under saddle, now let me tell you coming from Theo that's high praise as he is against QH just because he can be!! EVP your gelding sounds like a gem though again it may be what the crosses are.

    Boo's eclipse , all i asked in the PM was who your stallion was, in your reply you never once stated secrecy was a clause of the contract, I am not a mind reader, i'm sorry if posting was going to make such a problem. And as for saying it was uncommon to use sprint horses in CD breeding, well I am sorry if you took that as rude, but it is not that common!! I mereley asked so perhaps I might learn something remind me not to bother, as you so aptly said "its any wonder people are turning away from these great breeds."
    No more said the pettiness not the "politics" is ridiculous if you wish to keep having a go at me please PM me so no one else has to listen to this codswallop, this thread has been pleasant and constructive and has had some great turns, I know I have learnt a lot from all who have contributed and i hope it continues so.

    Just for a bit of todays rubbish went out today with OH and jackeroo and revalored a 230 steers then walked them ten km to their new paddock, it was a little warm and the flies very friendly but nice to be back on a horse! Probably doesn't sound very exciting but after nearly 4 mnths of little to do but watch the rain come down it was great. We are going to recieve around 9000 steers and cull heifers this year so I think I will be on top of the horses by the end of them and needing a bigger truck LOLOL. Perhaps I better get rid of a few more to the point!
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    FDPH... [websites] yes, but not commercially, and only when I have time... maybe one day though :) ... at the moment I am maintaining the VRQHA site until they sort things out, I'm nearly finished the Q Sprint site, and then I do our own private sites... I was approached to do one for a US horse broker, which got me very keen but first I did a logo for him, and I have not been paid, so I'm a bit shy about doing a website for him.

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    Ok do you know how to put videos onto websites? i will explain myself I had a video which i dubbed onto dvd, and then the person who did my site suggested I upload to You tube ( which actually i would prefer not to do) however when I tryed to change the dubbed Dvd which is in a VRO format to a format suitable for you tube, which I did using Prism as suggested by you tube it still wouldn't let me upload:confused: what I am getting at is can it be uploaded onto You Tube? even better is it possible to somehow have it so when you click on it in the website it will come up as a media player thingy? ( I am NOT computer literate it took me nearly one full day to go from VCR to Not being able to upload to You tube!!!) Cantaur park has a site and a heap of videos all played via media player about the same length as mine but just not sure about how to go about it or the whole VCR thingy?!! Any titbits of information would be much appreciated please.....
  4. FDPH:)*
    I still think that sprint bred stud won't hurt to cross over ASH mares for a challenge horse.
    Uncommon doesn't mean undoable or impossible.:)
    It was uncommon lately in a halter horse world to breed to a TB! But who won the world title last year??? A first cross QH (I think his name is DeRenzo)!! By a thoroughbred sire!*#) In a Halter lineup! here you go! a lot of other halter people are now doing the same, so what yesterday was uncommon, today became very common.:}
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    I'd call Hot Peppers Drover mostly cow bred but he does have some sprint blood throughout him in Jet Boom, Lion Deck and Cassius Deck. All a few generations back though.

    I'd call Sans Miss Poco cow bred too. She does have a lot of old style blood that came from speed lines originally, especially on her dams side, but have been used as cow horses.
  6. PPH

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    Well said !!!!

    This horse has looks and temperment to boot and cowy!!!, very tuned in and turned on. If it works, heres a short video of him cutting at MSR with his owner on board.

    MSRCandMtFlorence08285.flv video by buckingmad - Photobucket
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  7. Peejay

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    Ok sorry for sounding vague, but can someone please tell me how I can see pics and videos that ppl have posted on here?

    Thanks :)
  8. PPH

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    h'mm not sure but that one did'nt work for me either so have put a direct link :)
  9. EVP

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    Has this horse had progeny that have competed in drafting/challenges?
    I do not know the horse at all.
    While lots of individual horses have crossed into other disciplines and some have done really well...the fact remains to be seen whether those horses can sire progeny that are draft/challenge specific.

    Being a good cutting horse or good at other particular things might be great (for those who are after progeny for those tasks).......but unless a sire has had progeny out drafting/challenging in open company then they are just bloodlines on paper......

    There are numerous very nice QH stallions that Aussies have access to.......most will not deliver the goods for CD or CH.
  10. FDPH

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    EVP the horse is in WA thats why you probably don't know him. I agree Coliban but what I was saying was that it is not common among stock horse breeders, for whatever reason they choose, not that it won't work.
    I know the most well known and respected ASH breeders in the industry aren't doing it, some won't even put much or any QH in their horses period. Some have outcrossed onto TB horses of older lines that go back to TB's from the ASHS. One very good campdrafter has gone back to straight TB as he loves them so much.... go figure. Each to his own and it is what everyone desires to breed for whatever purpose they choose.
  11. Ditto, FDPH!
    If a certain breeding meets an opportunity and luck in a way of promotion etc, things might change overnight be looked at from a different perspective whatsoever!:)
    You'd need only 2-3 horses and top competitors in the industry to change a public opinion.:)
    Cheers:)) lena:)
  12. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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    Have watched this post with great interest and agree 100% with your post
    Originally Posted by FDPH [​IMG]
    Each to his own and it is what everyone desires to breed for whatever purpose they choose.

    No one can or will change the opions of what poeple on a broad spectrum want and thats just great because if we all followed the same path and choices of everyone else then there would be no development or improvement to any breed. Just becuase genetics on papers look good and might x doesn't always mean it will be the best, thats the beauty of breeding and I have myself seen the same matings produce somewhat different attributes. I do believe though and i think I chose a stallion on a previous post here that sprint lines over a Stockhorse would be the best x. Failing that and shoot me down I would also choose an arab.

    Bindi you have my juices flowing can you please post or pm me your recipe for the sauce :))


  13. FDPH

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    Off topic again, just recieved the lateset ASH mag, 92 new members in the ASHS between the 1st of Nov and the 31st of Dec 08! Every time the journal comes out two monthly there is about the same amount of new members.Wow
    Zoo I certainly wouldn't shoot you, the ASH had a fair bit of Arab in in it when it started and Theo has always said a bit of Arab in CD horses never hurt, unfortunateley the modern day Arab we see is far removed from the Arab of yesterday, the ones I see anyway. A woman I know from many moons ago had a very old Arab stallion who would have to be dead now( he was in his late 20's when she left the kimberley about 10 yrs ago) but he was a terrific horse wonderful constitution,temperament bone hard strong foot, he pulled a buggy, kids could ride him, he was a great mustering horse and he wasn't an overexageration of his breed. Dad bred my pony cross mare to him and the foal was a ripper. The right Arab would probably be better than the wrong QH or TB I think!
  14. kiraSpark

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    Thanks jacko88

    The gelding is damn quick (at least in a straight line haha) but not particularly cowy, and the mare is very old style QH and is better on a cow but with an average front end. Shes not a modern sort at all. So it all fits in :) Thank you!
  15. Hi KP
    Isle B San was an awesome stallion, being a cow bred (jmo) he produced a lot of good pleasure horses of that time.
  16. kiraSpark

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    Thanks Coli, I know a couple of horses by Isle B San and they are lovely horses :)*

    OH got that contract in Lake Grace, might be up your way soon :)
    Beagle already has us lined up for a ride too :p
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    hope you don't get saddle sores kiraspark cos we might ride from Lake Grace to Newdie & back again....haha i MIGHT be kidding...
  18. kiraSpark

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    I dont do endurance Beagle! **) Ouchies!! ;)

    Thats why I like Campdrafting, its all over in 40 seconds baha :)
  19. beagle

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    ok rather than medically numbing your arse,maybe we should aim for a lovely 2 hr number....make sure you let me know when you're coming....completely off topic of course for this rather intense (yawn) discussion. sorry all you geneticists,please continue...(zzzzz....) :D
    ps. Coliban,EVP & FDPH will know that i'm just rattling some chains...:D
  20. FDPH

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    It's Ok Beagle i have made most of my breeding decisions now so i'll leave the intense genetics to rest!!! i only have one more decision to make the hardest but i am sure I'll get there.

    Here's a random question for people out of curiosity, who breeds their two year old colts say just broke maybe 60 rides? i myself am not a fan of it but know people that do it.

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