QH stallion to breed challenge& drafting prospects?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by FDPH, Dec 15, 2008.

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    That's not exactly the point I was trying to make. How ever you take it, as you see fit. No skin off my nose!
    And yes I have done alot of mustering, was up in front of my dad in the yards from before I could walk. And yes I have seen, on two seperate occasions a mob (not one on it's own) of cattle take fright & run like there was no tomorrow, on both occasions the stockmans only option was to run with them, until they tired.
    But of course I would know anything up that now, would I??!!

    If your horses are real slow, then I would assume you wouldn't catch very many at all :confused: Unless of course the only cattle you are working are the ones locked behind the relative security of an arena!

    Believe it or not, not all cows are enclosed behind gates & bars. This is what I was getting at!
  2. When I first read about Little Peppy i was so keen to get his blood and bred to Pepto. We were blessed with a palomino roan colt out of that mating. He was our favourite.:)

    KR sure did, at that point of time everyone was talking hybrid vigor and inbreeding, but not many people were brave enough to put it to practice.

    That was the time of a start of a development of a QH as as a breed.
    KR was one of the first to find out that their running horses had cow in them. And that was the beginning of branching out in breeding a quarter horse. All powered by almighty dollar
    King horses were better at cattle work than in racing. Leo was a great running horse. The best crosses were Leo X Three Bars and Three Bars X Top Deck. That was the breeding foundation of a developing breed. I would say that without the input of Three Bars, Top Deck, Azurete, Beduino, Hempen (pure TB sprinters) the quarter horse breed as such wouldn't be the same nowdays. I am no expert on running horses, I suppose Breezin would be the best to correct me if I'm wrong.:)
    So where does the sprint blood definition start??? In my opinion since the TB influence was infused solely for 1/4 mile RACING purposes and horses were bred, raised and trained solely for the track. :DJMO
    There are few great stallions who were bred to run, but couldn't, they made their impact in Cutting , WP and other disciplines.
    Ranch bred horses are totally different sort of fish and their bllodlines are preserved in Foundation Horse registry (Driftwoods, Blue Valentines, Berts, Hancocks). Sorry for the long post.:)
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    Yes EVP my two best broodmares, one a straight ASH mare and the other ole dear was out of a KR mare, by Vaquero out of a KR mare but that side is lost (mmm make sense). my mares mother was bought over from Brunette downs to the Kimberley stn mt house, both owned by KR at the time. i was originally told she was by KR Dictator but it turns out she was actually a Vaquero mare. I have seen a lot of horse go over the yrs that had a lot of infused KR blood and they were really good camp horses.
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    Jacko ... brother in blood refers to a horse by the same sire and also sharing the same maternal grandsire... I would have been more accurate saying 7/8th brother in blood but meh :)

    Interestingly, King sired a lot of good race horses as well as his good arena horses... Flappers Breeze was a US AQHA Champion and a AAA speedhorse, and his maternal line lives on... the 1997 AQHA Champion Aged mare Apollitical Time shares the same maternal line.

    Lena those stallions you mentioned sure have left their mark!

    and Boo, oh well, IMO we were getting off topic... but thanks for your opinions and yes, I did ask for them :)
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    Gee I would have made a terrible musterer......if my bunch of cows high tailed it like that I would have grabbed a shady spot and waited for them to tire out....even if they ran a half mile it wouldn't take all day to catch up to them and walk them back.....lolol
    I sure wouldn't be running along with the herd!!! Sounds real dangerous to me!

    Boo I would assume the actual thing about a crazed mob of cattle is more the damage they can do collectively rather than how fast they can run individually?

    Considering a campdraft course is one horse and one cow (who doesn't have the upper hand of a mob).....I can't really see a cow out running a horse on as a rule.....ahahahahah

    Breezin maybe thats why QH Sprint Racing is taking its time getting the profile it deserves in Oz......maybe some people have ideas about lightening fast cattle that could be on the circuit for punters??????????????????AHAHAHAHA


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    Boo's Eclipse I was being sarcastic, my horses aren't slow. I'm sorry I just don't know how a horse has ever won a draft without speed, i don't know how Breezette won as many drafts as what she did plus a gold cup and she was slow. Because I dont neccessarily agree with putting sprint horses to ASh for CD doesn't make me a "stick in the mud" ( as you so well put it!!), doesn't make me right or wrong it is just my opion!! You seem to be able to have yours but I assume that's different. This thread was good untill the petty nonsense somewhere in the middle about people doing this and that and I'm just venting crap! Perhaps you might learn something here rather than trying to be the expert, I know I have learn't heaps about Sprint and working QH's... so who is the know it all. You reap what you sow in this life.

    coliban that was very interesting about the KR horses, tell us more please

    Oh by the way I had a really yummy meatloaf last night....the sauce made it as I am not good at making meatloaf itself or rissoles, they always end up dry I'm not sure what i do wrong.
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    O goody you made THE sauce!!!

    Hope it was as good as I said it was.........you can add more of this and that to your taste or vary it......but the secret ingredient has me stumped....

    Why is it so?...........lolol
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    Hi all,
    I have been sitting back quietly taking in all points of view, knowledge, expertise, opinions and all of the above! :)
    Horses are in my blood, but I am shakily new to the breeding game. The original topic being a QH to breed a campdraft prospect.... I have read with interest, almost obsession through the whole thread as I am just starting out in this campdraft game!!
    Now I am mostly interest in QH breeding and this is what I have studied somewhat. I am starting to get into ASH breeding as I hear more about them.
    So back to the original question i'd have to say DMAC Daddy may cross well as a QH sire as he tends to put a lighter front end on a horse (One Moore Daddy is probably the most known example of this.) Also Tassa Lena is proven to produce campdrafters. Although from what I hear he creates a hot temperament - please correct me if im wrong. He is almost as expensive as AD anyway so maybe not a good choice in that regard.
    I went to the NCHA futurity last year and these sires were a stand out as far as progeny type.
    Just an opinion here...

    Now breeding I have a lot to learn but I know a rissole/meatloaf recipe that will never leave you with dry rissoles ever again!!!!!!

    :) :)
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    Welcome to the discussion PeeJay!
    I have a Tassa gelding.......Riddler. All QH breeding (oh damn I wish he was a she..:(.....)
    He was the easiest horse to start and is the quiet horse I have bred. Plus he is ALL heart. Never gives up a beast, go all day, try and try till his hearts near bleeds I reckon....he's under 15hh. He has done so well at drafting and challenges having finalled in Rocky and Paradise Lagoons. He was such a gritty little fellow with an endearing personality that he got a bit of a rep for being just that....
    I would never say he was HOT....lolol He's now leased to a nice lady who is doing a bit of drafting as a beginner.

    But I have heard it said many times about the Tassa's being hot. I must own the exception.....lolol

    If you check out Daddy's pedigree you will see the crosses.....that very well could be where that lightness comes from.....?

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    There is always an exception :)
    Progeny of Tassa Lena at the futurity did seem to be a lot more on their toes and alert. Guess you could call that hot. I dont see it as a bad thing.
    Your boy sounds like something I need to teach me a thing or 2! 2 green drafters just dont quite mix...hehe.

    This may be off topic....but can I put htis out here because I honestly do not know the answer! How do Peptos horses go outside of the cuttin arena??
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    LOL that sounds like a better plan to me EVP, it is a bloody scary situation to be in! But, cows can be quite stupid & our family station has alot of drop offs that go down to the creek etc that they need to be kept away from, think one goes, they go...
    Yes your right that is what I was reffering to, just giving an example of where speed is required, as not everyone uses there horses for competition only :)

    Coliban, that's very interesting info on the KR horses, would love to know more...

    Welcome to the discussion Peejay :) I'm sure you will learn alot from some of the breeders on here, I know I have! **)
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    Peejay, care to share?? LOL
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    Boo please don't go down that path. A few detractors have in the past sabotaged threads with QH discussion.......They seemed intent on labelling anyone with industry profile as "know it alls" and doing the tall poppy deal repeatedly.....it always ended with threads getting locked and I think a few actually got banned from the forum!

    Opinions are great.....and sometimes a conflict of opinion will wound someone....99% of the time its unintentional, but the wound still hurts the same.

    Its best not to really comment too specifically on peoples horses......you can generalise or make comparisions.....but considering most owners (like their children) think their horse is the most handsome equine ever born, it might hurt feelings to comment on something like "the head"?

    FDPH has been on stations who's land holdings look like a phone number....born and bred on one in particular. What she hasn't seen or been passed down about cattle or horses, that actually work/breed cattle daily prob isn't worth knowing.....LOLOL
    I, for one, highly value her knowledge and first hand accounts of working cattle horses. Its that first hand account and passed down knowledge that helps breeders like me know what might satisfy a market or be competitive against those cowboys in a comp!!

    This thread has got to be one of the longest and most popular for ages.....its taken a few turns but has still centred around the working type horse we all love. Whatever stallions are owned or marketed shouldn't matter......it doesn't to me....

    Lets keep the comaraderie that has been shining hey? We all value each others contributions to the industry on whatever level that may be, so lets keep showing that threads like these are valuable and worthwhile! :D:D
  16. We personally had 2 pepto's horses, both were stallions.
    The red roan out of a Wagon Cook mare was sold to a cutter and was kept entire till 8 yo. I know that the owner gelded him and now he is a great pony club gelding for his 6 yo daughter. Does absolutely everything!
    The other colt we kept ourselves, he was shown at Halter as a baby (I am pretty sure I have a Hi Point Trophey somewhere:)) now he is in the states breeding reiners. His new owner is outcrossing him onto her Blue Valentine mares( with no Doc Bar and Peppy blood) and achieving very good reports from pro trainers.
    We have an opposite cross here - his daughter over our Blue Valentine stallion and we like what we see.
    I would breed to Pepto again. He gave us great temperament, great looks and great movement . He would be probably the only cutting stallion I would consider breeding to again. JMO:D
    Welcome to the discussion Peejay:)*
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    With all due rspect. I had no idea that 'head' belonged to that person, I simply answered honestly!

    I too am station born & bred as is my partner. Me west, hubby north! Just beacause I chose to move away to persue a career path that differed to the past how ever many generations of my family, does not make me any less of a person. And I don't believe I should be treated as one.

    But you are right, this thread is a valuable resource & should remain so.
    Hence the reason why I apologised for the crap!
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    When I return from my trip to Sydney this weekend and am done updating websites and putting together newsletters I might start a thread on familial traits... I think this would be interesting and some may even find it enlightening :D
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    i think it is the completeley different taste sensations and it just works kinda like sweet and sour! Anyway by the by it was bloody tastey!

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