QH stallion to breed challenge& drafting prospects?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by FDPH, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. FDPH

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    In view that Acres Destiny is becoming quite an expensive breeding choice for a lot of people, what other QH stallion in Australia or in the USA is capable of breeding top quality challenge and campdraft horses out of either ASH or QH mares, in the meantime looking at keeping structure and form correct to keep longetivity in the resulting progeny?
  2. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Spin on Command :)*
  3. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    given you're in Qld aren't you snowie i'd say Mark Buttsworth's Double Doc pretty handy,also Marnie's Destiny or Turpentine Acres.Sons of Acres Destiny generally being retained as studs obviously due to high cost of AD's love juice!! I spoke to AD's owner's brother here in WA & he quoted me $3000 per straw...gulp...i think i'll go for a son of him instead when i breed my mare.if you're going ASHS then i reckon Knight's Nicholas pretty nice as well as that Cadabra - Gough's stud.
  4. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    Spin on Commands stud fee is doubling next season!
  5. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    I know and Im bloody spewing I didnt take our QH broodmare to him this year :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  6. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    hi pwf how are you? I'm not surprised re Spin's fee - great stallion with his progeny just getting noticed.i bet you're excited about yours.i think snowie's on Qld though,so shipping straws across may be expensive,depends how many she's got to choose from over there.:))
  7. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    If youre talking ASH I really like Soda Justice too. But you did ask for QH stallions but now ASH has been mentioned, Ill mention that too, lol! *#)

    Also that Dogwood Comet is the goods but I dont really like the look of him. Superficial I know. One son of him (cant think of his name just now) is a more of a looker than him.
  8. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    yeah i like Justice and have a Comet colt and one on the way, however had two mares booked to AD and I am told his fee this year is going to $5500 so am not keen on spending that kind of cash (if it's true could be a grumour!). has anyone heard of Lots of Acres( same cross as AD, Bob Acre Doc x Bar Doc Hickory ) standing at Tamworth as a shuttle horse not sure if they will bring him back next yr though
  9. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    yeah i like Soda Justice too.So many over there & i really like how many stallions are now with a good dose of QH mixed - have to be the perfect breed wouldn't it? Now if QH X Arab is called a Quarab,what would you call a new breed of QH X Stockhorse - a Quockhorse? Sounds like a funny cheese to me! oh sorry that's quark isn't it?!!
  10. Boo's Eclipse

    Boo's Eclipse Well-known Member

    Any one of my 3!!! Hahaha just joking :D I know someone who shipped SOC over this way this year & it wasn't as expensive as you would think! Ther mare is an AD mare but, so was well worth the spend for what they wanted.

    No offence to any breeders who have AD progeny (there are some damn fine stock out there), but he isn't the be all & end all of stallions, I'm really not getting his recent cult following, but it does seem to happen every few years in the QH/ASH breeding circuit.
    If you want a list of good solid stallions in Qld snowie, PM me :) Not all are well known names, but have all produced quality stock in what you are asking about!
  11. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    In regards to AI, I am attempting to get my QH mare in foal to a paint stallion who is in the east coast. After the stud fee the collection & courier charges work out at about $350 per collection to collect & ship, which isn't too bad I suppose.
    There is also the vet charges on top of that so AI can be a little more expensive, espcially if they don't get in foal the first time. which my mare didn't.
    However that said, is you find the right horse for your mare & that is an option, then I wouldn't let it stop you :)
    For my mare, I didn't find a paint stallion here in the west that I felt complemented her as much as the one in the east, so thats why I went that way :)
    Good luck with whatever one you go with.
    I too think Spin is an excellent horse, who's foals I believe are even better than him....not saying he isn't a top horse, but I am impressed with what he puts ont he ground.
    Also he has allot of foals ont he ground so you know he is consistant. :)
    There are many very nice tyoes int he east though as well.
    I always wanted a Dually Cool foal or a Rackeeteer Cat one
    When I was in the states I watched the national cutting comp & Highbrow Cat horses did dominate the comp.
    They do move really well so I am sure they would also draft well, as I expect Peptos Stylish Oaks horses would as well.
    Both those line are cutting bred but have lovely smooth movement.
    My boy is also cutting bred but he has the most amazing canter & is a lovely dressage horse :) .... My farrier likes him for drafting but I am not that good a rider to draft him .....I dont have time or the skill :)
  12. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Love it!!! :D :D

    Dont keep it to yourself, share it around, I would like to know who, too!! *#)
  13. Iron Horse Hill

    Iron Horse Hill Active Member

    Well if the photo's are anything to go by, I don't mind Cadabra. Haven't seen him in the flesh or really know what has done but I like him in the photo!:)
    I too agree that some people get caught up in all the 'hype' of particular stallions. Surely people realize that there are ALOT of good stallions out there who maybe don't get the publicity or show status of others but are just as talented and have all the goods to produce nice foals but with not the bloody huge service fee attached.
    I am not talking about 'Jo Bloggs stallion down the back paddock two doors down', I mean really nice stallions who just haven't had alot of exposure to advertising.
  14. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    agreed.there's so much in the east particularly - one would salivate for the choice!! aahh to be where there's a campdraft every weekend,& its only a couple of hrs away....
    yep i'd like a list too Boo's Eclipse sometimes we're starved for info over here about who's going good progeny wise.Mind you,not saying that our stallions are crap - i know of quite a few nice ones for different disciplines.Would love to get into breeding myself (well,not my self but you know what i mean!!!)
  15. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    i actually have a ASh mare that is a little hot and would like to try her with a QH, liked AD cause the runs are on the board and they all really cost the same to breed in the long run, have you heard of Lots of Acres Boo's Eclipse?
  16. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    This is just purely personal opinion.
    I think the best QH's to breed campdrafters challenge horses are not necessarily 'cutting' horses per se. Generalising, some are not built to run/cover ground (unless of course are going over ASH mares).

    They might have what it takes to camp a horse but not run one or flex one?

    The AD following is very simple.....he crosses well even with very ordinary mares, and I would say most are out there actually doing what they were bred for. AD will out strip DFO in the progeny stakes and as a broodmare sire. IMO. Much like Spinifex, AD will be the prominent figure in Aussie pedigrees for the next ten or more years.
    Breeders aren't stupid......they will only breed to stallions who's progeny they see out there competing with various riders from novice to pro. And then they want a bit of it.....LOL

    I adore the ASH/QH mix......and thought long and hard about what I wanted from that mix.......chose 2 X AD from my ASH mare first up, for pure ability and marketability and then imported my own semen. I really didn't necessarily want a breeding stallion....but wanted a comp horse....colt or filly. We got the colt.
    My colts sire is a 4 times World CH working cow horse and reiner.......he can really cover ground, is cowy as hell, scopey in physique and very quiet and has been a very sound horse throughout his career..... The cow horse part was important to me.....they needed to be able to run...not just dance....LOL And the reining was a great bonus showing that he could be really ridden and soft.....and allowing the rider to guide, not the horse to do it himself (much like cutters)....campdraft horses and challenge horses IMO need to have an element of willingness to be guided.....rather than an auto-pilot.

    Now I could be talking shit here....lolol

    But my 2 trainers love my colt and physically he is exactly what I ordered.
    Anyone who wants to take a look can see him on my website...
    removed website *** sorry - non paid advertiser......cannot place your website***
    Would love any comments.

    Have bred the Romeo mare to Comet, my Spinifex mare to Conman.....so you can see what I think of the bloodlines of these two stallions....LOL
    Spinifex mare has a Chevin Ivory colt on her now....and he is lovely.
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  17. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Crikey he IS nice **)
    And those photos really show him off well. Great photography. (I can see who took them and she always does a nice job) :)*
    **goes back to browsing website**
  18. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    well said evp.My fellow i bought my horses off says actually he reckons AD over DFO mares to be the magic mix...don't know yet until my mare is bred!
    Good comments though - i know exactly what you mean re auto pilot stuff - once rode a cutting trained stallion at a campdraft clinic & boy that was interesting.i think i looked like a bucketof something warm & brown.
    i like a nice soft horse outside but one who gets down & dirty in the camp.Lots of choices there with breeding combos nowadays.i'll go for a peek at your website.
  19. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Who was that?? lol :)
  20. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    will pm you kiraspark...too embarassing for me to say in public...me i mean not the stallion!!!

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