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Discussion in 'News Items' started by Yarrabah Quarter Horses, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. JSP
    yours is creamy in colour, mine is snow white, I can see her for miles in big paddocks, she is like a beacon! LOl!
    Are going to show yours?

  2. JSP

    JSP Well-known Member

    LOL coliban - she gets darker the older she gets, that and she is soooo dirty!! Will probably keep on with the colour shows, not sure how I will go with the QH registration as the mare was not a reg QH...

    I used to have a handle on life..... but it broke off
  3. Bummer, JSP!
    But you always can register her as a foundation mare with AQHA.
    See you at the show soon, was very nice meeting you before in SEC!
    All the best for showing!

  4. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Firstly JSP helloo [​IMG] how are you? Cremello/perlino can be reg as full QH it is only crop outs that have their rego papers marked "have undesireable characeteristics" Sad this post involved you and you were not even there to upstand the vote! You know i have always wished you well with your colt and i upstandingly wish you all the best. Thanks Shaz you have done me proud but we all have different aims in life. Some want halter horses to ride, thats great in others opinion and where you want to go, for me, i want a performance horse that can halter quite the opposite! I can honestly say and this is no disrespect to you jsp cos i think you are a lovely person and I have met you in the flesh! but a good QH is a good QH regardless of breed and colour and if he/she can up hold themselves to any or all disciplines as a breed we are miles ahead! Or Kilometers here in the west.

    **hands out the lady gray** (they have the [blue]blue[/blue]tag
    ran out of toffee popcorn - where are you tarz? he he


  5. squid

    squid Active Member

    You people with cremelo QHs need to get them out and shown and show what they can do. Their papers are not being marked as undesirables, but boy is there some biased still over here about them, as the quality is very poor with some of them, they are just colour. (over here anyway)

    Not sure about over there, but it still here in a big way. I quite like them myself, and have looked at a couple of fillies, but not sure how they are going to go in the show ring if it goes how I am hearing it. There is plenty still against the white rule, sad really.

    The breeder here importing the cremello colt has come up against a great deal of backlash from some of the biggest breeders, really sad, At least they have the balls to do something like this. Time will tell I guess,

    You are right Qh Lover, the halter standard will certanily rise as it has done here. Horse that won a couple of years ago would no longer get looked at as the fashion change all the time.

    I decided not to even show my colt till the big shows after xmas, as what is the point, no competition, and even if a couple turn up they are not really worth beating over and over. Im not that hungry for points, titles mean more. it proves noithing beating the same ones of lesser quality. All that does is make you think you are shit hot and unbeatable. That changes when you get to the big time, as you would know. Untill you have seen the com up close you dont know how good you or your horse is. It may be great, you may fall on your ass to, and realise you are just a big fish in a pond of little fish.

    I cant think of anything worse than beating the same horses all the time. Costs to much in fuel. LOL

    You are on the right track with P & C. Have you seen his babies yet? very nice. AND HE IS A PROVEN RIDER AS WELL. I am really impressed with him.
    I believe the same as you, a halter should also be able to ride and perform well. It is already proven over here. Kid Cross has already proven it with the 2 that are cleaning up over here. Crossing Over and An Obvious Clu (who I own the dam of)
    I would much prefere a stunning halter horse that can ride, than a plainer looking performance horse that if it doesnt perform cant halter either.

    A close friend of mine bought a cutting bred colt with world class bloodlines for an obsence amount of money, very plain looking, one crooked leg (id shoot it personally), and sent it off to a trainer. Guess what it useless. They now dont know what to do with it, it wont show perfom, cetainly cant halter. Bit of a pickle. Thats why I like those that can do both but lean toward a halter type. Sounds like you are the same. LOL

    You have some great performance stuff over there, and with breeders like you, the halter can only improve and be competitve in all states as well. I look forward to seeing the horses there in the flesh as Iam thinking of coming to your states. I will then do as you say, see with my own eyes and make my own mind up as to the quality of halter stuff there.

    I really look forward to seeing your Coosa baby. Wasnt Watta Knockout sent to him? she should be due any day.

    I would love to catch up with you over here and talk breeding as we seem to be on the same track. I get sick of the performance is better than halter crap, they should all be able to do both to a certain extent or we need to look at what we are breeding even if you do favour one line or the other.

    JSP you may need to ring the AQHA about your filly. AS I understand it from teh rule book, cremellos and whites wont be reg as foundation. They must all be perentage verified. They will only be accepting purebred Q regs. You may have to check, thats just what was brought up here at a committee meeting.

    Those pics you sent me of your boy are just great. I cant wait to see him at states.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

    Squid Hill, Home of National Champion, Perpetuality
  6. QHLover

    QHLover New Member

    Firstly in a perfect world judges wouldn't be biased and penalise a horse for its colour but I think creamies etc are going to have it hard for a while as alot of judges are not going to use them just because they are registerable now, after all I see horses all the time winning and placing in ridden classes that a obviously going in a way that is undesirable according to the rules but OK according to the judge !!! Hopefully the proud owners of cremellos/perlinos stick at it as eventually the judges will have to come around and if the horse is well conformed and cream that should not matter. A very good friend of mine went to American last year for the Quarter Horse Congress and coloured horse such as Palomino and Buckskin did very well in Halter but in ridden classes were not even considered even if they were going really well. Thankfully it seems to be different over here in Aus as alot of our very good horses are paly and buckskin (thanks largely to Cee A Bar Passer etc ) Take the winner of the 2 year old futurity at the NPHA very pale Paly almost cream.
    I hope that the judes see a good horse is a good horse doesn't matter what colour they are or who is hanging on to them.
    Goodluck to all you creamy QH owners out there hope to see you out to the shows soon.

    Hey Zoo should it really matter a Halter that can ride or a rider that can halter look at my girl she is all performance bred and is 3 time state champion halter mare and rides to. I just think that alot of the halter lines these days don't have the same temperament as the performance lines as the performance lines are a little more layed back. My boy is purely halter bred and can be very " special" at times but this is not going to stop me from showing him under saddle I will just choose the classes that will suit him

  7. squid

    squid Active Member

    QH Lover.
    The pally that won at NPHA was very light, but he was also clipped. He being by Cool Seeker. He is very light anyway, but not usually that light in colour.

    I dont think the halter bred horses are any hotter than the perfomance bred, if they were they wouldnt be doing so well in the performance arena. The reason halter horses can seem a bit hot is all the feed that is pumped into them to get them big enough to win a Nat.
    Performance horses that I know are fed no where near the amounts of grain etc that a halter horse is, and therefore the halter horses do get the rep of being hot. You would be too if you were locked up 24/7 and fed up as some are. If they were worked a bit more they wouldnt be as hot, but then they wouldnt be as big either. Its the grain that puts the muscle bulk on them.
    All my horses are purely halter bred and none are hot.

    I really look forward to seeing your boy. I love Kid Cross, he is one of my favs.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

    Squid Hill, Home of National Champion, Perpetuality
  8. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Does that mean you have a lot of bad quality palominos over there then? lol A good horse regardless of colour as cremello is a double dilution can never be a bad horse.

    Exactly my point Shaz [​IMG]


  9. squid

    squid Active Member

    Your dead right Zoo,
    we have a lot of bad coloured everything. There will be a lot more bad coloured pallies though if some of these people with crems just breed for colour and not quality first. Thats really all they are talking about, oh wow we will get a pally, yeh but what sort of quality.

    Look what has happened in other breeds that are pally coloured, some really poor stock, just bred for their colour. I for one do not agree with that. Colour is the bonus not the first choice, and I would never have a sub standard crem just to produce a pally. Id rather take my chances like everyone else.

    I looked at 2 crems in the last couple of weeks, and quite frankly colour or not they were very poor standard. I have also looked at plenty of chestnuts of the same,

    A good horse is never a bad colour.

    Shaz your mare is a good example of the exception, i guess thats why you chose a halter horse to breed her with to improve on that by todays modern standards. I cant wait to see the foal.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

    Squid Hill, Home of National Champion, Perpetuality
  10. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    do you guys mean to tell me that there are quarter horses that are awake LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
    i just never seen one play up LOL LOL LOL
    well you learn something every day LOL LOL LOL
  11. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Haha, Smash i was thinking the same thing!

    I have never seen a Qhorse play up!

    Raazan, Angel & Knickers, Pixie, Beau & Malakye.
  12. he hehe, Smash and RP!
    Coz you are looking at QHs bred for work here, otherwise they'd be sacked from the breeding shed for no futher use for anything (but price per kilo).

  13. squid

    squid Active Member

    lol smash.
    You see the prob is we have trouble waking them up. So for our halter classes, just so our horses dont look like lifeless slugs (that would only be worth $ per kg) we pump them full of feed, and put all sorts of gadgets on them, hehe not really, but yeh we do need to wake them up just a little at times.
    We like our halter horses with their eyes open. LOL. Ive never seen such a lazy bunch as I have here. Couch potatoes one and all. LOL
    Cant beat the QH for temperment. Well most of them.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

    Squid Hill, Home of National Champion, Perpetuality
  14. JSP

    JSP Well-known Member

    Geez ladies, look what happens when I go to work!!

    LOL QHLover – what a great way to describe that behaviour! My boy can be very “special” at times, but that is just when he is playing in the paddock, he is good when being handled etc.

    Zoo, I agree - each to their own! So long as we love our own horses, what does it matter – right?!!

    I used to have a handle on life..... but it broke off
  15. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Spot on JSP [​IMG] by the way you can register your filly foundation mare. Her colour is within acceptable registration requirements and she is 14h; parentage verification is not required. Good luck


  16. Eicyng

    Eicyng Well-known Member

    I just had to have a word....lol
    I stewarded today at the NSW amatuer show,
    I was allocated the western breed ring, QH,appy & paint.
    We had 4 horses ....Yes a total of 4 horses.
    QH mare, QH gelding, Appy stallion & paint gelding for 28 classes
    We had finished judging by 10 am thats including the saddle classes & the show started at 9 am
    It was a total joke, Every other breed had a good turnout with at least 4-5 horses in each class, But this will be the last time the commitee puts on classes for western breeds.
    I see so many people complain about not having anywhere to show there horses & having to compete against "professionals" but cant be bothered to support shows that give them plenty of halter & ridden classes.

    Sorry to hijack your post....lol
    But I just had to point it out, We all have to support shows big or small or dont complain when the classes arent offered anymore!

    [blue]"My treasures do not clink together or glitter; They gleam in the sun and neigh in the night."
    -Arabian Proverb[/blue]
  17. squid

    squid Active Member

    Totally agree with you Eci.
    We had our Amature / improver show a couple of weeks ago and had 60 riders, all western. Then you can go half hour down the road to the next one and get 6. I think the petrol thing is stopping a lot. People are chosing where they want to go more instead of going to all.

    This time last year I was all set to hit the ring, this year Im not bothering untill after xmas when the big shows start.

    The show I was really anouyed at was a local one here. Half a dozen of us decided to sponser the QH ring to keep the classes as of course we all wanted them.
    All said they were bring horses so it looked like we had good numbers.
    Guess what only 2 of us took horses. The others said oh we cant be bothered. Well there wont be any classes at that show for QH this year. I have been asked to sponser them to keep them going, I said get st-----ed.

    We have enough bigger approved shows to do.

    Its like all these people that say, oh we have a colt and he is just fantastic, ok then where the hell are they. Then they grizzle when there is no separate stallion class at some shows. go figure.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

    Squid Hill, Home of National Champion, Perpetuality
  18. squid

    squid Active Member

    "Halter class is only the description of the show class - in hand or on lead would equally describe the same class - it doen'st describe an example of the breed"

    These days it would seem that the class is exactly describing the type exhibited and the type that wins the mojority of time.
    There are very clear cut bloodlines and conformation diferences in the halter bred horse to working bred, that the breeders are chosing to use.

    It does seem that there are more types to the QH than just the breed standard these days. The breed standard is pretty old. Fashions change whether we like it or not, usually according to market demand. Hunters in the US look nothing like the breed standard and now we are following.
    At the moment extreme halter horses are in and more are being imp all the time. Next year it could be diff.

    Breed standard is one thing, but what breeders are doing is quite something else. It is becoming specialised, and they are breeding for their pasion and what interest them. It may or may not be the best for the breed, who are we to judge people on what they breed if that is their choice.
    In Vic we now have the halter hunter classes .Totally diff types again to your halter horse. Taller, more TB looking and nothing like the QH breed standard.
    So where does it stop?

    Just because it is written doenst make it so.
    In this counrty there are is still a lot of FM blood close up in QH that are not all Imp blood. Of course we are not going to have a classic type in all horses, to expect that would be unrealisitc.

    You say about the halter horse being over fed, underworked? yes you are right, many are. But the true halter bred horses are so much heavier and more defined in the muscle anyway, quite often do not make good riding horses. That would indicate the breed standard not quite being followed, but that is how they are being selected and bred.

    Did you go to Q5 Bindi? if you did even you cant deny the Grand Champ mare and stallion were so much bigger all over than anything else. The colt was only 25 months old. Would they ride like the breed standard sugest> maybe, maybe not, but it is what halter breeders are jumping on.

    Just because its not written doesnt make it so or them wrong.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

    Squid Hill, Home of National Champion, Perpetuality

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