Pydres Easi Response

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by katie16, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. katie16

    katie16 New Member

    Has anyone used/using this product. What is your opinion on it?
    Pydres Easi Response
    Cheers! :)
  2. TopstockWA

    TopstockWA New Member

    Hi Katie16

    We researched and used EasiResponse, it is a reelatively high energy feed, so great for high energy sports or lazy horses. It is very popular over east with eventers and cutters. Prydes have a feed to suit every combination of horse and discipline. If you are after a cooler feed then EasiResult is a great cool conditioner.
  3. weezal

    weezal New Member

    I feed Prydes Biomare cubes which is similar to Easiresponse but actually made for breeding horses (though I feed it to my 24yo gelding haha) I friend also uses biomare on her 2* eventer & younger pre novice eventer. The eventer she works for who competes up to 4* feeds easi performance. I also used to feed easi result when my horse was younger and used to go a bit loopy off feed. Love prydes. Have always had fantastic results and just change feeds to suit my horse and situation.
  4. katie16

    katie16 New Member

    Thanks for you responses!
  5. marinochkawe

    marinochkawe Guest

    This posts is*very*informative.*Thank you!
  6. Karen Jet

    Karen Jet New Member

    I love easi response, I love prydes. My youngsters are brought up on Biomare but are switched to response when they get older. I love the stuff, I personally think one of the best feeds and most economical on the market.
  7. sprintman

    sprintman Active Member

    Changing to Pryde's EasiResponse and ReBuild from Hygain combo. Also trialling Pryde's Polished. Keeping some KER All Phase just in case.
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  8. Neilie

    Neilie New Member

    I have had great results on Prydes, would be my go to if I was going back on pellets. Poished is awesome! Loved it, had wonderful results from it and my boy loved the taste of it!

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