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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Insurance' started by horsegirl, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. horsegirl

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    In about 2 weeks time we are moving to a horse property on 5 acres which we will be renting until our house in built. I have never had horses on my property or rented a horse property before so I have absolutely no clue as to what sort of insurance coverage I need to get, as it has previously been the responsibility of the property owner/agistment manager. Obviously I don't need to worry about the house and stables etc, but what sorts of things do I need to be covered for. Currently my horses are not insured (tut tut) but I plan to wrap the whole insurance thing into one. I am also assuming that once we move to our property I will need to change the policy as we will be the property owners then. Can anyone give me names of some companies to talk to that we give quotes and what sort of dollars we are talking about. My tack is currently insured under our contents policy as "sporting goods" can these be covered under one umbrella with everything else I need? Thanks guys, any ideas would be great!!

  2. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Hi Caz,

    I had my horse insured by Minitec.....i think that was the name, can't remember....something like that.

    I will try and find all my info on the company that i had Jonty insured with tonight.

    Have a look on the EFA website, i found links once through to the National EFA, and then adventually who they are all insured by, that could help.

  3. valdez

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    Hi horsegirl, up until july last year i had public liability insurance for my horses. Currently there is no way i can afford it because it went from $300 per horse per year to $3000. So i obviously decided i would take my chances. When you go out to MOST shows you are covered by your association insurance anyway. Sorry i wasnt much help.

  4. sjb2

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    Hi Horsegirl. By chance, I was enquiring yesterday regarding house and contents insurance. Apparently, provided you do not make any income from your horses and property, the policy I am looking at (with CGU) will cover the public liability situation where, say, your horse gets out and is involved in an accident with a car. The horse is not covered, but the damage caused is. I don't know the limit of this cover yet, nor do I have a premium.
    I also made enquireis when I first got my horse re insuring him. Because of his age, it was just too expensive. Also, someone told me that you have to be very careful (don't you always with insurance!!) as some policies say things like you are only covered if your horse dies if you have done absolutely everything to treat him. for example, if you had a horse in screaming agony with colic and you decided to have him put down, the policy payment might be voided if you didn't try surgery .. the real problem of course being that the potential cost of potentially useless surgery may well be more than the amount you had the horse insured for ... Anyway, I decided I couldn't justify the cost.
    Finally with regards to tack, my understanding is that you would have to have it stored in an approved place (ie shed with flooring or something) and that provided you identified it on the policy, you would be covered. I know a lady who was unfortunately involved in the Serpentine fires last year and her tack was covered (I'm not sure who with).
  5. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Hi guys, thanks for the input. Yeah I found out about CGU yesterday too, can insure for public liability (that's all I really wanted anyway) for $2 million and $10,000 in tack anywhere in Australia for about $389 per year. My horses are really for pleasure only and as my tb is 13 i need a vet certificate and my old boy is too old (being approx 25) to insure for mortality or theft. Still deciding what to do...
  6. Ali

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    Also try AIS ,based in Melbourne.. I used to have my horses insured with them and they were pretty good but as with everything always read the small print etc. I should really insure my guys again but one is only kept as a companion/pet, and my TB gelding is eighteen so I'd pay quite abit in primiums then I'd still have 3 others to insure too!! Also, could some one please answer this question: why do we have to pay insurance to compete at an event where they also ask you on the entry form to sign a disclaimer? I'm not really 'up' on insurance issues but that one doesn't seem right??? Anyone got any ideas?


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