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    Too many to post photos but in brief:

    Nantamboo Jessica – paly ASH mare born 1987. Multi supreme champion palomino and ASH in hand and under saddle. Prince of Wales Award winner 1994 & 1995 for High Point All Round Stock Horse of Australia – first WA horse and first coloured horse ever to win it and first horse to win it back to back. Bred in SA by Ken & Betty Hosking and is by N. Gold Shine from Halloshine. 87% Tb in breeding and traces back through her sire to Comic Court and then to the first registered Tb mare to be brought into Australia in the early 1800's.

    Oro Coconut – cremello ASH mare born 1990. Multi champion White Horse, Ancillary and ASH in hand and under saddle. By the legendary Claredale Champagne Charlie and bred in Victoria.

    Tintaras Countess – paly ASH mare born 1992. Shown as a youngster and rarely beaten in hand. Also showed great promise as an eventer but was retired for breeding as a young mare. Bred by moi and is by Lord Chervil from Kunama Silver Tiara (by Tiara Glowing Gold).

    Tintaras Callisto – paly ASH stallion born 1998. Lightly shown for a number of Supreme Palomino titles including the 2003 Perth Royal Show. One of the most perfectly coloured palominos I’ve ever seen – has only ever been beaten twice in Coat Colour classes and one of those times was by his own son. By ASB stallion Red Corner from N. Jessica and is 94% Tb in breeding.

    Tintaras Albina – cremello ASH mare born 2002. Never shown. By T. Callisto from T. Countess. Around 75% Tb. Paddock ornament.

    Tintaras Arcas – paly gelding born 2002. Owned by Helen Adams. Stunning gelding with plenty of chrome and a great colour and shown extremely successfully. By T Callisto from Nantamboo Jaymie. 90% Tb.

    Tintaras Jumala – paly ASH stallion born 2002. Shown very successfully as a youngster for a number of Supreme Palominos. By T Callisto from ASB mare Really Mind and around 97% Tb, making him one of the highest % Tb dilutes in Australia.

    Tintaras Artemis – paly ASH mare born 2003. Shown lightly for several Champions and Supremes including Supreme Palomino 2006 Perth Royal Show. Also a beautiful golden colour like her brother. By T Callisto from Nantamboo Jaymie and 90% Tb.

    Tintaras Cheiron – paly ASH stallion born 2003 and owned by Alison Silver. Shown several times for Champion each time and a Supreme. By T Callisto from T Countess making him a full brother to T Albina. Same awesome colour as his father. Around 75% Tb.

    Tintaras Dionysus – paly ASH colt born 2004 and owned by Bernie Jackson. Lightly shown for several Champions. By T Callisto from Oro Coconut.

    Tintaras Chandra – cremello ASH colt born 2005 and now owned in Qld by Leanne & Chris Owens. By T Jumala from T Artemis and 94% Tb making him probably the highest % Tb cremello in Australia.

    Tintaras Ariadne – paly ASH filly born 2006. Unshown but going to be an enormous mare. By T Callisto from Oro Coconut.

    Bluevale White Tara – cremello filly born 2006. Unshown to date. By T Callisto from Bluevale Prima Czarina.

    Kwolyn Hills Gold Dust – paly gelding born 1975 and still going strong. Cantankerous, ornery old gelding who started me out in palominos even though he is owned by my sister. By Otto (tb) from Kwolyn Hills Tanta.

    I think that’s all ……….!! The remaining half dozen or so are boring base colours. **)
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    Kings Golden Shadowfax - Palomino QH 4 years old
    bred in WA by me!! First foals due August 2008

    Southern Hills Montana Gold Rush (pending)
    Full Palomino QH filly - Full Sister to stallion Kings Golden Shadowfax
    bred in WA by myself

    Southern Hills Mighty Spirit (pending)
    QH x TB Buckskin Filly - Half sister to Montana Gold Rush

    Southern Hills The Gambler - Black and White Pinto Colt now 16 months~
    currently on lease to Midas Stud (last photo I had of him at bibs and booties last year)
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    This is Ellie Mae, 5 year old clydie x.


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