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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by megsy101, May 23, 2012.

  1. megsy101

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    My boyfriend has a stb gelding who has started misbehaving under saddle. I recently sold my mare who was his paddock mate we also bought them together he has only started acting up since she left. I now have a new pony who is unbroken so i cant ride with him. The stb does mini rears and mini bucks wont go forward nicely when he is ridden out alone. It is annoying/upsetting my boyfriend as he is only a beginner (the horse was sold to us as a beginners horse). Any ideas how to fix this problem or what the main cause could be? Seperation anxiety soreness etc? It has only started since my previous mare was sold. Thanks :confused: ';'
  2. Banjo01

    Banjo01 New Member

    Well, there could be a vast range of reasons why. First of all, I am sorry for your frustration #(
    Look, have you checked for any soundness issues? Is the horse eating and digesting food properly, grazing normally, is his manure regular?
    Is he sore anywhere? Also I would suggest checking the last time you had your dentist out, farrier etc. even down to the very worming regime.
    If my horses were to go through a weird phase and display odd behaviour I rip a part (literally) every date in my calander and check when he/she was last trimmed/shod, wormed, teeth checked, drenched etc. and check that he/she is not due/overdue for anything - though as horse owners we should be checking that anyway :)
    Once you have established these things, perhaps check the way your boyfriend is riding the horse. Perhaps (as he is a beginner) he is shifting his weight incorrectly or doing something incorrectly that is causing the horse some discomfort. I am not blaming him (definitely not!) but it could be something worth checking out.
    It could come down to when the saddle was fitted, if it was, and if maybe your horses body shape has changed and it needs to be fitted once more?
    If the behaviour continues and you're not entirely sure on what to do I would suggest ringing your local vet and just asking for their opinion.
    Wish you the best of luck! :)*
  3. Jemima

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    I would check all the normal things, saddle etc. I have a stb who started doing the same thing and it was a stock saddle I was riding her in. She is fine in my other saddle.

    Otherwise maybe the horse has not got alot of confidence in your bf - and since your other horse left perhaps the horse has lost confidence in it's place in the "herd" and your partner is going to need to work on the horse trusting him.

    I find being nappy a common problem with stb's - many I have ridden have the same stubbornness! But they are wonderful once they know you and trust you :)
  4. Arnie

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    You find your nearest reputable horseman (or if your willing to travel then seek the best out there) whether it be an instructor or trainer and have them access your horse and the rider and they will work out first hand where the issue is :).
  5. blitzen

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    once saddle/teeth/soreness/etc and so on are all checked out. the first thing i thought when i read the OP was that the horse was taking the mick - a beginner rider is not strong or savvy enough to nip this in the bud & the behaviour can escalate severely into the 'dangerous' area.

    what is a beginner's horse to some, may not be for another. i know this from first hand experience (both with my own horse & a new one i bought for myself)

    get an instructor/trainer to help out OR get on & sort the horse out yourself
  6. abb77

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    after checking the obvious sgns - teeth, feet, soreness etc
    if it is still playing up i would honestly get a a chiro out. Mine was acting up and after getting the chiropractor out we found he had a headache and now, hes back to normal **)
  7. dpjg

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    These horses have a totally diff. set of demands placed on them for a riding home and even though we try, it is so unlike what they have been asked to do before. To do this successfully, they need a firm leader to show them what to so.
    An experienced instructor or helper will be able to see and fix what's happening. Good luck, we have a stb too who is perfect when ridden by an experienced person and "tries it on" with less experienced riders. The actual issue is firm leadership.
  8. moodymare

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    ok so ditto for checking teeth, saddle fit, feet, muscles etc......, and yes there may be an element of seperation anxiety, but this is not something a beginner rider can overcome on their own, a good instructor would be preferable, or teach the other rider a one rein stop and full bend to toe when ever the rears or bucks start, all beginners should be taught this, as it gives back the control to the rider, but it must be taught and used correctly, so my advice would be an instructor
  9. NLEC

    NLEC Well-known Member

    What was the background of the stb?

    It never ceases to amaze me how many beginner riders acquire these horses, and what they really do get are generally very kind patient obliging horses that are under all classifications, not mouthed, or broken in at all for riding.

    And you trust as you have been told they they would be perfect for a beginner.

    It often unravels at the seams when the rider progresses to expect more, the horse runs out of patience as it is confused and frustrated, and when a bit more pressure is placed on top it is a vey sad situation.
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  10. painter

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    While I don't personally know her, I believe the OP got rid of this horse.
  11. EVP

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    Then I guess she solved her problem.
    Sounds like the horse was a typical STB being asked for something he didn't understand or couldn't do.
    I hope he finds where he is meant to be.

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