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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Late Starter, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Late Starter

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    Our little pony Cecil just loves to roll and one of his flyveils and his rug have the fluffy/soft stuff (my brains gone to mush can't think what it's called) to stop rubbing. As a result of his rolling though he get's these totally embedded with those round prickles. He even manages to get them on the inside closest to his skin which must annoy the heck out of him. When I go out (most days) I spend time pulling the prickles out and putting his flyveil back on (him constantly getting his flyveil off is another problem) but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I can do about this prickle problem? I know I would find it very irritating to have prickles like that rubbing against my skin when I moved but not sure what I can do about it (can't cut it off).
  2. HorseSlave

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    My answer is rather unimaginative... but I always buy the ones without the fluffy stuff on them - don't have a problem with them rubbing anyway.

    Okay,... I've tried really hard now - try sowing some satin around the fluffy stuff - or once again buy a non fluffy one and sew satin around the edges? :)
  3. Late Starter

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    He had a run in with another horse who ripped his other summer rug (without the fluffy stuff) and I had great difficulty finding a mesh rug in his size and didn't even think about the fluffy stuff causing any probs when I bought it last week. Same with his flyveil; bought it as a stop gap whilst waiting for my other to be adjusted so don't want to have to spend more money on buying a different rug or another flyveil.

    It's more of a challenge dressing the pony than it is dressing myself;) !

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