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  1. maxntaz

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    sorrry butting in LOL

    I dont think thats wierd at all... I think its great you have a relationship with him, considering he is a grandfather and he gets to be a part of your little girls life! I think that is awesome.:p
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    I groomed full time until about 7 months with my 1st (had to stop cos big fat belly woyuldn't let me reach the bench):D:D
    Only do it part time so will see how I go, but if I find out that it's twins next week....I quit:D and will spend as much time sleeping as possible...
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    Lol i am talking about an ex i had from 3 years ago lol he is a grandfather but not to my lil girl even though he treats her as if she is lol
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    I just wanted to share this fantastic idea with any mums or anyone looking for a good baby shower gift. These people were wonderful to work with and the detail of the little hands and feet are amazing. You can select either silver or gold coloured, choose the background colour and the frame. There's heaps of different styles, with or without photos, you can even get baby butt prints. *#) I don't know these people at all, but I was really impressed with their work so I thought I would share.

    Tiny Treasures Baby and Foot Sculptures

  6. benben

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    trish that is so beautiful
    rip baby katie xxxx
  7. NorWester

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    Well this is the first chance I have had to get on stockies and reply since the birth of our beautiful baby boy last week.

    Max William made his entrance into the world last Monday and has been a pleasure to have all week.

    Birthing Story...

    Waters broke last Sunday afternoon, no one can prepare you or tell you what this feeling is like. But when it happens you just know. I called the hospital and they said to pop up there as I was overdue they would like to check me out. No contractions at this stage.

    We left the hospital at 7.30pm with some sleeping tablets so that i could get a good night sleep and told to call in the morning if I still hadn?t had any contractions as I might need some antibiotics.

    At 1.30am Monday morning, I woke to a terrible pain, I moved into the lounge to watch TV, but my 2.45am my hubby could hear me and joined me to see if I was ok. I had been timing the contractions and by 3.00am they were 4 minutes apart so we decided to head to the hospital.

    Got to the hospital and I was 4cm dilated. Had a check over and they moved me into my room, where I would be after the birth. Within 20 minutes I was 7cm dilated and they moved me to the birthing room. By 4.20am I was fully dilated and ready to push. I pushed for about an hour and baby crowned, however for the next 30-40 minutes nothing progressed.

    At this stage i had only had gas, no other pain relief, although I was asking for it labour was progressing to quickly. They decided that baby was stuck and they progressed with an epidural and moved towards finishing the procedure with suction cap or c-section.

    Once I had the epidural in, they tried to free him, but nothing helped so they prepared me for a c-section.

    Within an hour, our baby Max entered the world via c-section healthy and stress free.

    I was in hospital until Thursday. Home life has been great, Max sleeps 4-6 hours at a time and loves baths, daddy time and walking in the pram.

    Even though I have had a c-section, I have lost heaps of my pregnancy fat already and feel great getting out and about each day for a walk with Max and the dog.

    Today I went to my first mothers group and it was great to be around other people with babies and share experiences.

    My hubby has been fantastic and I couldnt have asked for a better partner during the birth and since we got home. I had to be more cautious that I looked after him as he did run himself down a little. In 56 hours, he got 4 hours sleep and looked wrecked... He also didnt sleep well for the first few nights we were home but is sleeping better now that we are settled at home. However has had to go back to work, but rings 3-4 times a day to check on me, or calls in when he is near home for a cuddle.

    Breastfeeding has been a bit of an issue. I had grazed nipples as I had to teach myself to breastfeed, as the midwifes were so busy. By the time they got around to helping me the damage was done and we had a few horrible feeds, but all has come good now.

    I had better go and learn how to put photos ups, as I have never done them myself.

    Hope all is going well with all the other new mums.
  8. NorWester

    NorWester Well-known Member

    Ozzie Girl - I had these done for Smiley when Talan was born. I have just booked in to have Max done while we are in Perth in October.

    I think they are a great idea.
  9. CJR

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    Aww beautiful -Well done NW sounds like you handled it all really well, I love reading other peoples birth stories - they give me goosebumps.
    I highly recommend Mother's Group to all my new-Mum-to-be friends I LOVE my girls and you are so right, it's nice to be with people who understand exactly what you are/have gone through. Priceless!

    My Hubby was the same, he ran himself into the ground trying to look after me and bub, it's beautiful... Bless him your bond is so much stronger after having a child together I think.

    Yes please some more pics of baby Max!!
    Congrats again I can imagien you are just wrapped with him.

    PS - Well done with the b'feeding. It's bloody hard work!
  10. CJR

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    CUTE! Great idea.
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    Whoops! LOL.. oh well at least someone enjoys your little munchin!!!:p
  12. supersezabell

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    I have a semi vent, Im getting clucky haha... but wont be happening for another probably 2 yrs (unless I can con him for one next year:D ). Anyone care to lend me a baby for a little while? hehe.
  13. oldnag

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    WOO HOO....had 1st scan today AND PRAISE THE LORD IT"S NOT TWINS. Just one healthy bubba due April. (if it had been twins, you coulda had one supersezabell):)*
  14. Bethy

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    Congrats Norwester, your labour/birth sounds like it went ok. It's great to hear that you've settled in at home and that Max is being such a great baby.
    Your hubby sounds like he's being fantastic as well.
  15. CJR

    CJR Well-known Member

    Congratulations Oldnag. YAY for only one baby haha
  16. cow_chasin_horses

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    WOW Norwester that sounds like a good labour :D but glad he is out safe and sound :D ... and your breast feeding issues i had the same thing but then it got worse because she still wasnt latching on properly etc but i found nipple sheilds to be absolutley awesum lol they worked a treat ... but i am now feeding her formula i stopped after a month it was getting a bit too much for me plus my milk dried up really badly when me and OH had a few problems so yer but she is happy and i am happy now so i suppose that is all that matters ...

    Does anyone know wether there is a mothers group in gingin ?? lol i want o go and then i dont because i am only 20 and all the other mums will be heaps older than me lol all i have to occupy me at the moment is my vegie garden hahhaah and thats it lol ... so it gets kinda boring out here by myeslf until the boy comes home ... which is next wednesday thank god ... and i did get on one of my horses the other day he tried to kill me lol he reared up on me and tried to walk like a human ... stupid horse ... i then came down and the horn on my western saddle got me in the gut lol hurt a bit but in the end i got the silly horse moving lol he is only young still so still very very green ..

    hahahah i have had my hair bleached now too lol somethin i wanted to do the whole time i was preggers but didnt becos of worryin about the chemicals getting to bubba ...

    And talking about my bubba ... Karli is doing very well :D she eats in the day every 3 to 4 hours then after about 330 she will have a feed then stay awake till the next one and then once she had that feed which is ussually about 730ish she will sleep from about 8 till 2:30 or 3Am so i really cant complain ... she apparently according to all my family and older friends etc she is a really really good baby lol she eats sleeps NEVER screams ... she actually has a really lazy sort of cute cry lol but she is 6 weeks now and the child health nurse cant beleive how advanced she is for her age lol she is doing stuff she shouldnt be doin yet hahahah just like when she was born and put on my chest she lifted her own head up .. she must of been doing some wicked work-out in my belly beore she came out lol hahahah
  17. supersezabell

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    Dammit!! lol

    Well I know we have to wait until after our wedding at the end of the year and then we want to get a house and land package and then sell and upgrade our cars before we have a baby so will probably be another year *sigh* lol.
  18. NorWester

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    Try contacting your community health nurse. That is how i have got onto the group I met, through Post Natel Group run by the Community Health Nurse.
  19. oldnag

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    CCH Hey Girl......there was no mothers group in Gingin when I had Bridie, not much of anything really. There are playgroups but apparently a bit cliquey/bitchy, haven't been so can't say for sure. I ended up tagging along to a friends MG in Two Rocks and they are bloody awesome chics, great to have friends in the same boat and I'm almost closer to Two Rocks than I am Gingin. As for the age thing....piss of u cheeky bitch:D I'm 34 and still a pretty cool mamma*#) I am almost the oldest in our bunch but not quite, the youngest has just turned 22 (and she's got 2 kiddies) and we all get along great.
    You can ask Jill (Child Health Nurse) they may be one going. But if you get REALLY desperate/crazy we could catch up for cuppa sometime, that is if you don't mind hanging out with an old, fat, preggers chic;)
  20. Wildwood

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    Just want to say Good Luck to Tyne who is having her bubba this morning!!!!
    How exciting :)

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