Potties Green Ointment

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  1. dun

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    :)) I have been told a list of things that this ointment is great for and cant find it.
    Just wondering if others have hints to help me out.
  2. sambo

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    Pottie's Green Ointment
    An antiseptic and antimycotic skin dressing for horses and cattle to be used on skin irritations and ringworm.

    Do a google search! This is what i found quickly.:)))

    Active Constituents
    • Dichlorophen 13g/kg
    • Salicylic Acid 13g/kg

    Product Description
    An antiseptic and anti-fungal dressing for horses and cattle to be used on skin complaints and ringworm.

    Pottie's Green Ointment is an all round ointment for a broad range of skin conditions. Active against bacterial and fungal infections, while providing antiseptic and astringent action, and promoting regrowth of hair.

    The soothing emollient base encourages moisture retention, and forms a protective barrier over the wound to promote healthy healing.
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  3. dun

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    Much obliged

    Thanks for that.Much appreicated. I also use white ointment to thats Potties and thats great as well.
    Not that I want wounds:)*

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