Potassium Bromide

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by peppi, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. peppi

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    Just wondering wether anyone has used this as a nervous horse calmer. My vet has just prescribed it to be fed on an every day basis to help chill my horse out. Its day five now and I think I have overdone doseage a bit as he seems like hes sedated and i realise I need to back it off and play with dosage to find the right levels. But does anyone have any experience of long term effects. Im sure it is going to help me in my ridden work as he was getting dangerous and had started breaking my bones because of it. I am referring to spooking and shying in large and very fast unsitable proportions not rearing and bucking.

    Any views or theories or experience to share much appreciated.:D
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  2. CDA

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    I think you will find that the majority of people will recommend that you steer clear due to its potential side effects.
  3. Babe

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    Hmm they used to use this on the navy? army? men in the war...it is a sexual/nervous suppressant

    It works! Sure it does! But I heard it also does something to the bladder? Not sure what...but I had my nervous and hot tb on it for a while...and his pee turned a funny colour. Have never used it since. Wont risk it, but Im sure if your vet says its fne to use it must be.
    I only used it for a few days before a comp...not all the time
  4. peppi

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    And those side effects are...? Thats what Im trying to find out
  5. peppi

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    Thats right and its been used for mental patients and to treat epilectic fits. Be about right then cos my lad is a bit mental.
  6. pso

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    yep- as well as treating epilepsy before better drugs came along... it was often used on soldiers in war times...you know...put blokes under 24/7 stress...try and kill them...but if you lace their food with bromide they'll keep fighting... And how many came home and abused their families after?

    I think if your horse is suffering the same amount of stress as a man at war- maybe you have an opportunity to fix the cause? Very few horses are truly "mental"

    Heres a list of side effects (note Bromide has a half life of 12 days...so easily builds up in system...dont expect speedy changes when altering dosage)

    Bromism These are central nervous system reactions. They may include:
    lethargy, somnolence (from daytime sleepiness to coma)
    loss of appetite and cachexia, nausea/emesis with exicosis (loss of body fluid)
    loss of reflexes or pathologic reflexes
    clonic seizures
    loss of neural sensitivity
    cerebral edema with associated headache and papilledema of the eyes
    delirium: confusion, abnormal speech, loss of concentration and memory, aggressiveness
    Acne-form dermatitis and other forms of skin disease may also be seen, as well as mucous hypersecretion in the lungs. Asthma and rhinitis may worsen. Rarely, tongue disorder, aphten, bad breath, and obstipation occur
  7. Mardi

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    I had Potassium Bromide in my feed area as I feed it once or twice but actually didn't feel comfortable feeding it. My sister who's a scientist saw it one day and said why are you feeding this?*#) (she is non horsey), even though I hadn't used it in ages I threw it out.
  8. Mardi

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    I found Mag-E to work very well. My boy can be very "quick" on his feet and I found this worked for him. He was on 4 scoops a day.
  9. blitzen

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    i know what it's like to have a 'difficult' and reactive horse (with me) and i struggled for a long time until we found our mojo. i hope you find yours soon. is your confidence blown?
    if you're interested in knowing what we did to address the issues here, PM me.

    like babe said, i've only heard of that stuff being used short term to take the edge off before shows or if a horse is suddenly restricted to a stable or something due to injury.
  10. ZaZa

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  11. wtf

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    WOT an over reaction ! research has been done at murdoch and they found you had to feed huge amounts to get hugely significant results people really go over the top most of the drugs we take have that list of POSSIBLE side effects. I dont even know you but would rather you were alive and horse was behaving himself! of course if he became ataxic and wobbly you would take him of it but honestly most antideppressants have more side effects!
  12. peppi

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    Thanks for that thats quite a list
  13. peppi

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    Yes my confidence is seriously starting to be blown. Why wouldnt it I am parting company on a regualr basis. My mate says she wouldnt even get on him. trouble is he's a real sweet on the ground and we have a lovely close relationship like that. people have suggested selling him but I couldnt bare to think he would get past on and on as they do so want to find an answer. I will Pm you and ask what you did to solve it. Im open to all and any suggestions. But Ive tried a fair few before resulting to this length.
  14. peppi

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    Thanks for that I will look now. Am I missing a search button on here to bring up old links to past threads on the same subject. If not perhaps we could suggest they put one on.

    Dam it cant get the link to work.....
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  15. peppi

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    I have read an article about a trial at Murdoch. they are trialling it for a different usage as I understand it as it says at the bottom more research is needed regarding its "calming" effect. Im actually not feeding much to be honest I actually over did it as I for some reason couldnt see a salt based thing working..He has about 50gm a day 2 x 25mg scoop. Its a tiny amount and the effect is quite drastic. I felt bad cos he looked so out it and Im backing it off. He looks sedated. Yes I do need to make him safe. So far Ive got off light with the odd cracked rib and broken finger. I may not remain so lucky and Im too old (at 43) to be hitting the deck all the time. Takes ages to heal.
  16. Merlin

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    Can you send him off to someone to be retrained? Bromide has and always will be a "band-aid" treatment of nervous, highly strung horses. You really need to get to the root of the problem.

    Maybe something you are feeding is causing the problem? Maybe it is a pain related issue? Could it be you causing the problem?

    So many different angles to look at when trying to access "why" a horse is behaving the way he is. I cannot see why ayour vet didn't prescribe "Rakelin" or something similar, again a "bandaid" treatment, but a safer one at that.

    I hope you find the answer to your problems:)
  17. paula223

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    I was told about Brewers Yeast as my Boy really used to stress when we went on a trail ride (like he would poo untill it was like water)
    But i have found by adding just a bit of this to his feed he has gone so much more relax
    Hope you get yours sorted
  18. ZaZa

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  19. peppi

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    I Have been all through feeding issues as he is effected by protein big time hence everything now low on that...Pain well 2 months back he spent a day at the vets, numerous tests and ?1000.00 later to be told all negative nothing wrong. regular back work....believe me I have been through everything as you do before resulting to this. I do think as he is very clever he does use it a bit against me to get out of work...Problem unusually much worse in an arena and one he goes in every week, than going for a hack. Id rather hack him out any day. All bar one of my parting company with him have been in the arena. trouble is it is something he is good at and I enjoy..
  20. GiGi

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    I really feel for you Peppi. I've had exactly the same for the past year. My pony was fantastic until he became "fit", then a completely different kettle of fish. The uncontrollable shying and spooking, it did teach me to sit very deep though, he only got me off once ;) Like you I tried absolutely everything, but finally came to the conclusion that we are just not the best match. At 46 I need to be able to relax a bit more, and my pony is very clever and now takes advantage of the fact that he can unnerve me. He is completely different with the girl I have riding him now, a fearless teenager. So we're in the process of finding him a more suitable owner. It was hard for me to realise that we were'nt the best together, but I didn't want to be one of those owners who hangs on for too long, and then turns the horse into a neurotic mess who's impossible to re-home. Not saying that's what your doing at all, that's just my story. I've already very luckily found a much more suitable pony, a few years older, fantastic education, and very chilled out. I actually didn't realise how much my confidence had taken a beating until I rode the new pony. So good luck with it all, the lesson I have learnt is that an unfit 8 y/old red TB was not an ideal first pony for me ! All things happen for a reason though, if I hadn't had the first pony, I wouldnt have found the 2nd one. :))

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