Potassium bromide

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    An interesting paper from the AVJ from May this year titled Pharmacokinetics of KBr in Adult horses concludes:

    As many horses currently medicated with KBr are performing at speed and/or jumping, the subtle neurologic deļ¬cits observed in the current study represent a safety risk to horse and rider.
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    You can find the dose rate in that paper I just mentioned above, pharmacokinetic data is also there.

    Thanks for the lab information, I will have a chat with them instead.
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    That is fine (as long as the lab doesnt change their testing procedure and they all turn up positive...then they might not be very happy!) but the whole prohibited verses swabbable confuses people. If you say something is not swabbable then they automatically think it is perfectly ok to use.....if you have a read of some of the posts on here by competitors that have used it you can see how confused they are and fair enough!

    I think it is best to promote the fact that it is prohibited and shouldnt be used....because really it is the truth!

    And then the safety aspects that I really think should be considered, especially since the lastest paper I can find on KBr actually concludes with that final statement....that would be pretty damning evidence if a horse or human was injured and the matter was dragged before the courts.
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    Thanks retroremedy and woki for sticking in here with this discussion - fantastically interesting topic! (just wanted to but in before someone pulls the plug!) :)
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    Im with you Trojane, I wasn't going to say anything in case all this wonderful advice/information from Retro & Woki disappeared!! Awesome thread :)*
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    Well there you go maybe I did know what I was talking about. I also questioned the EFA about why it was allowed.
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    I agree fantastic reading, thanks RR and woki **) an amazing and informational discussion
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    but has any1 actually read it from beginning to end ???? coz i gave up after the 1st chapter pmsl*#)
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    Waaooo ! great thread..thanks RR & Woki :)*

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    Yes I have read it from beginning to end.:)

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    An interesting thread indeed.
    Was good to posts from more than one point of view.
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    Always a good discussion when woki come aboard.... but jesus they were up till about almost 1 am.... my brain doesnt function after 8pm...lol

    and yes i also read the whole thread all 10 pages of it... very interesting..
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    For those of you interested in the most recent paper on Potassium Bromide used in horses (actually to be honest it is the only paper). Here is the reference, funnily enough it is even a local piece of work from our very own Murdoch University :) :

    Raidal SL, Edwards S. (2008) Pharmacokinetics of potassium bromide in adult horses. Aust Vet J. 86(5):187-93.
    Corrected and republished from: Aust Vet J. 2005 Jul;83(7):425-30.

    Author affiliations:
    Division of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Murdoch University, South Street, Murdoch, Western Australia 6150, Australia.
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    Is there a link to read that paper? Otherwise I havent got a clue how to read it??
  15. Trojane

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  16. retroremedy

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    Please be aware to those that are not familar with reading peer reviewed journal articles that this link is to the abstract (or "summary") only.

    You will need access to databases that carry Australian Veterinary Journal links to view the full paper.
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    putting it in the too hard basket , dont need the info as i dont use it
  18. vermok

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    Where can one buy potassium bromide?

    I've bought it from the likes of sigma-aldrich but its very expensive there. Are there any cheaper suppliers?
  19. Anna_Smiler

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    iv seen it for sale at local stock feeders, in a 500g tub (not sure on exact weight) but roughly the size of a large peanut butter size jar - and is around $36
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    welcome vermok@) "different" sort of post for your first;):)*

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