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    The South Australian government is in the process of changing the game food act to include horses, possums, donkeys etc. If passed they could be on the plates in SA by end of 2017.
    I think they are still open for commenting at the moment. So if you know any people in SA please do not let the horses end up on plates like here in WA.
    This will not reduce the numbers of horses, people will only breed more to cash in on the human consumption meat prices for horses.
    I have seen this from observing the Echuca horse sales since March 2015. There are hardly any private buyers going to the sale. Mostly Shepparton Meats (buys for Petersborough SA), Depot Horses In Transit, Les Evans Horses, Backman (these are the main traders), but now there are small traders as well. The auctioneer puts the small traders down as private in the results list.
    There is also a girl in mid twenties breeding unhandled ponies just for these sales.

    If you know anyone going to breed there mare get them to read through the Shepp page where they try to sell them before the truck goes to SA or QLD.
    The last Friday sale of the year Shepparton Meats bought 34 horses, some young mares were bought by the embryo transfer hospital, only 9 were saved by rehoming or private.
    If the embryo mares do not work out they are sold back to Shepparton meats.
    40 horses left Shepparton Vic for Caboolture Qld to be processed unfortunately and they are not given any food or water because they are not to be given anything 24 hours before being processed.

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