Portable Electric Fence Units

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Elanda, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Elanda

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    Where do I buy one (nearish to Armadale area) and any opinions on the best one would be appreciated. What are the solar powered ones like? And roughly how much for the different types?? (don't want much do I). Needs to service about 20-30metres only, just so I can rest half my ponys' big yard/little paddock. Any input would be appreciated:)*
  2. samm

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  3. princeton

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    I bought a little Gallegher (sp) D10 off ebay from a store and it is awesome.
    Only takes 4 D cell batteries and packs a fair boot! I know I have touched it several times LOL*#)
    It was really cheap too**)
  4. pso

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  5. El_equine

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    I have 1 x sureguard electric solar unit & 1 x gallagher solar unit, the sureguard seems to have a lot more boot & more durable & cheaper parts (like the rechargable betteries that do get a bit dodgy in both untis after a while)
    I got my gallagher from the local farm supplies store & the sureguard of the net on their site. From what I looked into the sureguard also has a better &longer warranty than the gallagher too.
    Both of mine are used continualy 24/7.

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