Pony will not go in float!

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by PalominoPonies, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. PalominoPonies

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    I have a 13h Pony who refuses to go in the float. We have tried many things such as making outside the float horrible but nice inside. When I lead him up to the ramp he will step on it then pull hos head away and bolt, sometimes he will rear or kick out at something. Several people who have tried to help have gotten hurt and have even ended up beneath him. When I put pressure on him, like touching his hindquarters he will immediately back up out of the float. Please help me.
  2. Horse Sense

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    The best advice I could give you is find a career horseman that can teach you to load the pony. I would suspect this pony would benefit from some re-education also. Lastly I would encourage you to keep an open mind and be prepared to change your thinking about your role in the pony's life. In the end it will easy for a professional to load the horse but you need to learn keep doing it. sorry I can't give you a miracle cure.
  3. Orlandotrails

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    My philosophy...back to basics. Go back to leading, yielding the fore and hind, and backing. Then work on "sending" the horse. Use the horses stall, gate to the pasture, your obstacles, whatever. Point and cluck, no movement then apply pressure. Make sure your behind the drive line at first, but eventually you'll be able to point and cluck, and the pony will go through the doorway. Then add obstacles. Ground poles, over a tarp, through pool noodles, puddles, flares...start slow and not scary, work up to kinda scary, but don't give in. When he'll go into any gate, or through any obstacle, go back to the trailer. Leave a nice treat in the trailer for when he walks in. At first, just try sending him into it. If he doesn't respond, move his feet! Make him trot, back, yeild, change directions..then try again. Still not going, work him some more, then lead him up. If he's still resisting, settle for one foot on the ramp/step up. Next session, try for two feet. Next session all four. When you can lead him on quietly, go back to sending him on.

    The basics are fundamentally important to everything you ask your horse to do. Without them, nothing works right. Good luck.
  4. Jo Jo

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    I had the exact same problem. What I did is I tied her with the rope attched to inside the front of the float and sat away on a ledge. I also put food in the front section infront of teh chest bar.She eventually got bored and decided to go for the food:) Found out it was just about the attention. Hope it works:):)

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