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    This is a bit of a funny/wierd one, but I'm hoping someone can clear something up for me.

    My daughter was/is a member of a PC and the PC Insurance is obviously Fully Paid.

    A couple of weeks ago, we decided that PC is no longer for her (another story), and advised that we will no longer be attending.

    They advised me that I will not be refunded for the PC Insurance part of the fees (fair enough), and to date I have received no refund at all for any of it.

    I had just sent off my entries for the Keller ODE when we made the PC decision, so I did not include the $10 for Non-PC Member Day Insurance - as she was a member (insurance paid).

    I've just received an email requesting the $10 non-member insurance payment, so my question is...............

    As she WAS a member, and the PC insurance is FULLY paid and NON refundable, is she not still covered under the PC insurance part of things? There is always the chance she WILL return to PC, and we have received no refund from that side of things either............. anyone got any ideas?
    Otherwise, who would I call to ask?

    Thanks in advance :) I know it's only $10, but I'd like to know what the ruling is, since we have paid the insurance.
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    You should be still covered until the new year starts best bet is to ring PCAWA and speak to Renea
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    firstly did you notify ur pony club that ur daughter would no longer be attending and ask for a refund of membership (minus insurance). if so as of notifying them then ur daughter is no longer a member and hence no longer covered by the insurance.

    secondly was your daughter entered in a pony club class or non pony club class at kellerberrin.

    if in a non pony club class then you have also acknowledged that ur daughter is not a member of a club and hence not covered by pcawa insurance. therefore the $10 day insurance fee needs to be paid.
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    This page is intended to enable Branches to have greater access to information. If you would like to suggest further documents that could be included here please contact us. There are 345 Branches of The Pony Club in the United Kingdom. Each Branch covers a specified geographical area and each is organised using the purposes and the rules of The Pony Club. Each Branch is part of a Pony Club Area looked after by an Area Representative who represents their Branches on The Pony Club Council.

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