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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by pin, Nov 5, 2013.

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    Quick Question for pony breeders.

    A 20yo rescued pony mare who was running with a stallion prior to rescue, and has been pregnancy tested negative (I think a scan not just palpation...I wasn't there), but who seems to have a fairly 'generous' abdomen compared to her body condition.

    Please tell me that this could just be from 'old lady' tummy muscles!

    I have no experience with either pony breeding or old-lady ponies!
  2. It could be anything, a foal, an abdominal abscess, uterine abscess, fluids, etc.
    Get a vet again to find out for sure, guessing is not enough.:) I'd bloods as well.
    Good luck:).
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    of course it could just be very hay-full intestines too if she has old lady abdomen. :)

    'Im not putting her through a bunch of stuff IF she doesn't need it, and she is quite well in herself.

    Just praying the vet who scanned/palpated was right, and not having had a mare this old, I'm not sure how much 'sag' is natural. I know I have a fair bit myself! :eek:
  4. I have a 26 yo mare with no sag at all. *#)
    Put up few pics of your old girl from the side, back and front on, will you please?

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