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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Yorkie, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

  2. Pugsworth

    Pugsworth Well-known Member

    Looks like this guy has been watching Clinton Andersons downunder Horsemanship exactly what Clinton teaches
  3. nae

    nae New Member

    I get a lot out of Ricks YouTube videos, I really hope he continues to make videos! There are not to many horseman left that give up there time for free to teach people
  4. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

    i like his approach :)
  5. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    That was good to watch and it made sense and seemed logical . I like his style compared to many other styles .
  6. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

    glad you like it zegger, if i had a horse id be doing horsemanship all the way....
  7. equislave

    equislave Well-known Member

    Very good. I have the ear pinning issue with my mare and now have a simple and safe method fo addressing the behaviour.
  8. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

    Glad it is coming in handy for a lot of nasty little horses :)

    MYTEE4EVA Active Member

    I experienced this the other day with my new horse but on much higher level of aggression, I entered his yard to feed and he got all in my face so I asked him to move away and give me some space, he immediately pinned his ears back and swung his hind quarters and me I yelled "No" and he took off bunking and carrying on then turned and charged at me, I tried to be bigger then him and stretched my arms in the air and stepped forward and yelled "No" he then reared up at me came down and swung his hind quarters at me again and twice kicked out at me during all this commotion I had dropped his feed bucket and he was determined to get between me and his feed. No way was I going to let him have that food so I made him move his feet sent him away from it several times as he displayed agression untill he calmed down and started facing me and looking at me and trying to work out how he was going to be allowed to come in and eat his dinner, when he respectfully stood facing me and out of my personal space he then got rewarded. I have never had to deal with a horse that showed that much disrespect and agression but I'm so glad that I have watched and read up on Pat Perelli and Clinton Anderson to have been given the tools to teach this horse that behaviour will not be tolerated. I had to follow it up again the next feed but it was no where near the display I was faced with the first, I will continue untill I can walk in that yard without him entering my space and place that feed down and look for him to wait untill he is invited to come and eat it.
  10. Wizard

    Wizard Active Member

    Ive actually already seen this and yyeh its good! he has other videos and is quite a cheeky person :p
  11. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

    Glad that the method worked for you :)

    MYTEE4EVA Active Member

    Day 3 no hind quarters at me, no pinned ears, he backed off and waited untill I invited him in.
  13. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

    Wow great progress, would love to see a video if you could get one :)
  14. PaintHorse

    PaintHorse New Member

    that was a great video - I think I'll have to check out a few more :)
  15. janm3680

    janm3680 New Member

    Know how you feel.. I had this with a mare I took on, only there didn't need to be feed involved, tried all the dominance tecniques in the book to scare me off. She had been ruined by the previous owner who was scared to death of her, couldn't even go into the paddock because the mare chased her, reared, struck out, kicked, bit all the tricks in the book.. It took a while but now this mare is "quite" respectful.. She still checks every once in a while to see if the rules are the same though and guess what: they are.. I used a combo Pat Parelli, Rick Gore and Clint Anderson methods to get a handle on her. :)
  16. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    We had a mare exactly like this. At feed time she would charge you, swing out, double barrel, bite you name it. It was a behavour her owner let her get away with and each time she went back home to spell she would come back worse, to the point it was no longer just at feed time but whenever you entered her paddock. When we feed all the other horse they might follow you, try get into the feed while another is being fed (feed is still outside their yard) or be in the way of the feeder waiting but this mare was just horrid. We used a very similer method on her and it took a while but after a couple of weeks she was 100% better, we could now safely enter her paddock and feed her. In fact she got so good that she knew she had to stand behind her feeder and wait nicely before she got fed. It was quite funny to watch in the end, all the horses would be doing their thing at feed time and she'd just walk over to the feed bin, stand behind it and wait.
  17. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    Rahni tried because an a*se to me last night. He's had enough of Gracie being in season went to get stroppy at her but I'd moved in the way to do something and I got the aggression from him. However he immediately knew this was wrong and spun and galloped off, standing about 20m away from me. I went and stood next to his feed bin and invited him in so he came and stood next to me knowing if he was good he could get his dinner. I gave him a pat and a full body rub before allowing him to eat.

    He didn't mean to be nasty to me but he accidently was and he knew what the punishment was even before I had dished it out.

    God bless his previous owner who taught him this!
  18. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

    My TB was the same when i accidently scared him and he kicked me one in the chest. He tried to come over to say sorry and too see if i was ok but mum yelled at him to back off... poor bugger...
  19. takagari14

    takagari14 New Member

    i like what he did, i like how he stayed calm and didnt get frustrated. always seeing people just get frustrated with their ponies

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